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Introducing Flowpoint Fine

There’s a new rapid-setting slurry grout on the block! Flowpoint Fine hit the warehouse shelves at The Paving Experts this month. Find out all there is to know about this silky-smooth external paving grout with no visible aggregate.

Flowpoint Fine examples
See how the new Flowpoint Fine looks more like a sleek, interior tiling grout?

About Flowpoint Fine

Flowpoint Fine is the newest wet slurry grout in the UltraScape range, and one that offers a more contemporary feel to outdoor paving.

Created with porcelain in mind, Flowpoint Fine grout offers a sleek look – with silky-smooth joints – due to the extremely fine texture and high fluid consistency of the mortar. 

In fact, by using this new product, you create a more indoor look to outdoor paving projects – one that is much more akin to the grouting used for interior kitchen or bathroom tiles. 

Read on to find out the differences between Flowpoint Fine and other grades in the Flowpoint range, and watch the demos on how to mix, apply and wash-off this sleek-looking grout.

Recommended materials for Flowpoint Fine

As with other Flowpoint grades, this fine flowable grout is suitable for pointing on domestic patios, pathways, driveways and town-centre paving schemes. 

Flowpoint Fine fast-setting flowable grout can be used with: 

  • Natural stone, e.g. sawn sandstone
  • Concrete flags
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Clay pavers
  • Granite setts
  • Limestone

Available in Charcoal and Natural Grey, Flowpoint Fine is also ideal for paving areas that require a rigid or bound void-free joint. It is the flowable grout to use when you have smaller joint widths (between 2mm and 50mm wide). 

Flowpoint Fine Natural Grey & Charcoal
Flowpoint Fine is available in the same colours as all other grades of Flowpoint

Does Flowpoint Fine last?

Don’t be disillusioned by the delicate look of Flowpoint Fine. This finer formula wouldn’t have been given the Flowpoint tag of approval if it didn’t match-up to the long-lasting, reliable standards that the rest of the range is known for. 

Flowpoint Fine still comes with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer, which is a 40-year minimum construction life when applied according to the UltraScape system and when following the manufacturer application instructions. 

As with all the other Flowpoint products, Flowpoint Fine conforms to the strict British Standards of BS 733.

What's the difference between the other grades?

Flowpoint Fine is generally the same as all the other grades of Flowpoint – especially in terms of colours available and the application/wash-off methods. 

The main difference between Flowpoint Fine and the other grades of Flowpoint are:

Aesthetically different to other grouts

One of key differences comes down to aesthetics. If you want to have no visible aggregate in your mortar so it looks more like an interior tiling grout, then Flowpoint Fine is the way to go. 

This fine-grade Flowpoint was developed with contemporary tiles in mind such as sawn sandstone and porcelain pavers. 

Ideal for void-free joints

Because of its high fluid consistency, Flowpoint Fine is ideal for void-free joints. 

While Flowpoint Smooth can be used with joints as small as 3mm, this finer grade can be used with joints as little as 2mm wide. 

Minor adjustments to mixing

While the mixing and application methods are mostly the same as the other Flowpoint grades, there are some small differences for Flowpoint Fine. 

The main difference is you only add 3.4 litres of water, rather than the 4.25 litres required for the other grades of Flowpoint. 

We also have some specific tips for when mixing Flowpoint Fine. See below for the full details and a quick video demo to show you the wet-slurry consistency you should aim for. 

A handy-sized reusable tub

While the other grades of Flowpoint come in 25kg bags, Flowpoint Fine comes in a bucket with a 20kg bag of material inside. The tub is made of recycled plastic. 

Just like the Premjoint tubs, Flowpoint Fine buckets are useful to keep on site and you’ll often see landscapers reusing them to store tools, other materials and ‘what-not’.

Flowpoint Fine
Available to buy in handy-sized tubs that can be later reused for storage

How to mix Flowpoint Fine

Let’s get onto the mixing of this fine-grade jointing formula. 

Here’s how to mix Flowpoint Fine: 

  1. Add 3.4 litres of water to a bucket
  2. Add in the Flowpoint Fine Formula
  3. Mix for for 3–5 minutes using a force-action mixer or paddle mixer

You’re looking for a gloopy, cake-batter finish. Although it is called a slurry grout, you don’t want the consistency to be too runny. 

See the quick video demo below of how to mix Flowpoint Fine to get the right consistency.

Expert tip: alter mixing time according to outdoor temp

The process of mixing Flowpoint Fine – or any other grade of Flowpoint for that matter – accelerates the setting process. Which is why it’s important to time yourself when mixing the product. 

But temperature also affects this setting process.

When the weather is hot, only mix until you can no longer see any visible dry formula in the slurry. This will avoid over-accelerating the setting of the product, allowing you slightly longer to apply the grout before it sets. 

During winter, you can mix the product for a little longer. The process of mixing will add more heat to the product, which will be a bonus on those colder mornings (a colder temperature will mean a longer setting time). 

During cold conditions, you may also want to use half warm water (never boiling) and half cold water to help the slurry grout ‘go off’ more quickly. 

See our full article on cold weather tips for more expert advice on grouting during wintertime.

Use the same application and wash-off method

Although Flowpoint Fine needs less water than the other grades, the application and wash-off methods are just the same. Watch the short video below for a demo of applying and washing off Flowpoint Fine. 

Use the same wash-off method, which can be with a rubber squeegee, washboy, hose or pressure washer. For commercial use, a sponge machine such as a Berta ADV (also available for weekly hire) makes light work of the process. 

As with other Flowpoint grades, be patient and hold your nerve so you don’t wash the product off too soon. Too many contractors start washing off when the product starts to dry on the slabs. You need to keep the slabs damp with a mist of water so it doesn’t go off on them too soon.

So always make sure the product is set in the joint before washing it off. Keep your eye on the firmness of the joint, just with a little thumb test. Once firm, then begin washing off.

New to grouting with Flowpoint?

If you’re new to Flowpoint, take a look at our FAQs for detailed instructions and videos on how to apply this wet slurry grout. 

It’s a simple to use and very effective product that many paving contractors swear by. But if you haven’t used it before, it’s important to be aware that you need to keep the area damp (not wet) and not to begin the wash-off process too early.

I've recently purchased 28 bags of Flowpoint from The Paving Experts and both the product and customer service were fantastic. Flowpoint is so quick and easy to use and gives a fantastic finish. Far better than a sand and cement mortar. The time and labour saving easily covers the cost of the product. Poppy was incredibly helpful on the phone and Cleo was fantastic upon collection. I can't recommend these guys enough.

For Flowpoint first-timers, we highly recommend speaking to a professional first (call our team if you like on 0330 122 1025, or read Mark Talbot’s expert tips for contractors). Be sure to watch a video too so you’re aware of the full process. 

UltraScape also has a wealth of info and free webinars on Flowpoint and other related products in their Training Academy.

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