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ProJoint V35-UV is a single part PU resin mortar system with 100% UV stability designed for sensitive and expensive stone. ProJoint V35-UV brush-in paving grout – is perfect for natural stone, setts & slabs. For narrow joints, for large paving & can even be used in hot weather – unlike many other grouts. Available in Buff, Black, Mid-Grey.

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Nexus ProJoint V35-UV – Specifically designed for sensitive and expensive stone!

A very advanced but simple to use solution to filling joints between paving slabs and setts, suitable for all types of natural stone and concrete paving on pedestrian and vehicular areas up to 3.5 tonnes.

The single component PU resin is mixed with the sand in the kit and applied to paving using either a brush or squeegee. It offers a long processing time which makes it especially suited for paving with narrow joints and for use in hot weather. Shower resistant. It forms a UV stable, strong, weed free, frost and pressure washer resistant joint.

Specifically designed for sensitive and expensive stone V35-UV it is the perfect partner for the most prestigious of projects.

  • One part PU resin based mortar system, cement free
  • Light to medium traffic loads up to 3.5 tonnes
  • Fast application
  • Easy: no more bending or kneeling and much less effort
  • Long working time ideal for narrow joints and hot weather
  • Professional results: no mess, and no returning for cleaning
  • Suitable for joint widths from 5mm upwards
  • Weed, pressure washer and frost resistant
  • Colours available: Neutral (buff), Mid-Grey and Black


Ensure the joints are cleaned out to a minimum depth of 25mm for 3.5t traffic loading, and a minimum joint width of 5mm. Paving must be firmly bedded and stable prior to filling joints on bedding material suitable for the intended traffic loading.
V35-UV™ should be mixed by using a plasterers’ whisk. Add the sand to a suitable bucket and, when wearing appropriate PPE, pour in the resin and begin mixing. Mix for around three minutes until thoroughly mixed.


Ensure that the surface temperature is between 5°C and 35°C. Empty the mix evenly onto the paving and work into the joints using a brush or squeegee to ensure material is well compacted into the joints. Compaction of the material is important as any underlying voids could result in secondary settlement.

Once worked into the joints use a soft brush at 45° to joints, and carefully sweep off all the excess leaving the paving clean. Shower resistant after initial cure but requires protecting from rain until set. Make sure that any protective cover does not come into contact with the fresh joints. A trowel or iron can be used if necessary once the mortar has begun to cure to achieve a traditional finish.

Cure times are dependant on temperature and humidity but as a guide can accept foot traffic after 12 hours and vehicle traffic after 24 hours.
ProJoint V35-UV is not recommended for porcelain – please refer to ProJoint Porcelain products. V35-UV may highlight and enhance the natural surface colours and textures of the paving – this sheen can be especially noticeable on grey paving, including granite, so a test area is advised before use. It is important to spread the mix across the total paving area to ensure the potential effect is uniform. Please note that this is a temporary effect and weathering and foot traffic accelerate its disappearance.


Refer to manufacturer’s guidelines here



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BLACK, Buff, Mid Grey


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