Ultracrete Surface Defect Repair

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Need to stop a minor defect in the tarmac of a road, carriageway or carpark from developing into a large pothole? Surface Defect Repair is a heat applied repair material with anti-skid formula that’s used to repair minor defects in roads, once set it gives a durable repair. Ultracrete Surface Defect Repair stops potholes from forming!

Available in a 12kg bag and 1kg bag of glass beads.


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12kg Unit


Ultracrete Surface Defect Repair

Need to stop a small defect becoming a much larger pothole? Surface Defect Repair has been specifically designed to prevent the formation of potholes. It is largely used by contractors as a preventative repair material where early signs of potholes are spotted in roads and carriageways. For local authorities and private landlords with large carparks or sites it prevents the formation of hazardous potholes, which are costly to fix both in materials, time and any associated payouts from accidents to pedestrians or vehicles.

Ultracrete Surface Defect Repair is a granular thermoplastic, with an anti-skid dressing which can be applied to minor defects in the carriageway, where light patching is required to prevent larger potholes from forming. The product comes as a 12KG bag and 1KG bag of glass beads, which is heat applied and once set, it gives a durable, anti-skid repair.

Surface Defect Repair is not formulated for use on large scale repairs, which instead should be treated with cold lay asphalt such as Permanent Pothole Repair or Instant Road Repair.

  • Helps prevent potholes forming
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • No waste
  • Size: 12kg bag and 1kg bag of glass beads

Additional information

Weight 13 kg


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