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Pallet Deal of Flowpoint SMOOTH Natural Grey (56x 25Kg bags). Free Delivery 🚚

£951.44 Ex. VAT - £1,141.73 Inc. VAT

Full Pallet of Flowpoint Smooth Paving Grout in Natural Grey – the one for Porcelain & narrow joints! FREE DELIVERY 🚚

UltraScape Flowpoint Smooth in Natural Grey has a much finer aggregate which makes it perfect for narrow joints from 3mm, especially for PORCELAIN where a finer finish is required for a clean, contemporary look. UltraScape Flowpoint Smooth meets the British Standard BS 7533, and is widely specified for large scale projects by major Landscape Contractors. Flowpoint has an initial set of 15 minutes, projects can be opened to foot traffic in under an hour and vehicles in 4 hours. Supplied in 25KG paper bags. 

PALLET DEAL: Flowpoint SMOOTH Natural Grey x 56, 25KG Bags | For our Flowpoint Smooth Charcoal Pallet Offer Click Here: 

Includes Free Standard Delivery. Please note delivery can be up to 7 working days at present. Call ☎️ 0330 122 1025 

Looking for a full Mortar Paving System? We also sell high performance materials that meet and exceed the strict demands of BS 7533. Including a rapid strength fine bedding concrete – EcoBed, and priming slurry – Pro-Prime slurry primer. Please click links to purchase.

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UltraScape Flowpoint Smooth Paving Grout – Natural Grey: Pallet Deal x 56, 25KG Bags. Free Delivery 🚚

UltraScape Flowpoint Smooth Natural Grey is a porcelain & narrow joint slurry grout which exceeds all of the requirements of the latest British Standard BS7533. Flowpoint Smooth is a highly specified grout which has been widely used for over 20 years by architects, specifiers, main contractors, landscape architects, highways engineers, paving engineers and local authorities. 

Flowpoint Smooth is perfect for public realm, landscaping and domestic projects – where a finer aggregate or narrow joints are required. It is respected as the go to product throughout the industry, specified because of its fast pourable application, cost-effectiveness and robust jointing. Flowpoint Smooth removes the need for traditional slower application methods, reducing labour costs due to its fast application. 

Flowpoint comes in either Natural Grey or Charcoal is supplied in handy 25KG bags, is easily mixed on site with water in a bucket, and then squeegeed into joints. With an initial set of 15 minutes, it’s then washed off the slabs and can be open to pedestrians in an hour, and cars, busses and lorries in 4 hours.  

Flowpoint Smooth is perfect for large format porcelain slabs, granite setts or any type of natural stone where a finer aggregate or narrow joint is required. 

Use with the UltraScape BS 7533 Mortar Paving System, a range of high performance materials that meet and exceed the strict demands of BS 7533. Including a rapid strength fine bedding concrete – EcoBed, priming slurry – Pro-Prime slurry primer and flowable jointing grout Flowpoint.

Flowpoint Smooth technical information

  • Available in Natural Grey & Charcoal (for Charcoal click here:)
  • Ideal for Porcelain, Granite setts, Sandstone, Limestone, Indian Stone, Yorkstone and Concrete Slabs
  • Can fill joints from 3mm - 50mm wide, with a minimum depth of 20mm, up to 200mm in one application!
  • Open to foot traffic in 1 hour
  • Open to vehicular traffic in 4 hours
  • Rapid setting with exceptional bond strength
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • Mixes quickly on-site with water in a bucket - one bag at a time
  • Initial set after 15 minutes at 20°C
  • Cool temperatures retard, warm temperatures accelerate product performance (be careful to not use in direct sunlight as product will go off rapidly).
  • Economical to use
  • Mix and use one bag at a time
  • Conforms to British Standard - BS 7533
  • Ideal for large commercial and domestic projects

How do I mix & apply Flowpoint Smooth Paving Grout?

Follow these simple ten steps to use Flowpoint slurry grout to fill paving joints:
  1. Firstly clean the paving slabs and joints so they are free from debris and any excess water
  2. Pre-soak the paving joints & surfaces with water to ensure they are damp – a light spray of water should be perfect
  3. Pour the Flowpoint powder into a bucket and add 4.25 litres of water
  4. Mix with a force action mixer for 3–5 minutes, until the consistency is smooth and free of clumps
  5. Before pouring the slurry mix, ensure that the area is still damp, apply the mixture immediately by carefully forcing Flowpoint into the joints using a rubber squeegee. Flowpoint can set within as little as 15 minutes (at temperatures of 20oC) so you will need to be quick, but careful
  6. Move the Flowpoint slurry across the patio surface to top-up joints where the mortar has sunk
  7. Use the rubber squeegee to remove as much of the paving grout from the surface of the slabs – still keep the surfaces constantly damp to prevent the grout from hardening
  8. Use a brush and plenty of water (or alternatively a sponge machine) to remove any grout that has hardened on the paving surfaces
  9. Once the mortar is dry (after about 30 minutes - depending on temperature), clean the surface of paving slabs thoroughly to remove any spots of mortar and prevent staining, you'll be looking for clean water running of the patio
  10. The pavers are ready to walk on after one hour and can receive car traffic after four hours


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