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What is the UltraScape BS 7533 Mortar Paving System?

Historic square of Castle GreenTaunton. Image Courtesy of Instarmac.

Over the last 20 years UltraScape an Instarmac Group plc brand has developed a trusted reputation across the world for quality paving and landscaping products. Providing specialist construction materials that meet the British standard BS 7533, which deliver results time and time again. Specified by contractors, architects, engineers and landscapers – the UltraScape BS 7533 Mortar Paving System stocked by The Paving Experts, is a range of high performance, rapid strength bedding, priming and jointing materials that meet and exceed the strict demands of BS 7533.

What are the benefits of the UltraScape BS 7533 Mortar Paving System?

Independently verified, tested and approved, UltraScape’s Mortar Paving System is fully BS 7533 (the British Standard) compliant. Also known as the Instarmac System, this paving system also offers the reassurance of being tested by UKAS accredited laboratories, which verify its performance qualities. 

Why use the UltraScape BS 7533 Mortar Paving System?

The specialist mortar & grouting paving range has been designed, developed and stringently tested over the last 20 years to offer contractors a set of construction materials that they can trust. The Paving range is easy to mix, rapid setting, fast to apply and lasts up to 40 years. Peace of mind for both contractors and customers alike. 

Who is the Mortar Paving System used by?

The UltraScape products are used worldwide for major streetscape projects in towns and cities, as well as by landscaping contractors on domestic projects and DIYers too.

Trusted by major contractors such as J Browne Construction Company Ltd, who completed the office refurbishment and works at Angel Building, in Islington. It’s also utilised by Carillion who completed the stunning streetscape works around Central Plaza, Piccadilly Place in Manchester and also by English Landscapes Contractors who installed the paving scheme around Media City. Flowpoint paving slurry grout is loved by domestic customers and landscapers like Golden Gardens of Milton Keynes who’ve recently been featured on DIY SOS.

Ultrascape BS 7533 Paving Mortar System

What does the range include?

Rigid Bedding Concrete - UltraScape Eco-Bed

UltraScape Eco-Bed is a fine bedding concrete manufactured to meet and exceed the strict requirements of BS 7533. It contains 20% recycled material, significantly reducing the consumption of virgin aggregates and making it a really eco friendly concrete!

UltraScape Eco-Bed can be laid from 10mm to 100mm (with greater depths achieved using layers). Mixed with just the addition of water, eco-bed reaches an early strength gain, meaning that pedestrian areas can be walked on in as little as 12 hours and cars in as little as 24 hours.

Priming - UltraScape Pro-Prime

UltraScape Pro-Prime Slurry Primer is used to provide a strong bond between the paving or granite setts and the bedding layer, it can also be used to strengthen the bond between the roadbase and the bedding mortar layer. Traditionally paving slabs would have been laid directly onto bedding mortar, but due to a higher proportion of traffic, street cleaning equipment and general wear and tear, the paving would often break away from the mortar bed, resulting in the paving needing to be re-laid, which is costly, time consuming and stressful for the customer.

Flowable, jointing slurry grout - UltraScape Flowpoint: Standard, Eco and Smooth

UltraScape Flowpoint Paving Grout is ideal for large scale commercial paving and domestic patios alike, due to it’s fast set, flowable properties it allows large areas to be grouted with ease, and simply washed clean.

UltraScape Flowpoint Grout exceeds all of the requirements of the latest British Standard and is the fastest growing slurry grout on the market, trusted worldwide for its cost effectiveness and ease of use. It is also available in Smooth which is ideal for porcelain and modern patios that like a sleek narrow joint look, and Eco, an environmentally friendly formulation, which offers all the benefits of standard grade flowpoint, but contains 20% recycled material, for projects where an eco friendly product is required to significantly reduce the use of virgin aggregates.

Sand Stabiliser, Surface Sealant & Gum Adhesion Inhibitor - UltraScape Paving Guard

A single product with three uses, UltraScape Paving Guard is solvent free and suitable for flexible or rigid paving constructions.

  • Sand Stablilliser – When used on flexibly constructed paved areas, Paving Guard bonds the particles of jointing sand to one another preventing wash-out during cleaning cycles, whilst maintaining the necessary degree of flexibility required for flexible paving.
  • Surface Sealant – When applied as a Surface Sealant Paving Guard forms a protective barrier to oil, grease, foodstuffs, dog poo and reduces the effects of the stains whilst also making it easier to clean the areas affected
  • Chewing Gum  – UltraScape Paving Guard reduces the ability of chewing gum to adhere to the surface of paving; making it easier to remove during cleaning!

High Performance Resinous Mortar - UltraScape Resi-Bed

UltraScape Resi-Bed, once cured, is an extremely high strength, chemical resistant and waterproof mortar for use in heavily trafficked environments, for recessed manhole covers and water features too.

Stone and Brick Slip Adhesive - UltraScape Slipbond

UltraScape Slipbond is a super strong cladding adhesive that’s flexible, has an exceptional bond strength, and an extended workability time, for fixing brick slips and natural stone to a range of vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Specialist Jointing Sand - UltraScape Pavejoint Plus

UltraScape Pavejoint Plus is an all weather, brush in jointing compound that provides a flexible, yet durable finish when cured. It’s ideal for use on patios and domestic paved areas due to its easy method of application.

PaveJoint is ideal for most types of paving including natural stone, concrete, slate, clay, terracotta and granite. The major benefit with UltraScape PaveJoint Plus is that there isn’t any waste, any leftover product can be popped back into the bucket and reused – plus it stunts weed growth meaning less patio maintenance.

For further details or information on the UltraScape BS 7533 Mortar Paving System please email and we’ll be happy to answer any queries.

Information courtesy of Instarmac Group plc. 

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