UltraScape Resi-bed Epoxy Bedding Mortar

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22kg tub Resi-Bed Epoxy Bedding Mortar is a very high strength mortar suitable for use in very high stress areas, such as recessed manhole covers and bonding to steel. Resi-Bed can be used for bed depths as low as 5mm and is entirely waterproof when cured sand so is also suitable for use in water features.

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UltraScape Resi-bed

UltraScape Resi-Bed (formally EP-R9) is a two-part high strength epoxy resin mortar and primer system, especially suitable for bedding granite setts, paving elements up to recess covers, tree grids and coping stones as well as concrete repair for areas subject to heavy wear-and-tear. The product contains a blend of specialist sands and fine fillers that provide exceptional strength, bond and chemical resistance making it ideal for pavement edge details, vehicle ramps and pedestrian crossings.

  • Versatile applications
  • High strength and rapid set
  • Depths from 5mm – 50mm
  • Chemically resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Quick application
  • Pack includes primer
  • 22kg bucket

Additional information

Weight 22 kg


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