EASYJoint Brush-In Paving & Patio Grout

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EASYJoint is the UK’s favourite DIY brush-in patio grout!

It’s super simple to use, it’s fast, effective and fills joints in all types of paving slabs and flagstones with ease. No experience necessary! Simply simply soak the paving with water before you start and then sweep and wash the jointing compound into the joints, letting the water take the strain. 

EASYJoint grout is ideal for all types of paving such as natural stone, granite setts and concrete flags providing there is a gap of at least 3mm wide and 25mm deep. This simple to use, brush in grout provides a strong joint and prevents weed growth!  EASYJoint can also be used in all weathers!

Colours: Stone Grey, Jet Black, Buff Sand, Basalt & Mushroom (please note Stone Grey not in stock).

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EASYJoint – The UK’s Best DIY brush-in patio grout!

EASYJoint brush in paving & patio grout, is a really simple way to fill the joints in paving slabs and flagstones. Market-leading EASYJoint is ideal for all types of paving such as natural stone, limestone, porcelain, sandstone, Yorkstone, Indian Stone, granite setts and concrete flags. 

The benefit of EASYJoint brush in grout is that it’s simple to use for both domestic customers and commercial paving contractors, you simply soak the paving slabs with water then simultaneously sweep and wash the jointing compound into the joints. The paving joints are then completely filled without the need to kneel down and compress the grout into the joints by hand, saving your back and saving time! 

EASYJoint results in a strong paving joint that withstands the elements, and lasts for years, what’s more the solid joint eliminates weed growth! EASYJoint brush in paving grout can be used whatever the conditions are, it’s suitable to be used in wet and rainy weather. 

  • Simple & fast to use
  • Simply wet the slabs and brush in 
  • Need to ‘strike’ or ‘tool’ the joints unless you want a smooth finish 
  • *No staining or framing – please follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Safe to use with natural stone as well as being ideal for concrete paving
  • Ideal for use with natural stone, limestone, porcelain, Yorkstone, Indian Stone, granite setts and concrete paving slabs
  • EASYJoint is an environmentally friendly product
  • Zero Waste – Opened tubs of EASYJoint, if not fully used, can be kept for later use providing they are covered by a minimum of 2″ (50mm) or more of water
  • Handy, easy to lift 12.5KG Tubs 

Please note: Whilst following the instructions carefully, if you do happen to make an error with EASYJoint, don’t worry, the only stain or picture framing that the jointing compound may potentially leave is linseed oil which will disappear and fade over time. By using lots of water when brushing the product in, it will ensure that any linseed oil will sit on top and simply get washed away! Detailed instructions on how to joint paving with our sweep in sand can be found inside the EASYJoint tub.

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Weight 12.5 kg

Jet Black, Mushroom, Stone Grey, Basalt, Buff

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