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EASYJoint Brush-in Patio Grout

£34.99 Ex. VAT - £41.99 Inc. VAT

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EASYJoint is the UK’s favourite DIY brush-in patio grout!

It’s super simple to use, it’s fast, effective and fills joints in all types of paving slabs and flagstones with ease. No experience necessary! Simply simply soak the paving with water before you start and then sweep and wash the jointing compound into the joints, letting the water take the strain. 

EASYJoint grout is ideal for all types of paving such as natural stone, granite setts and concrete flags providing there is a gap of at least 3mm wide and 25mm deep. This simple to use, brush in grout provides a strong joint and prevents weed growth!  EASYJoint can also be used in all weathers!

Colours: Stone Grey, Jet Black, Buff Sand, Basalt & Mushroom. 

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EASYJoint – The UK’s Favourite DIY brush-in patio grout!

EASYJoint brush-in patio grout , is a really simple, fast and DIY friendly way to fill the joints in paving slabs and flagstones. Market-leading EASYJoint is ideal for all types of paving such as natural stone, limestone, porcelain, sandstone, Yorkstone, Indian Stone, granite setts and concrete flags. 

The benefit of EASYJoint brush in grout is that it’s simple to use for both domestic customers and commercial paving contractors, you simply soak the paving slabs with water then simultaneously sweep and wash the jointing compound into the joints. The paving joints are then completely filled without the need to kneel down and compress the grout into the joints by hand, saving your back and saving time! 

EASYJoint results in a strong paving joint that withstands the elements, and lasts for years, what’s more the solid joint eliminates weed growth! EASYJoint brush in paving grout can be used whatever the conditions are, it’s suitable to be used in wet and rainy weather. 

  • Permeable Grout – water passes through into the ground below
  • Simple & faster to use than traditional methods. Ready to use with no mixing required.
  • Simply wet the slabs and brush in
  • Need to ‘strike’ or ‘tool’ the joints unless you want a smooth finish 
  • *No staining or framing – please follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Safe to use with natural stone as well as being ideal for concrete paving
  • Ideal for use with natural stone, limestone, porcelain, Yorkstone, Indian Stone, granite setts and concrete paving slabs
  • EASYJoint is an environmentally friendly product
  • Use in all-weathers
  • Zero Waste – Opened tubs of EASYJoint, if not fully used, can be kept for later use providing they are covered by a minimum of 2″ (50mm) or more of water
  • Handy, easy to lift 12.5KG Tubs 

Whilst following the instructions carefully, if you do happen to make an error with EASYJoint, don’t worry, the only stain or picture framing that the jointing compound may potentially leave is linseed oil which will disappear and fade over time. By using lots of water when brushing the product in, it will ensure that any linseed oil will sit on top and simply get washed away! Detailed instructions on how to joint paving with our sweep in sand can be found inside the EASYJoint tub.

It is also worth pointing out that because dirty surface water can drain through the joint, over time it will result in a visual change to the EASYJoint colour. This is entirely natural; it is not a fault and it will not impair the integrity of the product.

EASYJoint Coverage – How much do I need?

A single 12.5Kg Tub of EASYJoint will cover approximately the following areas of paving*

Paving Size (mm) Joint Size 30mm Depth x 5mm Width Paving Size (mm) Joint Size 30mm Depth x 8mm Width
600 x 600 13.5 m2 600 x 600 8.5 m2
600 x 450 11.5 m2 600 x 450 7.0 m2
450 x 450 10.0 m2 450 x 450 6.0 m2
600 x 300 9.0 m2 600 x 300 5.5 m2
450 x 300 8.0 m2 450 x 300 5.0 m2
300 x 300 7.0 m2 300 x 300 4.0 m2
450 x 225 7.0 m2 450 x 225 4.0 m2
225 x 225 5.0 m2 225 x 225 3.0 m2

*Please Note: This information is for guidance only, the above table is to be used as an estimate of the amount of EASYJoint required, we always recommend purchasing an additional 1-2 tubs to ensure that you have enough – it will also keep due to the unlimited shelf life. 

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Frequently asked questions before using EASYJoint brush-in patio grout! 

Does EASYJoint brush-in patio grout need a permeable sub-base?

Yes, EASYJoint must have a permeable and strong foundation (one that allows water to pass through to the ground below). Without a strong foundation the paving will move and the EASYJoint mortar will crack between the paving slabs. To ensure that EASYJoint does not fail, and there is no cracking between the joints, we recommend that the bedding and sub-base must be permeable, when using a bedding mortar mix, this should be no stronger than 6:1 (sharp sand: cement).

Do you need to use water when applying EASYJoint brush-in patio grout?

We cannot overly stress how important it is to use plenty of water before, during and after the application of EASYJoint. A hose with a fan type nozzle is perfect. 

Does EASYJoint stain sensitive & porous paving slabs?

Many types of natural stone, such as Granite, Black Limestone and Black Porcelain can be extremely sensitive. These types of slabs have a greater risk of staining, picture framing and efflorescence from the bedding mortar used for the base or specialist joint fillers. Staining & efflorescence tend to appear post-installation, to avoid staining Granite, Black Limestone or Black Porcelain – it is strongly recommended to seal the paving with a breathable sealant before installation, but definitely prior to pointing with EASYJoint. A breathable sealer will provide protection during the jointing process and afterwards. It will also allow any efflorescence or natural salts present in the sub-base and substrate to pass through the paving material and wear off naturally over time. It is not caused by the use of EASYJoint

How do I remove dirt, fungi and algae from EASYJoint brush-in patio grout?

Over time, as rain and surface water pass through the porous joints between the paving slabs, this can lead to a little discolouration, with Algae, Lichen and Fungi growing between your paving joints. This is entirely natural and will not impair the integrity of the product, but does cause discolouration. To remove any debris, algae, lichen or fungi from your paving slabs and joints, use a light pressure wash over the surface (no more than once a year, using a “fan” type nozzle no closer than 150mm/6 inches from the surface). This will clean the dirty joints, but protect the jointing compound from being removed. For paving that has a thicker coverage of dirt or fungi, we recommend a cleaning solution specifically targeted to the issue. 

How soon can I use a pressure washer on my EASYJoint?

Do not use a pressure washer on the paving for at least 4 weeks after EASYJoint’s application. Always use a fan type nozzle at a 45 degree angle and no closer than 15 cms / 6 inches to avoid removing the jointing material from between your slabs. 

Is EASYJoint suitable for patios and driveways?

EASYJoint is perfect for patios, paving and paths that only have pedestrian foot traffic, however will not withstand the weight of a car or larger van. We do not recommend EASYJoint for use on driveways due to the types of sub-base and bedding mortar needed.

Should I seal my paving slabs before using EASYJoint brush-in patio grout?

Sealing is particularly recommended for porous paving slabs and setts prior to laying and jointing with EASYJoint, to reduce the risk of staining or efflorescence. If sealer is applied after the patio has been laid, do not apply any type of sealer over the joint for at least a month after it has set hard. Only use a breathable sealer, otherwise EASYJoint may or may not remain permeable, and you may seal in any natural efflorescence passing through the stone. These natural salts will disperse over time. 

Can you apply EASYJoint in freezing conditions?

Yes, theoretically EASYJoint can be used below 3 degrees down to freezing conditions, however in these conditions, the use of lots of water becomes more difficult with a greater risk of staining. Where possible avoid using below 3 degrees, use with caution. 

Does EASYJoint stain paving slabs?

EASYJoint does not stain when the instructions are adhered to, during the application and laying process, footwear can pick up some EASYJoint particles. We advise cleaning the soles of them before walking across dried (or drying) paving to avoid leaving “footmarks”. Also do not use the same broom that was used to apply the EASYJoint to clear the surface afterwards; it will be contaminated and may leave marks.

Technical information for EASYJoint brush-in patio grout

Size of item 12.5kg vacuum packed product with a robust sealed bucket
Colours available Basalt, Buff Sand, Jet Black, Mushroom, Stone Grey
Suitable for Patios, paving and paths with pedestrian foot traffic. Not recommended for driveways.
Joint width 3mm minimum
Joint depth 25mm minimum for foot traffic (30mm preferably); 30mm minimum for vehicular traffic, subject to a solid base
Working temperature 0℃ to +40℃
Working time 30–45 minutes (approximately) at 20℃
Flexural strength 6.4 N/mm2 after 14 days; 7.7 N/mm2 after 21 days
Compressive strength 15 N/mm2 after 14 days; 17.5 N/mm2 after 21 days
Elasticity 3.84 N/mm2 after 21 days
Shelf life Unlimited shelf life provided care is taken over storage conditions and the packaging is not damaged

EASYJoint brush-in patio grout - Application Instructions

Prior to applying EASYJoint:

EASYJoint is designed for use with permeable, free draining sub-bases, which allow water to pass through. Before using EASYJoint, check the patio has been laid on a suitable permeable bedding mortar.

Sub-base Bedding Mix:

Both the bedding and sub-base must be permeable. When using a mortar bedding mix, this should be no stronger than 6:1 (sharp sand: cement). Be careful when using add-mixtures such as SBR or PVA as these can seriously affect the permeability of a mortar mix.

Weather Conditions:

EASYJoint can be applied in virtually any weather conditions, however it is best practice to ensure that ground temperatures are greater than 3 degrees during the grout installation. Once installed, freezing conditions will not impair EASYJoint All Weather Jointing Mortar.

When rain is forecast:

If heavy or prolonged rain is forecast, it is ideal to wait for drier conditions as heavy rain may disturb sand particles in the EASYJoint mix before it cures solid, giving an uneven texture. Prolonged rain will also extend the curing process.

When freezing conditions are forecast:

Freezing conditions are not always problematic for EASYJoint, however the volume of water used during the application process can potentially freeze. In this instance the particles within the grout mix won’t settle into the joints evenly due to the presence of ice and potentially lead to longer term problems. If grouting is necessary during freezing conditions follow the dry brush-in method:

Dry brush-in method for EASYJoint

EASYJoint can be installed dry, however to use this method the paving must be sealed at least 2 - 3 days before the EASYJoint application. The paving slabs must be sealed on five sides (the top and four edges). When applying dry, EASYJoint compound must be compressed, by striking off with a pointing tool into the joints as it will not self-compact in the same way it does when applied with water. Please note: Sensitive stone such as Black Limestone, Granite, Slate and polished Sandstone should all be sealed before the EASYJoint application, wet or dry.

EASYJoint Application for Natural Stone & Concrete Paving

  1. Wet the Paving. Thoroughly soak the patio or paved area to be jointed with lots of water using a hose. The paving must be absolutely saturated before starting and remain soaked throughout the application process ‘the wetter, the better.’ We strongly recommend not shortcutting this process, particularly when working with absorbent or sensitive materials such as Sandstone, Granite and Limestone. Highly absorbent and porous stone will require sealing, 2-3 days prior to laying, on its top surface and four edges.
  2. Work Quickly but Smartly. We recommend two people working together; one sweeping the grout into the joints, the other using the hose to ensure an even spread of plenty of water. Spread a little EASYJoint across the paved surface and push into the joints using a light jet of water and a broom or a neoprene squeegee. Never allow EASYJoint to pile up in clumps or allow the paving to dry with any remaining grout on its surface. Any soft lumps of compound can be easily broken down but if the lump is solid, please discard.
  3. Continuously Wash the Paving With Lots of Water. The person with the hose should alternate between following the sweeper to aid washing the compound into the joints and moving ahead of them so that the paving is always wet. This is particularly important in warm/hot weather conditions.
  4. Top Up Low Spots. Use more EASYJoint to top up any low spots in your joints, repeating the washing process as described previously.
  5. Final Wash and Clean. Apply a final gentle spray of water across the surface to wash off any EASYJoint residue and to aid the final compaction process. Ensure that no grains of sand are left on the surface, or the rainbow effect caused by the linseed oil. When the water has drained away, a "flicking" motion with a clean soft hand brush (not the same one used to apply the compound) will aid the removal of any loose grains.
  6. Smooth or Strike the Joints. Whilst not essential, it is strongly recommended to "point" or "strike" the surface of the joints with a suitable finishing tool. This will assist in checking for low spots whilst ensuring the joints are uniformly below the surface of the paving. It will also aid in keeping the joint cleaner and the joints lasting longer. Start once the paving has dried and the joints are drained, applying virtually no pressure to the tool - it is only to finish the joint, not compress it.

How do you apply EASYJoint to Porcelain Paving?

Utilise the same method when working with porcelain paving tiles as with working with stone or concrete. The base on which the porcelain is laid must be able to drain. If the base is non-permeable then EASYJoint Pro or EASYGrout should be used. Less water is needed when applying EASYJoint to porcelain paving, as there is little risk of residue staining. You will find that a small amount of water, added to form it into a slurry, will make it easier to fill the joints properly. When applying to porcelain, to ensure an effective joint, the operator MUST strike the joint off, to compact the grout fully. Compaction forces out air and water which helps the joint harden faster.

Hints & Tips for applying EASYJoint:

Work cleanly, clearing both the sand grains and the binding oil from the surface as you go. Keep washing until the "rainbow effect" oily water is no longer visible. Once EASYJoint has set hard in the joints, sweep the paving with a stiff broom, diagonally to the joints, to remove any final traces of compound, especially along the edges of "struck" joints. Do not use the same broom that was used in the application process. Unused but opened EASYJoint can be saved for later use by pouring it back into the tub (not in the bag) and covering it with at least 50mm of water. The product should remain usable for a few months.

Setting Times:

In dry conditions and warm temperatures and humidity, EASYJoint should be firm enough to walk on within 24 hours and will cure hard within a few days. Freezing weather will increase the set time and will cause the process to virtually stop, it can take many days for the joints to set fully hard. However EASYJoint will eventually set and the weather conditions will not have impaired its integrity in any way. In wet weather conditions, the curing process will be suspended. Prolonged periods of rain, or several intermittent showers will considerably extend the setting times. Again, this will not affect the final integrity of the product in any way provided water can drain easily away and so allow even curing throughout the joints (as previously explained).

EASYJoint should not be used on vehicular driveways.

Most vehicular drives are constructed with a strong foundation and bedding mix. The consequence is that it will be less, if not completely, impermeable. When using EASYJoint the base and bedding, as always and continuously referred to in this instruction guide and elsewhere, must be permeable.

2 reviews for EASYJoint Brush-in Patio Grout

  1. Adam

    I bought paving grout from The Paving Experts, price was lower than all competitors and delivery was very quick. I highly recommend them for all grouts and paving requirements. Adam via Google Reviews

  2. Robert McNamara

    I’ve just used these having tried a product from a local supplier that left marks on my paving. I was on a tight deadline as I have a hot tub being delivered today. I called on Monday and spoke to Cleo who recommended a product to me and arranged for an express delivery.

    The product arrived on time and was exactly what I needed. They really do have the knowledge and I’m delighted with the product and the service.
    Robert McNamara, STONE, Staffs via Google Reviews

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