PaveCare Pro-810 Paving Sealer

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PRO-810™ Paving Sealer – A professional solvent based invisible impregnating sealer

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PaveCare Pro-810 Paving Sealer

PRO-810™ is a high performance, solvent based surface sealer which has an invisible finish and can be applied to all types of natural stone.
It deeply impregnates the stone and protects surfaces from water penetration, staining and the effects of natural weathering whilst remaining breathable. Does not change the colour or texture of the surface and can be used on virtually all porus surfaces, particularly high quality natural stone.
Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
• Professional grade water repellent for porus natural stone and concrete

• Breathable

• Invisible finish

• Seals and protects

• Resists dirt, grime and algae

• Long lasting protection and UV stable

• Deeply impregnating

• High coverage rate

• Available in 1, 5 and 25 litre containers



Substrates should be sound, clean and free from dirt, dust, oil, etc and must be totally dry. We recommend cleaning with Nexus Paving & Driveway Cleaner prior to application.



PRO-810™ Paving Sealer is designed as an invisible coating but may darken very light surfaces slightly. As with all sealants always try a small inconspicuous area before full application. The sealer is supplied ready for use and should be applied between 5°C and 30°C. Application may be made by brush, roller or spray. Apply a complete, even coat over the whole surface ensuring any excess is removed. Allow to dry and repeat application with a thin and even second coat to provide increased protection. Dryness will normally occur within 2 hours with full curing taking up to 24 hours. Protect from rain until cured.



This product covers approximately 7-12m² per litre depending on substrate porosity.



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Weight 51 kg

12x 1 Litre, 25 Litre, 5 Litre


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