UltraFloor Level IT Renovate

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UltraFloor Level IT Renovate is the perfect choice for refurbishing existing indoor floorings to depths of between 3-40mm. As a on-part product, it can be used for a wide range of flooring substrates – including sand, concrete, timber and underfloor heating to name a few – and is ideal for both commercial and domestic use. Available in a 20kg paper bag which is reinforced.

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20kg Unit


UltraFloor Level IT Renovate Smoothing Underlayment

UltraFloor Level IT Renovate is a smoothing underlayment in a 20kg reinforced single bag. Fibre-reinforced, this semi-rapid drying product is a blend of graded fillers, cements and fillers.

Level IT Renovate is idea to use on both larger scale commercial projects and in a domestic environment.  It can be used for refurbishing existing floors at a depth of 3-40mm.

The flowable consistency when mixing and pouring this smoothing underlayment means it is ideal to use with an array of different flooring substrates and even to prepare the surface on timber floors.

In particular it can be used over:

  • Sand and cement
  • Concrete
  • Abraded tiles (ceramic and terrazzo)
  • Cementitious tile backer boards
  • Existing underlayment (cementitious)
  • Calcium sulphate, hemihydrate or anhydrite screeds
  • Damp-proof membranes
  • Underfloor heating systems (surface electrical radiant heating systems)
  • Firmly bonded timber floors such as chipboard panels or plywood (there must be no movement)

Please note: if you are using UltraFloor Level IT Renovate with systems for underfloor heating, do take into consideration the depth of the product to help maintain heating efficiencies.

Summary of features

  • Semi-rapid, fibre-reinforced, single-part smoothing underlayment
  • Refurbishes existing floorings at a depth of 3-40mm
  • Ideal for most stable and strong subfloorings (indoor)
  • Ready to apply to floorings after 4 hours
  • Walk on the coverings within as little as 2 to 2.5 hours
  • UFH compatible
  • Low odours
  • Ideal for areas that are biologically sensitive (a protein-free formulation)
  • Available in a 20kg, reinforced paper bag

Additional information

Weight 20 kg


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