UltraCrete Kerb and Patch Repair (Pallet Offer 50x 10Kg Buckets)

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Our best priced trade deal on the contractor friendly, Kerb & Patch small repair concrete (FP-1) that is perfect for trip hazards, kerbs & steps. This handy sized Kerb & Patch Repair mortar comes in a lightweight 10KG Tub – no additional water is necessary! Small compact buckets for keeping in your car or van, lightweight to carry around especially when repairing stairs in flats, carparks or up large flights of stairs!

UltraCrete Kerb and Patch Repair (Pallet Offer 50x 10Kg Buckets)

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10kg Unit


UltraCrete Kerb and Patch Repair (FORMERLY FP-1): Pallet Offer 50x 10Kg Tubs

If you are looking for fast repair concrete, supplied in small buckets for easy transport and mixing on site, look no further.

UltraCrete Kerb & Patch Repair is a two-part, fast set repair mortar. This easy mix mortar is ideal for the reinstatement of small areas such as trip hazards, kerbs and steps, where a repair is needed to be opened to the public quickly. Kerb & Patch Repair high strength concrete has an initial set time of just 25 minutes and can be opened to traffic in 2 hours, meaning repairs can be opened to the public much sooner than using a traditional concrete.

Kerb & Patch Repair is supplied in 10kg plastic containers, and comes as a two-part system; a fully pre-blended mix of special cements and aggregates plus a polymer modified liquid admixture, which makes it perfect for carrying out small repairs quickly onsite. You simply mix the pre-blended cements and aggregates vigorously with the primer liquid in the supplied bucket, if you need to you may add a small amount of water to produce a stiff, slump-free concrete.

This pallet deal is for 50 x 10KG tubs and is ideal for contractors carrying out small scale repairs daily!

  • Workability: 7 minutes
  • Set time: 25 minutes
  • Depth: 10-100mm
  • 50N/mm² compressive strength at 28 days
  • 8.09N/mm² tensile strength at 28 days
  • Zero waste
  • Size: 10kg plastic bucket

If you need any further information, or would like a copy of the safety or technical data then please do not hesitate to give us a call on ☎️ 0845 862 1099


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Weight 500 kg


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