Probst MP-70 Screeding Finisher

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Probst MP-70 Screeding Finisher


Probst MP-70 Screeding Finisher

This lightweight, handy and smart tool allows effective finishing work on screeded areas. Especially suitable to clean up sreed rail marks.
But also larger areas can be screeded very quickly, for example around gullys with different falls. Depending on the angle, the operator can decide to let the tool: dig in, to move much material or to float to do only final finishing work.

MP serially equipped:
Aluminium hollow profile, very lightweight, 700 mm long.
Robust, lightweight hardwood handle.
Sturdy holder for handle fixed to the profile.

Working Width mm (in): 700 (27½”)
Adjustable height stop mm (in): without height adjustment
Dead Weight kg (lbs): 1,7 (3.7)

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Weight 21 kg


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