Pulvex Hard Materials Diamond Blade

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Hard Materials Diamond Blade



Pulvex Hard Materials Diamond Blade

Extremely high performance, Rapier technology blade which will cut the hardest of materials with ease. The unique bonding system & high diamond concentration means that this hard materials diamond blade will also give good life making it an ideal multi purpose diamond blade. This blade has proved it is capable of cutting the hardest concrete in the UK, namely Heathrow Airport where many lesser diamond blades have failed.

Suitable for: Granite kerbs and paving, very hard concrete, heavily reinforced concrete, hard clay paviors, bricks, tiles and pipes, engineering bricks and steel


  • Rapier technology offering extremely fast cutting speed & good life
  • Produced to OSA (Organization for Safety in Abrasives) standards
  • Available with 10mm or 12.3mm high, laser welded segment
  • Alternate turbo segments to accelerate slurry removal & extend life
Product Code Diameter (mm) Bore Size (mm) Segment Height (mm)
PG-M230 230 22.23 10
P1-HM300 300 20 12.3
P1-HM350 350 20/25.4 + pin hole 12.3

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Weight 2 kg

230mm, 300mm, 350mm


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