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Pallet Deal Larsen Streetscape FJM (39 x 25KG Bags). Free 72 Hour Delivery 🚚

£732.99 Ex. VAT - £879.59 Inc. VAT

Looking for a bulk deal with FREE 72 Hour DELIVERY 🚚* on a full pallet of 39 bags of Larsen Streetscape FJM rapid set, paving grout for granite setts, natural stone & concrete slabs?

Larsen Streetscape FJM is a fast setting, flowable, slurry paving grout ideal for jointing all types of paving, such as granite setts, sandstone, limestone, porcelain, Indian Stone, Yorkstone and concrete slabs. Streetscape FJM comes in a handy 25KG bag and is simple to mix with a large bucket and water to produce a high quality, rapid set paving grout for quickly jointing paved areas and patio’s. Conforms to BS7533 specification. Streetscape FJM comes in Charcoal, Mid-Grey, Buff & Natural.

Recommended to be used with Larsen PS Priming Slurry to stop efflorescence and improve bond! Click here for Larsen PS. 

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Pallet Deal Larsen Streetscape FJM (39 x 25KG Bags) Free 72 Hour Delivery 🚚*

If yo are looking for Larsen Streetscape FJM in bulk pallets – look no further than our 39 bag, tail lift pallet deal. Larsen Streetscape FJM is a rapid set, slurry paving grout perfect for grouting between all types of paving, such as granite setts, sandstone, limestone, porcelain, Indian Stone, Yorkstone and concrete slabs. Streetscape FJM comes in Charcoal, Mid-Grey, Buff & Natural in a handy 25KG bag and is simple to mix on site with a large bucket and water to produce a high quality grouting mortar for rigid or bound paving methods. Super fast to apply, simply pour over the paving slabs and work into the joints with a squeegee, then wash off after the initial set to reveal solid joints which will last for years and stop weed growth. Larsens Streetscape FJM has a workable time of 15 minutes, can accept foot traffic in an hour and vehicles in 4-6 hours. 

Larsen Streetscape FJM has been specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands and recommended performance characteristics of BS7533 parts 4, 7 & 12.

  • Low shrinkage
  • Frost resistant
  • Available in Natural, Charcoal, Buff & Mid Grey
  • Conforms to BS 7533
  • Free 72 Hour Delivery (Please note full pallets come direct, weather etc may affect delivery times)

What is Larsen FJM?

Larsen Streetscape FJM has been developed as a rapid-setting, slurry applied paving mortar – designed to allow paving contractors to joint paved areas quickly and allow for early trafficking, ideal for commercial paving projects as it complies with the British Standard BS7533. Larsen FJM is made of a blend of special aggregates, cement and additives; you just simply add water to create a flowable mortar, which is slurry applied to paving, and washed off to reveal perfectly pointed joints! Saves time, money and back ache on major construction sites.


Do not use Streetscape FJM  in an unbound or flexible construction, should not be used below 3 °C – take care in higher temperatures above 25 degrees, in high temperatures we recommend grouting earlier in the day. The surfaces of paving or substrate should not be frozen and fresh grout should be protected from inclement weather or freezing until required strength is achieved for damage not to occur. Movement joints may be required in ridged/bound constructions and should be laid out at the design stage. The flooding application should not be used with very porous paving blocks, the watering can method is recommended here. It is imperative that Streetscape FJM rapid set jointing mortar is removed from paving slabs before it has fully hardened to prevent staining, hardened grout will be very difficult to remove from the surface of the pavers – always keep a misting of water over the pavers to stop the grout from fully hardening on the slabs. 

Contractors Pack – 39 bags Full Pallet Deal – If you find a better price online, call us on 0330 122 1025 ☎️

Technical information

Size 25kg multi-walled paper bags (pallet deal: 39 x 25kg bags)
Coverage 13.6L per 25kg or approximately 7-10 square mtrs per 25kg bag
Depth 5mm-50mm
Compressive strength >40MPa
Joint widths Suitable for 5mm–50mm
Joint depths Up to 200mm

How do I prepare for using Larsen FJM?

All joints to be grouted should be clean, free from grease, oils, dust and loose particles or any debris that may interfere with the adhesion. It is important to thoroughly saturate the paving, joints and bedding before grouting using plenty of clean water ensuring no standing water or puddles are left on the paved area or patio. Saturating the whole area will ensure that the grout comes off the paving slabs easily, but remains in the joints, this is incredibly important with highly textured or absorbent paving.

How do I mix Larsen FJM?

In a suitable container or bucket, mix 5 litres of water per 25KG bag, mix with a suitable mechanical mixer for a minimum of 3 minutes to produce fluid, batter type consistency. Where necessary a little less water can be added to produced a slightly thicker mortar for patio's and paving which have a fall built in. Please note that if you use additional water to make the product more flowable, the strength of the product will be reduced, and the product may settle or bleed. Do not re-wet or add additional water and re-mix grout which has started to 'go off'.

How do I apply Larsen FJM?

Streetscape FJM can be applied in joint widths of 5-50mm, and up to 200mm deep in one single pass. Do to its fluid nature it is important to ensure that none of the grout escapes into nearby drains or water courses. Once mixed, Streetscape FJM can be applied either with a watering can into joints, or flowed over the entire area and squeegeed into joints. Care must be taken to keep the area moist at all times with a spray of water, never allow it to dry during the cleaning process, allow the fast set jointing mortar to firm up before attempting to clean the paving slabs.

How do I clean and wash off Larsen FJM?

Once the joints have firmed up spray the area with water, then using a squeegee or brush begin to work over the area taking care not to brush the material from the joints, keep wetting and cleaning the area until all of the mortar has been removed from the slabs, but remains in the joints. Ensure that you follow the instructions carefully on the bag, taking care to note the temperature - cold temperatures will mean the grout will remain softer for longer, high temperatures will mean the grout will go off faster. Once grouting of the joints is complete, protect the area from foot traffic for at least 1-2 hours, and vehicles for 4-6 hours.

What equipment will I need to mix, apply and wash-off Larsen FJM?

  • Neoprene Squeegee for application: click here to purchase a squeegee
  • A stiff bristle brush for stubborn/hard to reach areas
  • Soft brush for cleaning off
  • 110 paddle mixer
  • Transformer
  • Extension lead
  • Large bucket
  • Large measuring jug
  • Rubber float
  • Small trowel
  • Jet washer | Hose | or Washboy
  • Wellies
  • Sponge for cleaning around edges
  • Leaf blower for cleaning leaves or getting water out of joints
  • All simple items in every contractor’s kit!

Follow these tips to avoid any stains or efflorescence when using Larsen FJM:

  • Clean and dampen the paving joints and surfaces with water, remove any ponded water
  • Keep the paved area damp with a light misting of water throughout the application
  • Use a rubber squeegee to push the grout into the joints, and immediately remove any excess paving grout for the surface of pavers
  • Once FJM has begun to set, use either a squeegee or a brush and a little water to agitate the remaining grout on the surface of the pavers and remove any hardened mortar
  • After approx. 30 minutes of applying the grout (and once it has fully hardened, do the thumb test), clean the surfaces thoroughly to remove any spots and prevent staining
  • To avoid causes cracks and low spots when using Larsen FJM, don't clean your slabs off too early! Do the thumb test, if your joint is still slightly soft to the touch, it's too early, wait and hold your nerve. This is especially important during colder weather, you'll just wash half the material away out of your joints


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