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Huge Discounts On Bulk Orders – Call 0845 862 1099 For A Bespoke Quote.

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Raimondi Pulirapid Washboy Bucket & Sponge Float

£105.00 Ex. VAT - £126.00 Inc. VAT

The Raimondi Pulirapid Washboy Bucket & Sponge Float make cleaning off grout from tiles, paving flags & slabs fast! Perfect for both interior & exterior grouts such as Fuga-Pave Flex CH Grout or Flowpoint Fine.

  • Kit includes: 20 litre plastic bucket, three durable rollers, separation grid, steel handle & Sweepex sponge float

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Raimondi Pulirapid Washboy Bucket & Sponge Float

The Raimondi Pulirapid Washboy Bucket with Sponge Float is the ideal professional tiling & landscaping tool, for cleaning both internal tiling grout from walls and floors or paving grout from patios. The Pulirapid Washboy comes equipped with three durable plastic rollers, this ensures that excess water is easily removed from the sponge float to avoid any water drips or spills onto your tiles, slabs and newly pointed joints. The heavy duty rollers are mounted on steel axels directly into the bucket, so sturdy that they shouldn’t need replacing under normal usage.

The Pulirapid comes equipped with a Raimondi Sweepex sponge float, grating, handle and 80mm wheels. With a high capacity, 20 litre durable water tank it reduces the need for frequent water changes speeding up the cleaning process. With an ergonomic shape, and no sharp edges it it’s easy to clean the water and grout residue from the bottom of the water tank itself.

Technical Info:

  • Brand: Raimondi
  • Weight: 4.1KG’s
  • Dimensions: 600 x 333 x 333mm
  • Ideal Usage: Cleaning grout from walls, floors & external patios
  • Kit includes: Washboy bucket, Sweepex sponge float with handle, grating, steel handle, wheels 80mm
  • Specification: Bucket is made of impact resistant plastic for longer life
  • Water Tank: 20 litres, reduces the need for frequent water changes.
  • Sponge Specification: The high absorption sponge “Sweepex” allows for a perfect cleaning

What is a Pulirapid washboy?

Traditionally tilers and lately landscapers had used a simple bucket and a large sponge to clean grout from floors, walls and patios. The development of washboys such as the Pulirapid have seen a revolution in grouting clean up, saving tilers and landscapers time and money, enabling them to complete projects faster and more efficiently. What’s more, because of the hand held plastic float with sponge, and the rollers attached to the bucket, there are no more drips, spills or getting hands wet and dirty, ensuring a cleaner job all round.

Simply put, a wash-boy allows a tiler to complete grouting jobs quickly, more efficiently and ensures that a perfect clean up is achieved.

What is included in a Pulirapid washboy?

The Pulirapid wash-boy set comprises of:

  • A large 20 litre plastic bucket
  • Three adjacent 80mm rollers for squeezing out water
  • A separation grid for waste water
  • A plastic float with a Sweepex sponge
  • Steel handle

How do I use a Pulirapid washboy?

A wash-boy like the Pulirapid is simple to use, you simply:

  1. Apply the paving or tiling grout to the tiles or slabs as normal
  2. Fill the wash-boy with clean water approximately 20-30mm above the separation grate
  3. Fully submerge the sponge into the clean water
  4. Push the sponge horizontally across the rollers to remove all of the excess water, making sure there are no spills over the edge onto your tiles
  5. For a 1st rough wash, move the sponge in horizontal motion across the tiles and grouted joints to emulsify and clean a little of the excess grout
  6. Place the sponge back into the bucket, rub the sponge across the separation grid to remove any excess grout (the grout will come off the sponge and settle at the bottom of the bucket underneath the separation grid).
  7. Continue to repeat the above process from step three until the surface has had it’s 1st rough wash, making sure that you change the water regularly
  8. For the 2nd clean up wash, repeat as above. Pull the sponge across the tiles horizontally, dunk the sponge into the Pulirapid tank & remove the excess grout on the grate, then pull the sponge across the wheels to remove the excess water, pull the sponge back across the tiles and repeat until the whole area is clean

Why should I buy a Pulirapid washboy?

We love wash-boys because they make projects much faster, cleaner and more efficient. Like a lot of professional tools it is often very difficult to justify the the initial cost until you can start to see the benefits, but a Pulirapid washboy is much more than a bucket and sponge, especially when you take into consideration the amount of time that you will save by using one, it doesn’t take a long time for the wash-boy to pay for itself.


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