Ultracrete Line Marking Paint (Box of 12)

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Ultracrete Line Marking Paint (LMP) is ideal as an effective & quick method for line or spot marking of pothole repairs, car parks, warehouses, sports halls and building sites. This economical and durable line marking paint, comes in an easy to apply spray can, has excellent adhesion and is available in a range of colours.

  • White for potholes,
  • Yellow for gas
  • Blue for water
  • Red for electrical power lines & cables
  • Ultracrete Line Marking Paint available in a box of 12 cans.

How much will you need?

750ml Unit


LMP: Line Marking Paint

UltraCrete LMP from Instarmac is a brand new temporary line marking system for spot marking and surveying. Whether you are marking out new potholes, lamp posts, or setting out in car parks that need repairs, LMP line marking paint is fast to apply, simply spray from the can.

This durable line marking paint comes in four colours each with their own application – White for potholes, Yellow for gas, Blue for water, Red for Electrical. It contains an easy apply formulation and the can contains approximately 350 linear metres of marking.

The spray paint has excellent adhesion across multiple surfaces such as asphalt, tarmac, stone, paving, concrete, metal, brick and grass. LMP marking paint is ideal for semi-permanent applications as it’s designed to last for at least 3 months! The paint can be removed easily with a stiff brush and water, or pressure washed away.

  • No waste
  • Ideal for stencilling/free hand marking
  • Available in a range of colours: Yellow, White, Blue & Red
  • Size: 750ml aerosol can, 12 cans per box
  • Calculation depends on thickness of application, approximately 350 linear metres per can

Key Applications: 

  • Pot Hole Repairs – highlight problem potholes on roads & cycleways
  • Building Sites – Mark up power socket points, exit routes, warnings and more
  • Warehouses – Mark-up areas for pallets, bays or goods in/out or highlight any temporary works that need to be marked as off limits
  • Street Works – Mark where cables, drains water mains & phone lines are present beneath ground.

Colours And Their Applications

  • White – potholes,
  • Yellow – gas
  • Blue – water
  • Red – electrical power lines & cables
  • Ultracrete Line Marking Paint available in a box of 12 cans.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg



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