UltraScape PremJoint Brush-in Jointing Compound

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PremJoint is a permeable brush-in paving grout, that comes in Cosmic Black, Storm Grey & Natural Cashmere & available in two grades, fine or coarse. This superior brush-in paving & patio grout fills joint widths from 5-20mm. Use in all weathers and one tub typically covers 8-9.5 sqm!

Select your choice of Coarse or Fine grade below, and colour – Cosmic Black, Storm Grey or Natural Cashmere.

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15kg Unit


UltraScape PremJoint Brush-in Jointing Compound

UltraScape Premjoint is a high specification, decorative, brush-in jointing compound, ideal for use with granite, porcelain and other types of natural stone. Once cured, Premjoint provides a permeable paving solution, meaning it will allow air and rain water to penetrate through. Premjoint comes in two grades fine and coarse, and in three bespoke colours to suit many types of natural stone – Cosmic Black, Storm Grey and Natural Cashmere.

Premjoint brush in paving grout can be used all year round, it can be used in any weather and is perfect for use on domestic paving applications or light non trafficable commercial areas. Premjoint will fill joint widths between 5-20mm. All paving joints should be a minimum width of 3mm (fine grade) or 5mm (coarse grade) and up to a maximum width of 20mm. Joint depths should be a minimum of 20mm (a deeper depth will
increase the strength of the jointing compound).

  • PremJoint is a brush-in jointing compound for permeable & impermeable paving
  • Available in Cosmic Black, Storm Grey & Natural Cashmere
  • Comes in two grades: Fine or Coarse
  • Will fill joint widths between 5-20mm
  • Coverage: 8-9.5 sqm based on a paving size of 450mm x 450mm x 25mm (depth) for an 8mm joint gap.
  • Excellent colour stability for consistent finish
  • Enhanced workability
  • Permeable, will allow air & water to penetrate through
  • Walk on after 24-48 hours
  • Use in all weather
  • Resistant to freeze/thaw weather conditions
  • No waste, left over material can be re-used
  • Fast and easy application
  • Size: 15kg Tub
  • Shelf Life: 12 months

Technical Info: 

There are two methods of applying Premjoint, depending on whether the bedding material below the paving is permeable – often referred to as free draining, or whether it is impermeable meaning non-draining. The permeable bed – wet application method or impermeable bed – dry application method are detailed below.

Permeable Bed – Wet Application Method

The most popular method of applying PremJoint is the ‘wet application method’ this is generally used for patios & walkways, when the paving is fixed using permeable bedding materials, such as UltraScape Perma-Bed.

This method uses lots of water during application. The fixed paving is hosed down with plenty of water initially and throughout the application of Premjoint, this saturation process prevents the oils in Premjoint penetrating the paving causing staining or picture framing, whilst also assisting the brush-in grout to fully penetrate the joints and aid the removal of excess material.

The water used during the application process needs to freely drain from the jointing compound before Premjoint will fully cure and harden. It will only harden and cure when all traces of moisture have been drained from the full depth of the joint. It’s crucial with the ”Wet Application Method”, that the base of the new paving area is permeable to allow the remaining water to drain feely through the brush-in grout into the ground below. If any moisture or dampness remain in the PremJoint brush in paving grout after application, it will delay the curing of the product. Once the jointing has cured and hardened it will be unaffected by further rain water.

Impermeable Bed – Dry Application Method

The dry application method is used to apply Premjoint where either the bedding materials used to fix the paving are impermeable and therefore will not allow the drainage of water, or where the temperature conditions drop below 3 degrees, with concern if the wet application method is used it will freeze and expand within the joint before it has had chance to drain away.

Once the paving is firmly secured and has set, gently pre-wet the surface using a fine mist spray of water, avoiding completely soaking the joint – this prevents PremJoint brush in grout from staining the paving. Open the PremJoint and pour the material along the length of the joint, brushing it into the joint at the same time. Rather than using water to wash the product into the joint, use a pointing trowel and jointing iron to strike off the joint and to enable the material to be compressed into the joint.

For further information on PremJoint, please request a copy of the Technical Data Sheet by calling our team on 0845 862 1099 or via email at orders@thepavingexperts.co.uk

Additional information

Weight 15 kg

Cosmic Black – Coarse Grade, Cosmic Black – Fine Grade, Natural Cashmere – Coarse Grade, Natural Cashmere – Fine Grade, Storm Grey – Coarse Grade, Storm Grey – Fine Grade


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