UltraCrete PY5 Flowable Polyester Resin System

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Ultracrete PY5 flowable, polyester resin is perfect for the rapid installation of manhole frames,  gulley grates, kerbs, for repairs to spalled & damaged areas in concrete floors, paths & roads. PY5 flowable resin anchors dowel bars, is ideal for the installation of ductile ironworks and also for jointing & repairs to pre-cast concrete units. UltraCrete PY5 Flowable Polyester Resin System comes in a 25Kg Bucket.

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Ultracrete PY5 is a flowable, polyester resin perfect for anchoring bolts or bars, bedding lights in carriageways, for backfilling manhole covers and sealing surface cracks. PY5 conforms to HA104/09, is incredibly robust & withstands huge wear. Ultracrete PY5 boasts a 85N/mm² compressive strength gain in just one hour, this rapid set time means that the repaired areas can be open to traffic in as little as just 40 minutes.

  • Rapid strength gain
  • Excellent flexural & tensile strengths
  • Can be applied at 0℃
  • Workability: 5-10 minutes
  • Set time: 15 minutes
  • Depth: 5mm-50mm
  • 21N/mm² flexural strength in 1 hour
  • 7.28N/mm² tensile strength in 1 hour
  • Complies to Department of Transport Design Manual for Roads & Bridges;
  • Manufactured under a Quality Assurance Scheme BS EN ISO 9002: 1994

Typical Applications

  • Rapid installation of manhole frame gulley grates kerbs
  • Repair to spalled & damaged areas in concrete floors, paths & roads
  • Anchoring dowel bars
  • Installation of ductile ironworks
  • Jointing & repair pre-cast concrete units

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