Ultrascape Paving Guard 25 litre

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Ultrascape Paving Guard is a surface sealant that protects paving from staining and provides a protective barrier against oil, grease, food and even dog poo. It’s a jointing sand stabiliser and chewing gum ‘tack reducer’ for use on almost all paving types. A single product with three uses! Solvent free and suitable for flexible or rigid paving constructions.

Available in a 25ltr container. Coverage – 6m2 per litre.


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25lt Unit


Ultrascape Paving Guard 25ltr

Paving Guard is a multi-use product with three major benefits, it can be used as a sand stabiliser, a surface sealant & a gum adhesion inhibitor. Paving Guard provides a versatile solution for joint protection in domestic, commercial and public realm projects. The product is an acrylic polyurethane hybrid and is easy to apply, is extremely robust and has a durable finish, that’s normally only achieved with solvent stabilised products.

A single product with three uses! Solvent free and suitable for flexible or rigid paving constructions.

  • Sand Stablilliser – When used on flexibly constructed paved areas, Paving Guard bonds the particles of jointing sand to one another preventing wash-out during cleaning cycles, whilst maintaining the necessary degree of flexibility required for flexible paving. 
  • Surface Sealant – When applied as a Surface Sealant Paving Guard forms a protective barrier to oil, grease, foodstuffs, dog poo and reduces the effects of the stains whilst also making it easier to clean the areas affected  
  • Chewing Gum  – UltraScape Paving Guard reduces the ability of chewing gum to adhere to the surface of paving; making it easier to remove during cleaning!

Technical details:

  • Stabilises jointing sand
  • Protects from staining
  • Solvent free
  • Acrylic PU hybrid
  • Limits chewing gum adhesion
  • Facilitates easier cleaning
  • Non-flammable
  • 25ltr container
  • NBS Plus registered for ease of specification
  • Coverage – 6m2 per litre

Please note, this item is ordered in specially.

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Weight 25 kg


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