FUGA-PAVE Part B: Hybrid Slurry Primer

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FUGA-PAVE Part B is a high performance, slurry primer ideal for both internal & external applications on all types of natural stone, particularly porcelain and low porosity paving slabs or tiles. Fuga-Pave paving primer helps to improve bond to the bedding layer, whilst also preventing staining & efflorescence. Ideal for paving slabs & tiles on driveways, patios – in both commercial and domestic situations.

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FUGA-PAVE Part B Hybrid Slurry Primer

FUGA-PAVE Part B is a hybrid slurry primer – when mixed with clean water and applied to the back of paving slabs or tiles, this technically advanced slurry primer helps to improve the bond between the bedding layer & paving slab, whilst also preventing staining & efflorescence. Fuga-Pave Part B Primer is ideal for priming the back of paving flags & tiles on driveways or patios.

Fuga-Pave Primer is an easy to mix, cement-based primer which contains added fibres and polymer additives to increase bond strength on porcelain and other low absorption types of paving slabs, to both hardcore and solid bases. Simply mix the primer powder with water and apply to the back of the paving before fixing to a bed of FUGA-PAVE Part A, Hybrid Bedding Mortar Cement.

Fuga-Pave Part B bedding primer is applied with a clean brush to the underside of paving slabs to improve the adhesion to the bedding mortar. To ensure full adhesion, brush the back of all slabs & tiles with a stiff brush to remove any loose debris, dirt & dust. Failure to remove dirt means that the primer will adhere to the dust and debris, not the actual tile, causing the primer to fail. The primer should be applied moments before the paving slab is installed onto the prepared bed. The primer can also be used on wall copings, pier caps, or step treads to ensure that they are securely fixed and do not become loose.

Fuga-Pave Paving Primer can be used both internally and externally, for domestic and commercial, heavily trafficked paving installations.

Technical Information:

  • Please wait 5-7 days (weather dependant) after using Parts A & B before grouting to make sure the bed is completely dry.
  • Packaging: Multilayer paper bag
  • Weight: 20kg>
  • Material Type: Cementitious coloured powder with polymers
  • Application: Ideal for both internal & external applications
  • Application Method: Brush
  • Usage Temp: From 3 – 25˚C
  • Bed Thickness:  1 – 2mm
  • Coverage: Approx. 1 bag per 28m2
  • Working Time: 4-5 hours at 20˚C
  • Cure Time: 4 hours at 20˚C
  • Storage: Store inside between 5°C & 30°C, avoid direct sunlight, damp or cold, drafty conditions.
  • Shelf Life: 12 months from date of manufacture
  • Recommended Uses: Porcelain & Natural Stone
  • Parts A, B & C when used together and installed correctly come with a lifetime warranty, backed by Aqua Cut.

Please note: Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear latex gloves and protective clothing during application.


Ensure that your paving slabs are clean and dry, free of debris, residue and dirt before the primer is applied. Use a clean, thoroughly dry brush, make sure all dust and dirt which may impair adhesion is gone. Suitable for use in temperatures between 5˚C and 30˚C.

Equipment Required

Buckets, paddle mixer, water, sponges, hand brush – a good quality paint brush will be fine.


Add approximately 6.2 litres of cold water to a suitable mixing bucket and gradually introduce the 20kg of powder (approximately 0.3 litres of water/ 1kg of powder used), stirring gradually to blend the powder & water to a smooth lump-free slurry. Ensure that you mix just one bag at a time, to ensure that you don’t mix more than you can use within the workable time, primer has a pot life of around 60 minutes at 20 degrees, which will be extended in cold conditions and reduced in warm temperatures.


Using a suitable brush or roller, apply the mixed primer slurry over the whole of the underside of each slab at a thickness of 1mm-2mm immediately before laying onto the mortar bed.

Please note: Wash all tools frequently to avoid primer bonding to them. Do not empty waste material into the drainage system.

What is Fuga-Pave Part B Primer?

Fuga-Pave Part B Primer is a cement-based paving primer that contains added fibre reinforcement & specially manufactured polymer additives. When applied with a simple painting brush onto the under-side of paving slabs or tiles, as well as the bedding layer, Part B Primer creates superior bond strength & resistance to efflorescence and staining resulting from salt minerals being drawn up through the bedding layer, during the drying process.

Parts A the bedding mortar additive, Part B the paving primer & Part C the hybrid paving grout when used together enable fixing of all types of natural stone, porcelain and other low absorption types of paving to both hardcore and solid bases.

For more information or for help with calculations, call ☎️ 0845 862 1099 

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Weight 20 kg


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