FUGA-PAVE Part C: Cement Based Hybrid Paving Grout

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Fuga-Pave Part C is a cement based, non-permeable grout, ideal for both internal & external applications. This flexible paving & patio grout comes in five, beautiful, non-fade colours – Anthracite, Jasmine, Light Grey, Limestone & Mid-Grey. Ideal for porcelain, sawn limestone & slate it fills joints from 2-20mm. Simple to mix and clean – and perfect for both domestic use and landscaping contractors.

Coverage: Approx. 1 bag per 15/20 m2 (dep. Slab/Joint sizes) – for exact calculations please give us a call.

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FUGA-PAVE Part C: Cement Based Hybrid Paving Grout

Fuga-Pave grout is a flexible, non-permeable, external paving & patio grout which comes in five, non-fade colours – Anthracite, Jasmine, Light Grey, Limestone and Mid-Grey. Perfect for porcelain, it fills joints from 2-20mm.

Fuga-Pave Grout is simple to mix and easy to apply with a grout float or squeegee and cleans off leaving no efflorescence. Once Fuga-Pave grout is touch dry you can begin the clean up process, by washing it off diagonally with a sponge, a wash-boy or a Berta sponge machine against the grout lines.

One of the key features of Fuga-Pave Part C is the cement hybrid technology which ensures that a consistent, non-fade colour is achieved across the completed patio.

Technical Information:

  • Packaging: Multilayer paper bag
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Material Type: Cementitious coloured powder
  • Application: Ideal for both internal & external applications
  • Joint Widths: 2-20mm
  • Application Method: Tile Float
  • Usage Temp: From 5 – 30˚C
  • Coverage: Approx. 1 bag per 15/20 m2 (dep. Slab/Joint sizes)
  • Working Time: 50 minutes at 20˚C
  • Cure Time: 24 hours at 20˚C
  • Storage: Store inside between 5°C & 30°C, avoid direct sunlight, damp or drafty conditions.
  • Shelf Life: 12 months from date of manufacture.
  • Recommended Uses: Porcelain, Sawn Limestone, Brazilian Slate, External Cladding such as DesignClad
  • Permeable: No
  • Parts A, B & C when used together and installed correctly come with a lifetime warranty, backed by Aqua Cut.

Please note: Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear latex gloves and protective clothing during application.

Mixing & Application:


We recommend that a period of 7-14 days is left before pointing your patio. When you are ready to grout your paving, ensure that your paving slabs & joints are clean and dry, free of debris, residue and dirt. Pre-soak the surface of the slabs & joints with water to ensure they are damp, but not over soaked with ponded water – a light spray with a hose is perfect. Dampening your slabs prior to grouting will help reduce the risk of staining or picture framing.

Particularly porous or textured tiles & slabs may require sealing before grouting with a suitable impregnating sealer. If in any doubt trial an inconspicuous area on your paving to check for staining prior to beginning.


Pour 3.37l of water (approximately 3⁄4 of the amount required) into a clean bucket. Gradually add Fuga-Pave Flex CH to the container, mixing the powder & water together from the bottom upwards with a low rev paddle mixer. Continue to steadily add more of the remaining 1.13l of water until the desired consistency is obtained, the mixture should be a smooth consistency and free of lumps, like a cake batter mixture.

Once mixed, Fuga-Pave Grout is immediately ready for use, the grout should be used within 60 minutes (warmer weather above 20 degrees will reduce the amount of workability of the product). The amount of water to be added, as indicated on the packaging, is an approximate guide and will vary depending on colour. Ensure that each batch of grout is mixed with the same volume of water to avoid any variations in grout shade. Adding additional water to that advised may cause shrinkage & cracking in the drying process.


Fuga-Pave grout must be applied evenly across the tiles or paving slabs, with a squeegee or rubber float. Ensure that the joints are completely and evenly filled, applying the grout mixture diagonally across the joints.

Clean Up:

Once the Fuga-Pave Grout is touch dry in the joint, gently begin to clean up the surface using a thick, large sponge dampened with clean water or alternatively use a wash-boy – do not apply too much pressure to avoid removing grout from the joints. Use circular movements to emulsify the film of hardened grout on the paving slabs or tiles. Then, using another clean bucket of fresh water, finish the final clean by sweeping the sponge in diagonal movements across the tiles, whilst applying water evenly over the tiles to prevent any shade variations.

Please note: Wash all tools frequently to avoid grout bonding to them.

What is FUGA-PAVE Part C, Cement Based Hybrid Paving Grout?

Fuga-Pave Part C is a technologically advanced, cement-based, non-permeable paving grout perfect for both internal & external applications. This flexible paving & patio grout comes in five, beautiful, non-fade colours – Anthracite, Jasmine, Light Grey, Limestone & Mid-Grey to suit a wide range of paving slabs & tiles. Perfect for porcelain, sawn limestone & slate, Fuga-Pave Part C grout fills paving joints from 2-20mm, ideal for both contractors and home owners.

Parts A the bedding mortar additive, Part B the paving primer & Part C the hybrid paving grout when used together enable fixing of all types of natural stone, porcelain and other low absorption types of paving to both hardcore and solid bases.

For more information or for help with calculations, call ☎️ 0845 862 1099 

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