Probst SafeFlex SF

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The risk of cuts can be reduced considerably with the SAFEFLEX SF. It can secure building materials such as cobblestones and natural flagstones quickly and safely. This makes cutting with the angle grinder easier, safer and more precise.


Probst SafeFlex SF

The innovative clamping fixture for cutting stone safely.

On construction sites, building materials are often cut with an angle grinder since it is flexible in application and makes clean cutting edges. However, its use is associated with hazards and problems, because the building materials are commonly not sufficiently secured in practice due to time constraints. Often the building material is only pressed against the floor with a foot.

To secure the building material, the user pushes on the top clamping element with one foot. When the user takes their foot off the non-slip tread, springs push the clamping elements apart again and the building material can be removed.

Scope of delivery: SAFEFLEX SF + 4x M12 x 90 screws and 4x M12 hexagon nuts

  • Advantages:
    Non-slip mat to prevent stones from sliding sideways
    Fast and simple adjustment of stone thickness in 10 mm increments using 2 lateral locking bars
    Individually adjustable height of the SF with 4 screws that can be turned in on the bottom
    Suitable for right and left-handed use
    No sliding of building materials while cutting
    Fast fixation without additional tools
    Saves material since smaller “offcuts” can be safely secured, even with a small supporting surface
    Easy to transport since the SAFEFLEX is much smaller than a wet cutting bench for example
    Elevation of the material being cut, so cutting wheel does not go into the Ground

Clamping range (mm): 30 – 160
Height adjustment increments (mm): 10
Dead Weight (kg): 7,7


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Weight 20 kg


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