Larsen Streetscape PS

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Larsen Streetscape PS is a brush on priming slurry which bonds all types of natural stone setts, cobbles, flags, concrete & clay pavers to a mortar bed. Comes in handy 25KG Bags and mixes easily on site with water. Adheres to BS 7533.

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Larsen Streetscape PS Priming Slurry

Larsen Streetscape PS Primer is a cement based priming slurry that is brush or roller applied, it has been specifically designed for priming the back of pavers, steps, setts, coping stones and securely bonds all types of paving slabs to a newly prepared mortar bed. This superior grade priming slurry has been developed to meet the stringent recommended performance characteristics of BS7533 demanded by major contractors on large streetscape projects.

Streetscape PS is a blend of specially selected aggregates, cements and synthetic polymers which produces a priming slurry with a high bond strength suitable for use with all types of natural stone setts, cobbles, flags, concrete and clay pavers to adhere to a mortar bed such as Larsen Streetscape FBC.

Supplied in handy 25kg paper bags, when mixed there is enough primer to cover approximately 19m2, ideal for stone that is non-porous, such as porcelain, granite & slate, to aid with adhesion to the bedding layer.

  • Simple to use
  • Brush apply
  • Adheres to BS 7533
  • Packaging: 25kg multi-wall paper bags
  • Coverage: 25 kg will cover ~19m2
  • Use in conjunction with Larsen Streetscape FBC


All substrates for bonded constructions should be clean, free from grease, oils, dust and loose particles or any debris that may interfere with the adhesion. It is important to pre-soak the substrate but not so the area is full of standing water.


To create a strong bond it is recommended to apply Larsen Streetscape PS to the base immediately prior to laying the Streetscape FBC bedding layer. All paving & patio slabs must be brush primed with Streetscape PS immediately prior to laying on the bedding layer.


In a suitable container or bucket, mix 6.5 litres of water per 25KG bag, mix with a suitable mechanical mixer for a minimum of 3 minutes to produce a semi fluid, cake batter type consistency. Please note that if you use additional water to make the product more flowable, the strength of the product will be reduced. Do not re-wet or add additional water and re-mix slurry which has started to ‘go off’.


Streetscape PS is designed to be applied with a brush, at a thickness of 1-2mm. When priming the base the slurry should be newly mixed and wet, when Streetscape FBC is applied, when priming paving slabs, cobble or setts this should be done immediately prior to placing the slabs onto the bedding layer.


Do not use Streetscape PS in an unbound or flexible construction, should not be used below 3 °C. The surfaces of paving or substrate should not be frozen and fresh primer should be protected from inclement weather or freezing until required strength is achieved for damage not to occur. Movement joints may be required in ridged/bound constructions and should be laid out at the design stage. 

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