UltraFloor Level IT Base: Heavy Duty Deep Fill Smoothing Underlayment

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Level IT Base: Heavy Duty smoothing underlayment is a high-strength, deep fill product for internal floors. It sets and hardens after 3 hours of applying and has an application time of 30-40 minutes. A 25kg bag can cover an area of 3 metre² at a 5mm thickness (5-50mm thickness can be used).

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25kg Unit


UltraFloor Level IT Base: Heavy Duty

For a quick-setting and hardening smoothing underlayment for internal floors, buy the UltraFloor Level IT Base: Heavy Duty.

This heavy duty, deep-fill smoothing underlayment has a high-compressive strength and comes in a single 25kg bag. It is incorporated with recycled raw materials.

You can mix and apply this Level IT Base as single units. Either a pump or trowel can be used to apply this rapid setting underlayment, and is especially the ideal choice with pumping applications. Level IT Base is particularly suited for projects on the larger side.

A 25kg bag of UltraFloor Level IT Base will cover approximately 3-metre² when using a thickness of 5mm. However you can apply this product at a thickness of 5-50mm. It is also moisture tolerant.

As a quick-setting and hardening product, you have an application time of 30-40 minutes. And after just three hours the underlayment will have dried enough that you can walk on the area – it is that rapid.

UltraFloor Level IT Base is ideal to use with UltraFloor’s Level IT Top which provides a heavy-duty abrasive resistant surface finish to your floorings also comes in 25kg bags.

Summary of features – UltraFloor Level IT Base: Heavy Duty

  • Rapid-setting and hardening
  • High compressive strength
  • Tolerant to moisture
  • Apply using a pump or trowel
  • Application time: 30-40 minutes
  • Walk on after 3 hours
  • Coverage: approx. 3 metre² at 5mm thickness
  • Can apply 5-50mm thickness
  • Use for internal floors
  • Ideal to use with Level IT Top
  • Size: 25kg bag

Additional information

Weight 25 kg


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