Ultracrete FTC 25Kg (Pallet Offer 56x 25Kg Bags)

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BUY Ultracrete FTC a fast track, fibre modified concrete for small & large scale repairs to car parks, airports, warehouses & bridge decks. FTC concrete can be used at depths from 10-50mm (up to 100mm in pockets), sets in 60 minutes and can take foot traffic after 2 hours.

Ultracrete FTC: Fast Track Concrete 25Kg: Pallet Offer ‘Our Best Trade Price’ 56x 25Kg Bags. Includes FREE Standard Delivery!

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Ultracrete FTC: Fast Track Concrete 25Kg (Pallet Offer 56x 25Kg Bags)

Looking for a pallet with the best trade price on a fast set concrete for a large scale project on a carpark, warehouse or airport?

UltraCrete FTC is a fast set, high strength, fibre reinforced concrete, ideal for small and large section reinstatements to car parks, airports, warehouses and bridge decks. FTC is an easy mix concrete, that is workable for 20 minutes and has an initial set of 1 hour. FTC concrete can accommodate depths from 10-50mm (up to 100mm in pockets). FTC Fast Track Concrete sets in just 60 minutes and can receive foot traffic after 2 hours.

Ultracrete FTC comes pre-blended in a reinforced 25KG paper bag, you just simply add water & mix onsite. FTC reaches a final impressive compressive strength of 66N/mm²

  • Workability: 20 minutes
  • Set time: 60 minutes
  • Depth: 10mm – 50mm (up to 100mm in pockets)
  •  Compressive strength (N/mm2 ):
    • 4 hours 13.00 N/mm2.
    • 24 hours 17.00 N/mm2.
    • 28 days 64.00 N/mm2
  • Tensile Strength (N/mm2 ):
    • 7 days 2.60 N/mm2
    • 28 days 4.00 N/mm2
  • Flexural:
    • 7 days 3.40
    • 28 days 4.1
  • Pre-blended – just add water
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • Size: 25kg bag Reinforced Paper Bag

Ultracrete FTC is manufactured using a special blend of aggregates (4mm) and cements. FTC fast set concrete doesn’t contain metallic aluminium, iron or carbon, it is also is chloride free which ultimately eliminates the problems associated with corrosion and staining to protect the long term durability of the repair. UltraCrete FTC complies with the Highways Agency Specification for Highway Works, clause 1704.6 Control of Alkali Silica Reaction.

If you need either the technical or safety data sheets please call us, we’ll be happy to provide these for you please call ☎️ 0845 862 1099

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