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The Essential Guide to Joint-It Simple Patio Grout

With the right materials for the job, installing a new patio doesn’t need to be a painful exercise. See how Joint-It Simple patio grout offers a durable and weed-free finish with minimum effort, and why professionals and DIYers alike are opting for the eco-friendly formula. 

In this article we cover all the ins and outs of Joint-It Simple – including which pavers the grout is suitable for use with, which bedding mortar to choose and which pavers need to be pre-sealed – so you can quickly decide whether it’s the right grout for your project. 

You’ll also benefit from our simple 4-step guide on how to install this paving grout the easy way, together with insider application tips for the ultimate finish.

Joint-It simple 5 Star Rating
See what landscaper's say about Joint-It Simple patio grout...

Benefits of Joint-It Simple patio grout

Joint-It Simple patio grout is a ready-mixed and cement-free brush-in paving jointing compound. 

With a robust and rock-hard finish, Joint-It Simple patio grout prevents unsightly weed growth while still being permeable to water. It’s an incredibly easy brush-in grout to install and a popular choice for permeable paving projects

Here are a few of the benefits of using Joint-It Simple: 

#1 A super-easy grout to install

No specialist skills or expensive equipment are required to install Joint-It Simple grout. 

Designed for use by everyone, this ready-to-use formula is easy to apply straight from the bucket and ensures quick and efficient application. Simply install and brush the grout into the joints for instant results. 

Many paving professionals opt for using this brush-in jointing compound because of its effortless installation and long-lasting durability. 

Read on for the four steps on how to apply Joint-It and the tools and equipment needed for the job (hint: it’s essentially a long-handled broom and a hosepipe!).

“I’ve used joint-it simple on numerous patio’s now from sandstone to limestone to porcelain and I find it a fantastic product. It really speeds up the finish of a patio compared to traditional methods.”

#2 Robust and hard wearing

Choosing a brush-in patio grout doesn’t mean you need to compromise on durability. 

Joint-It Simple is made from a mixture of seven unique sands and high-strength glues that offer the toughness that’s required to withstand the elements for years to come. 

In fact, the Joint-It team is the only paving supplies manufacturer that sources and manufactures every single ingredient themselves, ensuring full control over the quality of the ingredients that go into each mix. 

Joint-It Simple Grout Line
Joint-It Simple is a robust and weed-free patio grout

#4 A versatile grout for many patio types

Joint-It Simple is suitable for a variety of paved surfaces, including porcelain, natural stone and manmade paving. It can be used on patios, garden pathways, and even on driveways (read on for specific advice). 

Available in four UV resistant colours, you can choose the tone that best suits the colour and style of your paved area. Each offers a sleek and flawless finish. 

"Three years later the joint grouting still looks great and I’m particularly impressed that there have been no plants growing through the joints, unlike my previous patio. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Joint-It Simple."

#5 Eco-friendly and permeable to water

No more pooled water on a patio. This fully permeable formula allows rainwater to safely drain through the joints and help prevent flooding. 

When laid on a fully permeable bed, Joint-It Simple will make your project 100% compliant with SUDS requirements. Especially important if you want to avoid the unnecessary extra expense of planning permission. 

Also, as a cement-free mixture Joint-It Simple is a non-toxic paving grout that contains 97% natural ingredients.

Types of paving materials suitable for Joint-It Simple

Joint-It Simple is made especially for use with the following types of paving slabs, stones and setts: 

  • Porcelain
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Slate
  • Concrete
  • Yorkstone
  • Granite
  • Ceramic
  • Quartz

Read our expert advice below on which highly porous stones need to be pre-sealed when using Joint-It Simple.

What are the required joint sizes and types?

Joint-It Simple must be used with patio joints that are a minimum of 3mm wide and 25mm deep. 

This patio grout is not suitable for V joints.

The Joint-It Simple grout colours

Choose from the following four grout colours to either blend or contrast with your chosen patio surfaces: 

  • Neutral
  • Grey
  • Dark grey
  • Black

Each colour is resistant to deterioration from UV rays.

Joint-It Simple Colours
Choose from four UV-resistant colours

What type of bedding mortar should I use?

As Joint-It Simple is a permeable patio grout, you’ll need to lay the patio on a fully permeable foundation. 

Install a compacted hardcore foundation of approximately 100–150mm in depth. Allow space for 50mm of sand and cement – or a permeable bedding mortar of your choice – plus the depth of your paving slab to sit on top of the paving bed. 

Permeable bedding mortars

Making a homemade bedding mortar? It’s recommended to use a 6:1 sand & cement, semi dry mixture, layer on top of your compacted hardcore.

Professional tip: always use a primer

As is the case when using any type of grout, it is always recommended to apply paving primer to the underside of each slab before laying it on a full contact mortar bed. 

Using this extra-strong adhesive holds the slabs securely in place. It avoids slippage and helps to prevent efflorescence developing. 

Read more about the importance of using a bonding mortar or primer.

How to apply Joint-It Simple

Once you have laid the patio slabs on a full-contact and permeable bed, follow these four easy steps to install Joint-It Simple patio grout. 

You’ll find the process ever-so easy to do. However, as the natural sands in Joint-It Simple harden on contact with air, it’s important to keep the area wet throughout application. 

An extra pair of hands comes in very useful for hosing the area while you brush-in the grout. 

Equipment needed

  • Sweeping brushes – one with hard bristles, another with soft bristles
  • A tub of Joint-It Simple
  • A hose pipe and access to fresh water
  • Paving slabs laid on a permeable foundation
  • Trowel or finishing bar (optional)

Step 1: Soak the patio slabs 

Once the patio slabs have been laid, soak the area with fresh, clean water to dampen the surfaces before applying the grout.

Step 2: Sweep the formula into the joints

Next, tip the Joint-It Simple formula in and around the joints on the wet patio. Using the hard-bristled brush, simply brush the mixture into the joints. 

It’s important to keep the area wet throughout the application process. A wet patio will stop the Joint-It formula from hardening onto the patio surfaces. 

Don’t worry if the formula does harden. While the residue can temporarily discolour the patio surfaces, it will wear off within a few weeks. 

Step 3: Wet the area again and leave to dry

Now the joints are filled, wet the patio again and leave to dry for up to 45 minutes. 

How long the patio needs to dry depends on the outdoor temperature. If it is a warm day, this could be as little as 15 minutes. 

Step 4: Top-up the joints and allow to cure

Finally, any leftover Joint-It grout can be used to top-up any joints that need an extra refill. Be sure to brush away any excess formula. 

At this stage, you could use a trowel or finishing bar to smooth the top layer of grout. But it’s not absolutely necessary. 

All that’s left then is to clean your brushes and allow the grout to cure for approximately four hours (longer if the weather is cooler). The grout will be dry when it feels hard to the touch. 

You can walk on the patio after 24 hours. After 30 days, the Joint-It Simple grout will have fully cured.  

Common questions

How long does Joint-It Simple take to go off? 

Joint-It Simple should feel hard to the touch approximately four hours after application. On cooler days, it may take a little longer for this initial cure. 

After 24 hours you can safely walk on the patio. Avoid using a power washer until the grout has fully gone off, which will be after 30 days.

Do I need to pre-seal the pavers?  

As with many types of grout, if you have chosen a highly porous paving material you will need to pre-seal the pavers before laying them. With Joint-It Simple grout, this applies to pavers made from slate, black or blue limestone, or honed black granite.

Pre-sealing pavers helps to prevent them from drawing any of the grout colour into the soft stones. 

Explore paving sealants or read expert tips on whether you need to use a sealant.

Will the patio need maintaining? 

All patios need a certain level of maintenance to keep them looking pristine. 

Joint-It Simple is a low-maintenance jointing compound. A quick application of a specialist patio cleaner each year will keep the paving looking as new. A spring-time clean after the cold winter months tends to work best. 

As with any paving installation, you may find that you need to pay particular attention to removing any lichen, moss or algae from shaded areas. 

Can I power wash with Joint-It Simple 

Yes, you can use a power washer with Joint-It Simple patio grout once it has fully cured. You must wait for at least 30 days before power washing. 

As with all grouts, always avoid pointing the nozzle of the power washer directly into the joints.

Is Joint-It Simple safe to use on driveways? 

As a robust brush-in formula with a unique set of sands and glues, Joint-It Simple can be used for grouting driveways for light vehicle use. 

It is absolutely essential to create a solid foundation for paved areas used by vehicles. At least 150mm of compacted sub-base is required for a driveway.  

Also opt for durable paving materials that can withstand vehicle traffic, such as concrete, brick or even porcelain. 

If your driveway needs to withstand heavier vehicles such as vans or small trucks – or if the area will be heavily used by vehicles – use Joint-It Dynamic resin grout instead. This two-part resin grout is highly suitable for trafficked areas and can be used on both permeable and impermeable paving projects. 

Can Joint-It Simple be installed in all weathers? 

Although Joint-It Simple can be installed in any weather, there are times when you should postpone your grouting for a better day. 

We recommend postponing the job if the outdoor temperature is either lower than 5ºC or higher than 30ºC. 

During colder temperatures, there is a risk that the water can freeze in the joints during application and impact the quality of the formula before it has set. 

Warmer temperatures will cause water on the paving surfaces to evaporate much more quickly. On hotter days you will end up using a lot more water so the formula doesn’t prematurely dry-out.  

Can the patio grout be used to re-grout an existing patio? 

Yes, you can use Joint-It Simple to re-grout an existing patio, as long as the foundation is also permeable. Paving joints must meet the minimum requirements of 3mm wide and 25mm deep.  

Can any leftover formula be reused? 

As a dry-mix formula, any leftovers of Joint-It Simple can be used later for another grouting project. After opening a tub, we recommend using the formula within the next 12 weeks. 

Return any leftover formula to the tub and cover it in water so it can be reused another time. 

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While we take every effort to ensure our paving tips are accurate and up to date, manufacturer recommendations do change.

Always read the label and follow the product’s techinical datasheet.

Call our team of experts to find out more about Joint-It Simple or discuss which paving supplies may be best suited for your project.

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