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New Flowpoint calculator! Calculate how many bags you need

Wondering how many bags of Flowpoint flowable grout are needed for your paving project? Well help is at hand! As recommended Flowpoint stockists, we’ve developed a quick and easy Flowpoint calculator to work out the exact number of bags you need. 

There can be nothing worse than being mid-way through grouting a patio and realising you need another bag of Flowpoint to complete the job. A slight miscalculation can leave you with no other option but to order another and return for another day of grouting, often at your own expense in labour. 

Equally, ordering too many bags of Flowpoint can cause problems if you’re not grouting on a regular basis. As with many dry-mixed cementitious products, a bag of unopened Flowpoint has a shelf life of up to eight months. Unopened bags must be stored off the ground and in a cool, dry environment away from frost, damp and excessive drafts (at temperatures between 5℃ and 30℃)

We fully appreciate, ordering too little or too much can easily happen to the best of us. But rest assured, at The Paving Experts we now have an easy-to-use calculator to resolve any estimation problems.

Use our new Flowpoint calculator

Last month, we launched brand new calculators on our Flowpoint pages so you can calculate exactly how many bags of Flowpoint you need for your project. 

Calculators are now available for each Flowpoint formula on our product pages when you make an order. 

View the calculators

Follow the links to use the calculators for each of the Flowpoint formulas:

How the calculators work

To calculate how many bags of wet slurry grout are required, we first need a few vital statistics about your project. Measuring tape at the ready! 

You will need to provide: 

  • Area in square metres of pavers
  • Width of the slabs in mm
  • Length of the slabs in mm
  • Width of the joints in mm
  • Depth of the joints in mm

After entering this information into the handy calculators, we will provide you with an estimate of how many 25kg bags you need based on these calculations. 

What the Flowpoint calculator is based on

Each unit of Flowpoint flowable grout – whether it is Standard, Smooth or ECO – come in 25kg reinforced paper bags. The dry-mixed product is then mixed with 4.25 litres of water until smooth and lump-free. 

Regardless of which Flowpoint formula you’ve chosen, the area that it will cover, when mixed with the required amount of water, is exactly the same. 

Ultrascape estimates that each 25kg bag will cover approximately 7–10 square metres of paving. 

There are many factors that come into whether it is 7 square metres or 10 square metres. The width and length of the paving slabs for one. And second, the width and depth of each of your joints. 

So if you’ve correctly calculated each of these measurements – and the entire area of the pavers, enter them into the calculator and you’ll have a clear idea on how many bags to order.

Biggest savings on pallet and part-pallet deals

At The Paving Experts, we’re proud to offer our customers the cheapest prices online, for Flowpoint and other popular paving products. 

These great savings increase with the more you buy – from 10 bags, to 28 bags (a part-pallet deal) and to 56 bags (our pallet deal). 

Buying a pallet of 56 bags of Flowpoint will cost you just £15.50 per bag, compared with £17.90 per bag when buying up to nine bags. These prices exclude VAT. 

As touched on earlier, if you are buying in bulk, make sure you will be utilising all of the bags of Flowpoint soon, and certainly within the following eight months. You must be able to store them in a suitable area: off the ground and away from frost, damp and draughts. 

What if I still have excess Flowpoint?

Regardless of calculating the correct number of bags needed for a project, you may still have some excess Flowpoint after you’ve filled all of the paving joints. 

We do not recommend using a part-bag of Flowpoint and guessing how much water you need to use. As with all slurry grouts, there is a fine line between adding too much or too little water. And the results can be disastrous if you get this wrong. 

So, as a rapid-setting flowable grout, what do you do with excess Flowpoint? 

There are three options open to you:

Move the slurry to the next paving area

Use a rubber squeegee to push the excess Flowpoint to the next area you will be paving. 

Push the slurry under grassed area

An adjacent grassed area will also do the trick. Use a shovel to lift a patch of grass and push the excess wet slurry into it. Leave to set before re-laying the grass. 

Push the slurry into a bunded area

Another option is to move the excess wet slurry into a fully bunded and impervious area. Once set, remove and dispose of the dried grout. 

However, we can’t emphasise enough: you must take extra care in ensuring that Flowpoint does not escape down a nearby drain. Ensure adjacent drains are temporarily blocked to avoid this from happening and prevent any permanent blockages.

Handy calculators for other paving products

It’s not only Flowpoint that we’ve set-up calculators for. Now you can quickly calculate how many bags or tubs you need for the following products: 

Call the Flowpoint stockists for more help and advice

Our experts are here to help if you need any extra advice before making your order. Maybe the patio is made up of a combination of slab sizes – or there is some other differing element about the job at hand. Just give us a call on 0330 122 1025 (Mon–Fri, 8.30am–5.30pm) so we can assist.

4 thoughts on “New Flowpoint calculator! Calculate how many bags you need”

    1. Hello Michael, if you pop us your telephone number to or give us a call on 0330 122 1025| 01827 794 350, we can talk you through the below.

      Setts take a little more grout than standard mixed packs due to smaller size and deeper joint depth, you can bring your bed up a little to save a little on grout needed but if you work on approximately 72 bags, this should be approximately enough to complete the 65 square mtr project.

      We have pallet deals on flowpoint, so we’ll be able to look after you here with very competitive prices, drop us your number or email and we can give you a call.

      Thank you, Cleo.

  1. Hello,
    My total are of my patio is 40 metre square and the depths of up to 40mm.

    Please can you advise how many bags I would need?

    1. Hello Phil, apologies that we missed your message – we are all sorted now though and we’ll see you when you come to collect your materials. Thank you, Cleo.

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