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7 Benefits of Resin Patios and Paths

Resin-bound paving has become increasingly popular as a stylish, durable and permeable outdoor surfacing solution for households across the UK. Explore the benefits of resin patios and paths and find out why many homeowners are choosing this easy-to-clean surface for their gardens.

Close-up of resin patio
Read on to discover the benefits of resin patios and paths

What is a resin bound system?

Resin bound systems are a popular and versatile form of surfacing material that can be used for driveways, paths, outdoor entertainment areas, commercial spaces and even as a simple and stylish alternative to a paved patio. 

The system itself is made up of a mixture of decorative stones, such as marble, granite or quartz, together with a clear resin binder. After spreading the aggregate and binder onto a subbase layer they’re left to cure. 

The result is a smooth, seamless and durable surface, and one that can even be used in trafficked areas such as for driveways.

When choosing high-quality products, you can achieve a premium and durable finish with a resin-bound patio, path or paved area. And you’re likely to find that this simple alternative to concrete, tarmac or paving is easier to install. 

Read on to discover the benefits of resin patios and paths, and a resin-based hardscape product that’s creating quite a storm among both landscaping specialists and DIYers. 

Stylish DIY garden ideas
Resin patios are a stylish option that can be incorporated with any garden design

As with any hardscape material you use, the type of products you use (and how you use them) will determine whether your surfacing solution is future-proof. And that’s no different with resin-bound systems. 

Resin-bound outdoor surfaces may have had a poor reputation in the past with cracks, bumps, discolouration and poor drainage. 

But when you choose a quality product for a resin-bound patio from a manufacturer that takes durability seriously, this fully permeable surfacing material won’t let you down.

Lucky for us, the landscaping experts from Vuba have been on the case. 

As the UK’s leading resin manufacturer, over the last 14 years Vuba has been developing and enhancing their resins, binders and the number and type of aggregates they use. 

Today, they now offer a quality resin-bound system that is 60% more durable, with a much greater tensile strength and contains UV stable resins to resist discolouration. 

Benefits of resin patios

There are many benefits to choosing a resin solution for your patio or paved pathway. Here are just a few of them. 

Please note, these benefits relate to using Vuba’s products, such as their DIY resin-bound kit that includes the aggregate and binder (resin and hardener). Vuba binder can be bought separately and used with your own aggregate of choice. 

#1 Durability of resin patios

While resin bound patios of the past may have suffered from cracks and bumps, today we’re able to install much superior systems that offer the durability required. 

Vuba in particular has enhanced their products so much over the years that their resin-bound system now offers over 20 MPA tensile strength. That’s 42% stronger than a standard resin system. 

Putting that into perspective, properly installed resin-bound paving is classed as ‘Extra Hard’ on the Shore Hardness Scale. 

Vuba is so confident their product stands the test of time that they offer a 15-year warranty. But when installed correctly, you can expect a Vuba resin-bound patio to last upward of 20–25 years. 

Paved home entrance with resin surfacing
Quality resin paving is almost 50% stronger than standard resin surfacing

#3 No expensive equipment needed

One of the great benefits of installing a resin-bound patio is you don’t need any expensive extra equipment. 

All you’ll need for the job is a plasterer’s style drill and mixing paddle, large bucket for mixing, gauging trowel and flooring trowel. 

The installation is pretty straightforward too. Once you’ve mixed the aggregate with the resin and hardener, trowel it onto the sub-base within 45 minutes before it starts to tack or harden. 

Always follow the instructions on the packaging, ideally working one square metre at a time.

#2 Resin can be laid over concrete or asphalt

Resin-bound paving can be laid on top of most solid surfaces, including concrete, tarmac, paving or other types of hard landscaping surfaces. 

Basically, as long as you have a solid base on a structure that is load-bearing and not susceptible to cracking, then you can install the system on top of it. 

If you don’t have a solid base already installed, you can still lay a resin patio. Simply use a grid system (like VubaGrid mentioned below) filled with MOT. Once compacted, this will create your solid base.  

DIY options for permeable paving
Vuba's resin-bound paving can be laid on top of concrete or asphalt

#4 A 100% permeable solution

When laid on a permeable surface, Vuba resin-bound systems are completely permeable. 

This bonus for the environment (in the form of sustainable urban drainage systems, or SUDS) is also a bonus for you as no planning permission or costly drainage systems are required. 

In fact, when installed correctly a resin-bound system like the ones from Vuba can allow 850 litres of surface water per square metre to freely drain through.

DIY resin path on top of cellular grid
Resin paving is 100% permeable when laid on a permeable surface

You’ll need a permeable base beneath the resin to make your project fully permeable. Use either open-grade asphalt, or the 100% SUDS compliant VubaGrid system that has been filled and compacted with MOT. 

When you lay a fully permeable resin patio, you allow surface water run-off to soak through the resin and into groundwater reserves. This helps to top-up the water table and reduces the risk of puddling – and also flooding – during heavy showers. 

#5 A wide range of aggregate options

Resin-bound systems are often available in a wide range of colour and aggregate options.

If you want a resin patio that offers extra longevity, choose a resin that is stable to ultraviolet rays (UV).

Vuba’s resin-bound system is UV stable and offers a range of 14 natural colours that are smart and stylish. Aggregates are made from either quartz, marble or granite.

Aggregate options for Vuba’s DIY kits

Explore the many options with Vuba resin-bound paving. See DIY 1m2 resin patio kits to view these aggregate and colour options close up.

#6 Resin patios are an eco-friendly option

Resin bound systems are also highly eco-friendly.

Often, the resin binder is made from environmentally friendly materials and does not contain any harmful chemicals that can pollute water courses or run-off into your garden. 

When installing a resin-bound patio, the binder itself is mixed with aggregate and applied to the area in stages. Once the material cures (usually within 45 minutes), the job is done.

Please note, it is advised not to walk on the new resin bound surface for 24–48 hours after installation.

Easy curved edges on resin patio
Even high traffic areas are easy to clean; colours are UV resistant

#7 Resin patios are so easy to clean

Another great benefit of resin-bound patios is that they’re very easy to maintain and do not need any special cleaning products. 

Resistant to staining, the encapsulated stones on resin patios offer a seamless surface compared with a block paved area or concrete areas that will easily trap dirt or debris.

Cleaning a resin patio is easy. Jet washing the area will suffice, and – if you’ve installed a permeable base – the water will simply drain away.  

A DIY stylish paving alternative
Use complementary colours for a stylish garden design (14 options available)

Get in touch to find out more

If you’re new to resin-bound systems or want some tips on installing them, get in touch with our family-run team at The Paving Experts on 0330 122 1025

Whether you are looking to revamp your patio, create a new beautiful paved area, or resurface a commercial space, a resin bound system is an excellent choice. We’re here to discuss the pros and cons for your surfacing project and help you make the best choice.

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