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VUBA Resin Bound Binder – Part A & Part B Hardener

£29.99 Ex. VAT - £35.99 Inc. VAT

Vuba Resin Bound Binder: Part A & Part B Hardener, are two bottles liquid resin combined together and mixed with 25KG’s of aggregate to create resin bound paving.  Ideal for DIY’er – for patios and paving. Perfect for use in conjunction with our VubaGrid 1m2 Cellular Paving Grids, or buy the kit – VUBA 1m2 DIY Resin Bound Kits.

For help, or for a copy of the datasheet, call ☎️ 0330 122 1025 

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Weight: 1.625kg
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VUBA Resin Bound Binder – Part A & Part B Hardener

Vuba Resin Bound Binder – Part A & Part B Hardener, are two bottles of liquid resin mixed together with aggregate to form the base material for creating resin bound paving.

Each Resin Kit is 1.625kg and contains 0.930kg of Part A (Resin) and 0.695kg of Part B (Hardener). Each 1.625kg resin kit mixes with 25kg of aggregate to cover 1m2 at 15mm thickness.

Once mixed a chemical reaction begins to take place and care should be taken to install the resin paving within an average 45 minutes. Care should be taken to combine the resinous aggregate mixture and lay it before it has begun to ‘tack off’.

No specialist tools are required to lay the DIY kits, you simply require a plasterer’s style drill and paddle for mixing, a large 25-30 litre bucket, a gauging trowel for scraping out, a flooring trowel for application and hot soapy water and a brush for cleaning your trowel during application.

Please note that this listing is for Vuba Resin Bound Binder – Part A & Part B Hardener only, if you require the full VUBA 1m2 DIY Resin Bound Kit please click on the link. 

What is Resin Bound Paving?

Resin-bound paving is a hardened mixture of small aggregate such as marble, granite or quartz and a resin mixed together to pave patios, footpaths, driveways and carparks.

What is Vuba Resin Bound Binder

Vuba Resin Bound Binder – Part A & Part B Hardener, are two bottles of liquid resin that when combined together with aggregate, form the base material for creating resin bound paving. When the two bottles of binder are combined with 25KG’s of small aggregate such as marble, granite or quartz, the resinous paving mixture can be used to pave patios, footpaths and driveways.

What are Resin Bound Kits?

The VUBA 1m2 DIY Resin Bound Kit is a great way to create a resin bound path or patio yourself at home. These easy to use kits are perfect for landscapers, builders and DIY enthusiasts to create fantastic resin bound surfaces without expensive equipment.

Each Resin Bound Kit contains a 25kg bag of washed and dried decorative stones, a bottle of Part A Resin, and Part B Hardener. This DIY Resin Kit is everything you need to lay 1m2 of Resin Aggregate Surfacing on a path or patio.

Who are VUBA?

Vuba are a leading, UK based, independent resin manufacturer, that develop, test and produce DIY and Contractor friendly resin bound paving materials for the UK and Worldwide markets. Established in 2009 their innovative products are now being used by people all across the world, and have become synonymous with quality and convenience in resin surfacing for patios, paths, driveways and carparks.

What type of sub-base must resin bound paving be laid on? 

VUBA 1m2 DIY Resin Bound Kit must be laid on to a solid base, a structure which is load bearing, not susceptible to cracking and ideally is permeable, our VubaGrid Cellular Grid Units are perfect for this, and are permeable. 

What type of base can resin bound paving be laid on? 

Resin bound kits can be laid onto our VubaGrid Cellular Grid Units, concrete, tarmac, asphalt, or other hard landscaping surfaces. 

For further help or to chat to us about the rest of our paving materials range, give us a call ☎️ 0330 122 1025 or 01827 794 350 

VUBA Resin Bound Binder - Part A & Part B Hardener Technical  Specification

  • Size:  1.88kg Suitable for 26.56kg DIY Aggregate Kits
  • Slip Resistance Value: Dependent upon Aggregate Kit
  • Los Angeles Coefficient: Available for each individual aggregate.
  • Mixed Resin : Aggregate Ratio: 1.625kg Mixed Resin : 25kg Aggregate
  • UV Resistance / Stability: UV Resistant
  • Elongation at Break: (%) 70%
  • Hardness (Shore D): 65 Shore D
  • Tensile Strength: (MPa) 13 MPa
  • Gasoline/ Diesel Resistance: No Change
  • Minimum Application Temp: 5oC
  • Maximum Application Temp 25oC
  • Suitable Substrates: Recommended - Open Grade Tarmac / Asphalt. Concrete, Cellular Grid and others also suitable.
  • Recommended Thickness 18mm
  • Curing Schedule Guide Assumed 20oC. Pot Life: 30 Mins Tack Free: 12-16 Hours Vehicle: 1 Day. Lower temperatures will retard the curing time.
  • Suitable Resin Binder: Valtex Resin Binder 1.625kg
  • Brand: Valtex Manufactured by Vuba
  • Coverage Rate Guidance: 3.5m2 per Aggregate Blend @ 18mm Depth

How to apply VUBA 1m2 DIY Resin Bound Kits:


Before application of the 1m2 resin bound kit onto an asphalt or tarmac base, concrete or VubaGrid Cellular Grid, it is important to ensure that the correct sub-base is in place. Your sub-base should be a minimum 150mm depth of well compacted Type 3 granular sub-base to SHW clause 805, or 4/40mm, 4/20mm crushed aggregate to BS EN12620, or alternatively locally available secondary or recycled aggregates which comply with the above specification blinded with 2/6.3mm graded crushed concrete aggregate to BS EN12620.
  1. Scrape all of the contents of the Hardener B component into the larger Resin A component container into a large bucket, and mix with a slow speed drill (≤ 450RPM) and MR2 paddle mixer attachment for 60-90 seconds. Please note that over mixing will increase heat generation and reduce working time.
  2. Slowly add the 25kg Aggregate Kit whilst mixing, and mix for approximately 2 minutes until the resin has fully encapsulated the stone. 

Application Advice:

  1. Apply the mix to the sub-base or grid, then finish the surface with a suitable float.
  2. A Vuba Solvent should be used if required to clean the trowel before applying the final finish to the resin bound surface.
  3. Ensure that you use close compaction to prevent stones from loosening, spreading and compacting the resin bound material at right angles, applying pressure as the trowel is pulled back. 
  4. If added slip resistance is required, once the resin is placed immediately cast some crushed glass onto the top surface of the wet resin and aggregate, at the rate of approximately 0.1kg/m2. Ensure even coverage to prevent a patchy appearance.
  5. Allow to cure for 24-48 hours, before walking on the newly laid patio or path. 

Further Guidance:

  1. Mix one bag of material at a time - for exactly the same period of time (60-90 seconds for the resin, 2 minutes there-after to combine the aggregate), consistent mixing times are essential to prevent patchy colouring or shading within your Resin Bound System. 
  2. Ensure that you have all of the 1m2 kits required for your project prior to commencement, and ensure you have sufficient material by marking coverage per mix on the surface. It is imperative to not run short of material for a fully seamless finish.
  3. Ensure you plan your resin bound project, in suitable weather conditions for both application and curing time, 5 degrees and rising, to a maximum temperature of 20 degrees
Please feel free to contact us for further advice if you need more assistance on ☎️ 0330 122 1025


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