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Introducing the Bull-e-Grip Electric Suction Lifter

There’s a new vacuum suction lifter on the block that offers up to 48hrs of battery life on each charge and still lifts up to 100kg. Read our review of the Bull-e-Grip electric suction cup to see how it compares with other vacuum lifters – on price, running time and strength.

What is the Bull-e-Grip suction cup?

New to 2023, the Bull-e-Grip is a portable suction lifter that’s just been launched. Due to its revolutionary vacuum suction technology, the Bull-e-Grip has a suction that lasts for hours when compared with other leading battery-powered devices.

Kitted out with a rechargable battery, this is one hell of a lifter that really does stand the test of time.

Unlike other vacuum lifters on the market, a charge can last for up to 16 hours on constant use, or to 48 hours in total.

Safety and ease is also a big draw-card for the Bull-e-Grip. When compared with the more traditional manual suction cups, all you have to do is flick a switch to lift materials with ease and handle them safely. So there is no need to pump to gain suction.

Let’s dive into exactly what this electric suction cup can be used for and how it compares with other electric devices on the market.

What materials can the Bull-e-Grip lift?

Similar to the Ottovac from Grabo, the Bull-e-Grip is made for lifting non-porous materials.

But while the Ottovac has a load-carrying capacity of 68kg for smooth, flat-surfaced materials, the Bull-e-Grip can handle up to 100kg in horizontal weight.

Ideal for tiling and paving contractors, builders and domestic DIYers, the materials the Bull-e-Grip can lift include:

  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Glass
  • Sheet metals
  • Plasterboard
  • Plus, many hard household surfaces

If instead you are looking for a vacuum suction lifter that can handle porous materials, look no further than the Grabo Pro. Although the pricetag is ever-so slightly higher, this remarkable portable lifting tool can handle pretty much any kind of materials – even if they’re wet, rough or porous. 

The Bull-e-Grip's main features

When using a traditional suction to lift materials, it’s you who has to do the pumping to get the suction cup to work. With electric suction lifters, you’ll only need to press a button.

The Bull-e-Grip comes with an automatic on/off switch that maintains the suction power whilst lifting.

We also like the ergonomic design that makes the device easy to use and grip.

And it’s made with tough construction materials that will stand the test of time on site. 

Bull-e-Grip & Hard Case
An electric suction lifter that comes with a robust, hard-wearing case

Benefits of the Bull-e-Grip

Before we get into seeing how the Bull-e-Grip lifter compares against other leading battery-powered lifters on the market, let’s look at the main benefits of this new product for 2023.

#1 Longer running time after each  charge

One of the major benefits of the Bull-e-Grip is how long you can use it for after each charge.

Whilst most other quality electric lifting devices will last just an hour or so, the Bull-e-Grip wins hands down offering a whopping 16 hours of running time.

Although it takes longer to charge this device (6–8hrs, so ideally you do this overnight), you can easily rely on the device for up to two days of site work before needing to plug it in again. 

#2 A no-mark rubber seal

Electric suction cups can really save the day when it comes to moving materials around site, safely and easily. But the last thing you want is a mark on those materials telling the world how you handled them!

The Bull-e-Grip features a strong rubber seal which leaves no marks on the surfaces of materials. That’s good news for you and your clients.

#3 More affordable price

Another great feature of the Bull-e-Grip is its price.

When compared with the Grabo products, the Bull-e-Grip single device works out cheaper.

Just bear in mind that this new device is only to be used with non-porous materials. Read on to see the full comparison.

#4 Robust carry-case with every purchase

Another great benefit is the robust packaging that the Bull-e-Grip comes with.

Every purchase includes a hard-wearing plastic case so you can easily transport the device to site without worrying about damages.

Spare filters are also included with each purchase, as is a charging cable, cleaning brush and instruction manual.

How does the Bull-e-Grip compare with other electric suction cups?

Now let’s get onto the main question… If you’re considering purchasing an electric vacuum suction cup, which one should you go for?

It really depends on the type of materials you want to lift and your estimated maxium load requirements.

If you’re likely to be just lifting non-porous materials, then the Bull-e-Grip is certainly the one for you.

But if you may think you’d benefit from the flexibility that comes with the Grabo Pro – allowing you to also lift porous, rough and wet materials – then maybe that device would be the better option.

To help you make the best decision for your business or DIY projects, we’ve put together this handy table so you can easily review the options.

 Bull-e-GripOttovacGrabo Pro
Made for lifting
Non-porous materialsAny smooth, flat surfaceAlmost any surface: porous, rough or wet
CapacityUp to 100kgUp to 68kgUp to 170kg
Running time16hrs1hr1.5hrs
Charge timeOvernight (6–9hrs)2hrs2hrs
 Buy Bull-e-GripBuy OttovacBuy Grabo Pro

Share your feedback

Have you used the Bull-e-Grip before? We’d love to hear your feedback and experience of this new-to-market lifting device.

Share your comments in the box below.

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