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How to apply Fuga Pave grout – a complete guide

If you’re looking for a strong, reliable and easy-to-use alternative to slurry grouting, look no further than the high-quality cementitious paving grout from the team at Aquacut. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to apply Fuga Pave grout together with detailed mixing instructions.

How to clean off Fuga Pave grout
Fuga Pave grout is easy to apply and easy to clean-off using a washboy

What is Fuga Pave grout?

Fuga Pave grout is a strong, flexible, cement-based paving grout that is simple to mix and easy to apply and clean off. It’s a great grout-of-choice for experienced landscapers and first-time domestic users alike. 

Called Fuga Pave Flex CH, this high-performance, hybrid grout is non-permeable and suitable for tilling indoor flooring and walls, plus outdoor paving projects. As such, it provides a perfect transition between indoor and outdoor grouting. 

Flex CH has been specially formulated for use on porcelain, natural stone and cementitious pavers (of joints between 2mm and 20mm wide), but it is certainly suitable for all types of tiling and paving materials. 

The grout can even be used for swimming pools, tanks, fountains and underfloor heating systems. 

Fuga Pave grout is officially Part C of the three-part ABC paving system. You can either apply this quality grout on its own, or after using Fuga Pave bedding mortar mix (Part A) and slurry primer (Part B).

What are the benefits of Fuga Pave?

Before we go into the full mixing and application instructions for Fuga Pave grout, let’s briefly take a look at the formula’s main benefits. 

Easy application method

The first benefit is how easy it is to apply Fuga Pave grout. 

Whether you are a seasoned landscaper or grouting a patio for the very first time, Flex CH grout is simple to mix and use. 

Follow the easy grout instructions below and you can’t really go amiss. 

Fuga Pave is applied using a tile float. After mixing, apply the hybrid grout directly to the joints using a squeegee or rubber float, before cleaning off the excess. It really is that easy. 

Although slurry grouts are also extremely effective (read more about Flowpoint and Larsen FJM), they can be a bit more tricky and at least require an initial run-through with some key dos and don’ts. 

That’s not to say that Fuga Pave is more of a beginner’s grout. It ultimately comes down to your personal preference on grouting application methods. 

Fuga Pave grout is easy to mix, and easy to apply using a tile float

Choose from 5 non-fade colours

Another big reason why many contractors choose Fuga Pave is because of the range of colour options available. 

Fuga Pave grout comes in five non-fade colours. Choose from Anthracite, Mid-Grey, Light Grey, Limestone and Jasmin to either complement or contrast the chosen paving materials. 

Read our detailed guide to Fuga Pave grout colours to review the colour options in more detail.

What are non-fade grouts?

Grout is UV resistant when it can withstand ultraviolet – or UV – rays. UV can be generated from the sun and by some artificial lighting. 

Fuga Pave grout is UV colour fast. It means the grout colour won’t discolour or fade so you can be sure it will look the same as the years pass. 

Fuga Pave Grout Colours
Fuga Pave grout is available in 5 non-fade colours

A seamless look for indoor and outdoor tiles 

One of the drawbacks of using a slurry grout is that the application method is far too messy, requiring way too much water, for pointing inside flooring tiles. 

But with Fuga Pave Flex CH, the grout is washed off using a sponge or pedalo washboy. 

With less mess comes more opportunities to create a seamless look between indoor flooring and outdoor paving. If you want to use the same grout outside as you have done with your kitchen tiles, then Fuga Pave is the perfect option for creating that smooth transition. 

How to apply Fuga Pave grout
Jim demos cleaning off FugaPave grout with a Pedalo Washboy

Extra strong formula to withstand heavy traffic

Strength is another of key accolade of Fuga Pave grout. 

The team at Aquacut went through rigorous testing of their hybrid grout formula to ensure a robust mix that performs well under pressure.  

The lab pressure tests revealed the grout’s flexural strength is more than 2.5 newtons per square millimetre (N/mm2) after 28 days (meeting the European Standard EN 12808-3), and a compressive strength of more than 15 N/mm2 (meeting the International Standards ISO 13007-4.1.4) – after 28 days, and even as soon as 24 hours following application. 

With specially chosen polymers and additives, the Flex CH formula: 

  • Withstands heavy traffic
  • Holds its shape
  • Is less liable to deterioration from the elements
  • Is completely impermeable and so passes the drop water test 

Zero efflorescence

Yes, you read that right. 

Fuga Pave Flex CH grout is renowned for the immense industry accolade of ‘zero efflorescence’ – and that comes direct from the manufacturer’s mouth. 

Read on to find out how to apply Fuga Pave grout for the best results and our essential tips to ensure you get a fantastic grout finish every time. 

Using the new FUGA-PAVE grout on sandstone, I’ve got to say I’m really pleased with the results. To be able to colour match is a great thing, really chuffed!

What equipment do I need?

You will need the following equipment to mix, apply and clean-off Fuga Pave grout: 

What is the coverage?

A 20kg bag of Fuga Pave grout will cover an area of roughly 15m2 to 20m2, depending on the slab sizes and joint widths and depths. 

Fuga Pave Flex CH is also available in a 5kg tub. A 5kg tub of grout is expected to cover an area of 5m2, again dependent upon slab dimensions and joint sizes. 

Working on a large project? Save money when you buy large quantities and full pallets of Fuga Pave grout. Call us on 0330 122 1025 for a quote. 

Raimondi Large Pedalo Washboy
The pedalo washboy by Raimondi is ideal for applying Fuga Pave grout

How do you mix Fuga Pave grout?

Follow our complete instructions on how to mix a 20kg bag of Fuga Pave grout: 

  1. Add three quarters of the 4.5 litres of water (approximately 3.37 litres) into a clean bucket
  2. Gradually add Fuga Pave grout while mixing from the bottom up with the paddle mixer
  3. Slowly add the remaining water (1.13 litres) until achieving a smooth mixture that is free from lumps
  4. Fuga Pave grout is ready to apply immediately 

As when mixing most paving grouts, always mix a bag at a time to ensure the consistency is right and you have enough time to apply before the grout cures. 

If you are mixing 5kg of Fuga Pave grout, instead add three quarters of 1.125 litres of water (approximately 0.845 litres) into a clean bucket before mixing.

Important extra advice for mixing

A word of warning: when the grout formula and water is mixed together the setting process will begin. Never add additional water to this mix as it will speed up the setting process and cause the product to ‘go off’ straight away.

Similarly, the grout’s setting process will also speed up if you use dirty water in the mix – water that has particles of old grout in it. Add only clean water to the formula for mixing.

Amount of water required for Fuga Pave

You may notice the packaging suggests that the recommended amount of water is an approximate guide. 

Each colour variation of Fuga Pave may need a slightly different quantity of water adding to the mix. This is due to the varying formulas of cementitious powder used to make the five different grout colours. 

The key is to assess the consistency of the mixture. You are looking for a smooth mix that looks very much like a cake batter. Instead of automatically adding the remaining water, add it gradually to achieve the desired consistency. 

And always ensure the mixture is free from any lumps before applying. 

For a professional finish across the whole of your patio, ensure that each and every batch is mixed using the same amount of water. Keeping an eye on the mixture itself will ensure you have a uniform grout colour across the whole of your project. 

Adding too much water may cause shrinkage and cracking in the drying process.

As mentioned earlier, never add additional water to the formula. Also, always make sure you are using clean water in a clean bucket that contains no grout particles from the previous mix.

How to prepare slabs for grouting

Before grouting joints with Flex CH, you must ensure the slabs are fully prepared and ready for the job. 

Prepare the slabs before you even start mixing the formula. That way you won’t be grouting under the pump during the 60-minute workability time of the product. 

We recommend that you: 

  • Check the paving slabs have been laid correctly and are anchored securely to the substrate.
  • When using a mortar substrate, wait approximately 7–14 days for the substrate to fully dry (how long you wait depends on screed thickness and weather conditions).
  • Ensure all joints are free from any excess adhesive or mortar, even if it has already hardened. To avoid any variations in colour, all joints must have an even depth of at least ⅔ of the overall thickness of the paving slabs.
  • Consider applying a sealant. See our detailed tips below for advice on which sealer to use and when to apply it.

How to apply Fuga Pave grout

Follow the essential steps when applying Fuga Pave grout:

  1. Ensure pavers and joints are clean and free from any residues, dirt and debris
  2. Dampen the slabs with a light spray of a hose (avoid any ponded water)
  3. Apply Fuga Pave grout mixture diagonally across the joints using a Neoprene squeegee
  4. Ensure the joints are completely and evenly filled, and allow to dry
  5. Fill the Pedalo Washboy with clean water
  6. Once the grout is touch dry in the joint, soak the long-handled sponge float in the washboy and use the foot pedal to squeeze out excess water
  7. Gently pull the sponge diagonally across the area for the first rough wash
  8. Clean the sponge as you go, wringing out excess water using the foot pedal
  9. Empty the washboy and refill with water for a second wash, applying no pressure to the handle (let the sponge do the work)
  10. The grout will cure in 24 hours at 20˚C – allow a little longer for cooler temps

Insider tip! 

When using a 40-litre washboy, we recommend changing the water at least every 20 square metres.  

What is the workability of Fuga Pave grout?

Once mixed, Fuga Pave grout should be applied within 60 minutes. However, if the weather is above 20 degrees, the workability of the grout will reduce with the additional heat. 

We recommend planning your operations carefully so you can maximise applying the product, well before it starts to cure. 

Essential tips for a professional finish

Follow these additional insider tips to achieve a great finished paving job:

Use the bedding mortar and priming slurry

Fuga Pave’s revolutionary ABC paving system is certainly something to try if you are already using Fuga Pave grout.

The complete paving system includes:

These three high-strength products have been formulated to complement and work seamlessly with each other.

Plus, when using Part A and Part B in conjunction on a project, Aquacut offers a lifetime guarantee should there be a problem.

Bundle deal on Fuga Pave ABC

For a limited time only, save money with a bundle deal on the Fuga Pave ABC system.

Choose from three sizes of patio packs. Each kit consists of enough bags of parts A, B and C to complete paving on either a 25m2 area, 50m2 area or 100m2 area.

Free delivery is available for each of these deals.

FUGA-PAVE Part B slurry primer
Fuga Pave slurry primer provides an exceptional monolithic bond

Can I use a different mortar bed formula? 

If you want to use a different mortar bed formula than Fuga Pave bedding mortar mix, it’s important that this formula is permeable. 

Scott McDonald from Aquacut explains: 

“As Fuga Pave grout is impermeable, you must ensure that the mortar bed is permeable to avoid efflorescence. This is exactly what we offer with the Fuga Pave Hybrid Bedding Mortar Mix.

“If you install a non-permeable bed and use a non-permeable grout, the only way moisture can escape from porcelain paving will be through the grout joints themselves. 

“This can lead to efflorescence issues. Basically, the salts within the Portland cement in the bed ‘wick up’ through the grouting material and can cause efflorescence.”

Scott advises, “With a permeable mortar bed, like with Fuga Pave Part A, the sub-base can more effectively dry-out any absorbed moisture so you’re not left with efflorescent stains.”

FUGA-PAVE Part A bedding mortar mix
Use a permeable mortar bed with Fuga Pave grout to avoid efflorescence

Prepare paving slabs with a sealant

When using porous paving slabs or textured tiles, use Seal-It Universal Water Based Sealer for Stone before grouting the patio. We suggest applying this sealant at least 7–14 days before pointing.  

A high-quality sealant like Seal-It helps to protect pavers from stains and spills. By applying a couple of coats (one in one direction, one the other) of the sealant to porous flags before grouting, you’ll eliminate risk of staining and ongoing cleaning and maintenance will be that much easier. 

If you have doubts about how a sealant will affect the pavers, trial it first on an inconspicuous area. Check for staining before applying it to the rest of the project.

Laying non-porous stone such as unsealed porcelain?

Instead, apply the sealant after grouting to help with future cleaning and maintenance.

Seal-IT Universal Water Based Sealer
High quality sealants like Seal-It protect slabs from stains and spills

Always pre-soak pavers with water

Dampening paving slabs before grouting helps to reduce the risk of efflorescent stains or the tell-tale picture framing effect. 

You want the slabs to be damp and never saturated. Avoid any ponded water. 

A light spray of the hose immediately before pointing will do the trick. 

Let the sponge do the work

Never apply pressure to the sponge float during clean-off. Instead, let the sponge do the job by adding zero pressure while slowly moving it diagonally across the joints. 

The sponge float on the Pedalo Washboy features intricate cuts designed specially for cleaning excess grout off pavers.

Adding pressure to the sponge risks removing grout from the joints themselves. You just want to clean away the excess grout from the tiles, flags or pavers – not the filled joints.

Share your Fuga Pave experience

Have you used Fuga Pave yourself? We’d love to hear your feedback and why you’ve chosen it for paving and tiling projects. Share your comments in the box below. 

The Paving Experts are registered Fuga Pave stockists. We provide some of the best online prices for Fuga Pave products and next day delivery options.

Check out our bundle deal of the three Fuga Pave products in the ABC system, for a limited time only with free delivery. Bigger patio packs are available for larger patio projects.

If you have any further questions about Fuga Pave grout and other products in the ABC system, see our Fuga Pave FAQs or get in touch with our team to ask something specific.

2 thoughts on “How to apply Fuga Pave grout – a complete guide”

  1. I’ve ceramic tiler for 20 years and have used many different grouts. Recently I have been grouting porcelain patio for landscaper’s. I can honestly say Fuga Pave grout is the best grout I have ever used. I wouldn’t use any other grout. This grout is the best on the market.

    1. Hello Mark,

      thank you very much for your comments about the quality of Fuga-Pave, we agree, it’s a fantastic grout that we are getting huge amounts of positive feedback on.

      We appreciate any feedback as it helps us, but also helps other customers with their purchasing decisions too.

      Thank you once again, Cleo.

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