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Benefits of the Fuga-Pave ABC paving system

Rather than using a four-to-one mortar mix, get the most out of your paving materials by opting for the Fuga-Pave ABC paving system. Find out what the industry says about the superior hybrid bedding mortar, slurry primer and paving grout products and top tips on using the system.

Benefits of Fuga-Pave ABC paving system
Some of the benefits of the Fuga-Pave ABC paving system

What is Fuga-Pave?

Fuga-Pave is a robust and an eco-friendly three-part paving system.

Although ideal for porcelain, slate and sawn limestone, the Fuga-Pave ABC system can be used for any external paving project including cobbles and cementitious flags. The slurry primer and grout can also be utilised for internal tiling projects. 

The Fuga-Pave ABC system includes: 

  • Part A: Hybrid Bedding Mortar Cement
  • Part B: Hybrid Slurry Primer
  • Part C: Hybrid Paving Grout (cement based)

Devised by one of the industry’s leading manufacturers for Aquacut, Fuga-Pave hybrid paving grout is available in five non-fade colours.  

Wondering what the ‘fuga’ means in Fuga-Pave? Ignore what Google says (it suggests that fuga means leak!). Fuga is actually the Italian word for ‘joint’ in the tiling and landscaping worlds.

Read on to find out more about each part of this complete paving installation system, the colours available and our top-tips on achieving a professional finish.

Why do landscapers love Fuga-Pave?

We asked Stuart Middleton, Executive Chairman of Aquacut, why many professional landscapers are opting for the Fuga-Pave installation system. 

“It has been formulated with landscaping professionals in mind, is 60% stronger than a sand and cement mortar and ought to work out cheaper than a standard sand, cement and additives installation,” Stuart explains. 

“In fact, to come up with the three-part system we went through an in-depth consultation with hardscape specialists – the same people who are using the products day in and day out. 

“Part A and Part B (the bedding mortar cement and slurry primer) are guaranteed for life. What that means is that we will refund the cost of the adhesive and primer in the event of failure. 

“We’re proud to share that this is something we have never had to make good on since we started selling the products,” adds Stuart. 

What about Fuga-Pave’s green credentials? “The Fuga-Pave system is eco-friendly, creating only 20% of the carbon emissions that a traditional sand and cement installation would create,” he explains. 

“Not only that, Part A and Part B are made in the UK so there are low transport emissions associated with those products in particular.”

Before we go into how to use the complete Fuga-Pave system, let’s take a look at the benefits of each part of the system in more detail.

It’s a well thought out product, produced by guys with a vast knowledge and huge respect within the industry. The workability of the product is first class. Being able to see the polymer fibres go into the mix just gives you, as an installer, that extra confidence that you’re putting down a base that sets like iron and will last a lifetime.
Signature Landscapes

Part A: Hybrid Bedding Mortar Cement

First up is Part A of Fuga-Pave’s installation system. This is the hybrid cement mix which has been specially formulated to mix with clean grit sand and water. 

If you’re looking for superior strength and a more cost-effective solution for bedding mortar, this Hybrid Bedding Mortar Cement is a quality product you should consider. 

Using a special combination of fibres and additives, this high-grade mortar cement provides 60% more strength than a traditional cement:sand mortar mix. In fact, it drastically improves the overall performance of the bedding mortar, boasts a freeze-thaw resistance and is much easier to work with than the traditional options. 

If price is the primary concern for your landscaping business, you’ll be interested to hear the overall cost is 20% cheaper than purchasing traditional sand, cement and additives separately (based on a sand:cement mix of 4:1 and a bed depth of 50mm). 

Fuga-Pave’s hybrid cement can even be used as a pointing compound for brickwork.

FUGA-PAVE Part A bedding mortar mix
Part A of the Fuga-Pave system is a superior bedding mortar mix
Very impressed. So much stronger than sand and cement in such a short time. Simple and cost effective and the pull off tests were unbelievable.

Other benefits of Part A: Hybrid Cement

Alongside cost and performance, other benefits of this hybrid cement include: 

  • Easy to mix: simply mix with sand and clean water (three 14-litre buckets of sharp, clean grit sand to one-part hybrid cement)
  • Excellent coverage: each 12.5kg bag should cover an area of two metre squared (at a minimum of 25mm depth)
  • Easy to apply: landscapers say it trowels very well with a smooth, creamy feel
  • Permeable: as a permeable mortar, it allows for faster curing times and reduces the risk of efflorescence
  • No sagging or slumping: offering a professional and long-lasting flush finish
  • Does not ooze: no more mortar migrating to the flag surfaces, making grout applications so much easier

Part B: Hybrid Slurry Primer

Whether your slab materials are porcelain (or another material with low porosity) or you’re looking for an exceptional bond, Fuga-Pave’s Part B Slurry Primer is the way to go. 

Specially formulated to work with the Part A Bedding Mortar Cement, this cement-based slurry primer is reinforced with fibres and polymer additives that promote bond strength. 

This hybrid slurry primer can be used to secure pavers onto both hardcore and solid bases. And as such, it creates a very strong, monolithic bond.

FUGA-PAVE Part B slurry primer
Fuga-Pave primer comes with a lifetime guarantee

Other benefits of Part B: Slurry Primer

  • Suitable for all types of installations: indoor and outdoor domestic areas and heavily trafficked hard landscaping
  • Easy to use and apply: simply mix with water and apply by brushing, pouring or troweling the slurry onto the underside of the paver
  • Large coverage: a 20kg bag can cover an area of up to 28 metre squared
  • Use all year round: the slurry primer can be applied at 3–25 degrees celsius
  • Excellent pot life

Part C: Hybrid Paving Grout

Last but by no means least is the final stage of the Fuga-Pave paving system: Part C: Flex CH Grout

Flex CH Grout is a revolutionary hybrid cement formula that offers a no-mess alternative for indoor and outdoor floor grouting. Easy to apply (here are the full grout instructions), it can be washed off the surfaces of flags within minutes with a washboy (read on for the ultimate easy way of doing this). 

Long-lasting and easy to clean and maintain, the grout formula is naturally antibacterial which offers extra durability and longevity. 

In fact, the team at Aquacut say this hybrid paving grout creates (and we quote) “zero efflorescence”! Now that’s something to shout about! 

Flex CH is available buy in a 20kg bag or a 5kg bucket.

Fuga-Pave Part C offers a mess-free alternative to grouting

Other benefits of Part C: Flex CH Grout

There are many benefits to using Flex CH Grout: 

  • Long lasting hybrid cementitious grout
  • UV colour fast
  • Passes the drop water test: avoiding water flowing into the joints
  • Less liable to weathering deterioration
  • Easy to clean off after grouting, saving time and less grout haze
  • Suitable for joints of up to 2–20mm wide
  • Holds its shape
  • Can be used on porcelain, natural stone and cementitious products
FUGA-PAVE flex CH Grout
Flex CH is also available in a 5kg bucket

Grout colours available

Fuga-Pave’s Flex CH Grout is available in five popular, fade-free colours: 

  • Light Grey
  • Medium Grey
  • Anthracite
  • Limestone
  • Jasmin

Take a look at the complete guide to Fuga-Pave grout colours. It even includes advice on warm and cool colour shades and how to decide between a complimentary or contrasting look between pavers and grout.

Fuga Pave Grout Colours
Fuga-Pave Flex CH Grout is available in five non-fade colours
Using the new FUGA-PAVE grout on sandstone, I’ve got to say I’m really pleased with the results. To be able to colour match is a great thing, really chuffed!

Equipment required for the ABC system

Aside from the usual landscaping equipment you’ll have to hand, such as buckets, flat trowels and PPE, you’ll also need the following equipment when following the Fuga-Pave ABC system: 

  • Cement mixer for mixing the mortar cement mix (Part A)
  • Stirrer paddle for mixing the slurry primer (Part B)
  • Rubber squeegee for grouting the joints (Part C)
  • Washboy for cleaning off excess grout (Part C)

Landscapers recommend the Pedalo Washboy

Easy to use, the Pedalo Washboy by Raimondi is the ultimate washboy for tilers and landscapers. 

With an ergonomic stand and a long pole to match, this nice bit of kit has been carefully designed to save your knees and your back from undue stress.

Raimondi Large Pedalo Washboy
Save backs and knees by using the Pedalo Washboy for the clean-off

The Pedalo Washboy is also available without a pole. However, we find the pole particularly handy and makes the clean-up job much quicker and easy on your back!

Top tips for the best results with Fuga-Pave

Always follow the instructions

It goes without saying: always follow the instructions on the bags. The system has been designed to be very easy to use. 

Use professional tools for the best results and watch an instructional video so you’re fully aware of each step. 

The team at Aquacut regularly arrange Fuga-Pave demo days throughout the country, so get in touch if you would like to attend one – or if you would like your own demonstration. 

Properly mix the hybrid cement

When preparing the mortar cement mix (Part A), make sure the dry mix is completely combined before you add the water. 

Use a cement mixer and mix until there are no clumps in the sand and no streaking. You’re looking for a uniform dry, screed mix. 

Then you can add the specified amount of water, but just a little at a time. 

Apply slurry primer wet on wet

It’s important to not allow the bedding mortar cement mix and the slurry primer to dry-out before laying a slab. The primer has been developed with an extended pot life so users don’t have to rush.

Jim from Aquacut says it’s essential to always apply their slurry primer “wet on wet”. 

What that means is troweling out the bedding mortar cement mix to the size of a slab and brushing the dust off the back of the flag before applying slurry primer and immediately laying it. 

Only lightly clean-off excess grout

When cleaning off the Flex CH grout using a washboy, don’t add any extra pressure or weight to the pole. A light touch will do the job fine. 

More water will be extracted from the washboy sponge if you add extra pressure. This can compromise the formula and make the wash-off process that bit messier.

Use a sealer for lifelong results

As with all paving systems, sealing flags and patios is generally recommended for a long-lasting professional finish.

Sealers are more-so a necessity when the flags are made from porous stone. A good water-based sealant will help protect the pavers from spills and make cleaning and ongoing general maintenance that much easier.

We recommend sealing natural stone before grouting to help protect grout joints from efflorescence and ‘picture framing’. Aquacut’s Seal-It Universal Water Based Sealer is highly water repellant, easy to apply and helps prevent efflorescent stains. Seal the stone once. When the surface is dry then grouting can commence.

Sealers can also be useful for non-porous stone like unsealed porcelain. With porcelain, a sealant such as Seal-IT Universal should be applied after grouting to help with ongoing cleaning and maintenance.

Seal-IT Universal Water Based Sealer
A quality water-based sealer is recommended to protect surfaces
For us, it’s a no-brainer. Less mess, less mixing, and less for us to carry on the truck. A brilliant new product and the best new product we have ever bought.
Cut Above Landscapes

How to use the Fuga-Pave system

We’ve included detailed instructions on how to use each part of the Fuga-Pave system. Follow these links for Part A, Part B and Part C to find out more. 

Alternatively, Aquacut’s very own Jim Stott explains exactly how to use each of these superior products in this video. 

Jim ran his own tiling business before joining Stuart at Aquacut in 2015. 

“Jim’s videos are widely watched by viewers around the world,” shares Stuart, “but many of us think it’s his misses who is clocking up all the views!”

Stuart assures us that the YouTube fame hasn’t gone to Jim’s head. “Jim is pragmatic and delights in helping people, always willing to try and put something back into the landscaping and tiling sectors.”

Can I substitute one of the products in the system?

It’s up to you whether you use the full system or substitute one of the products. 

However, each part of the paving system has been formulated specially to complement and work with each other. So to get a professional finish each and every time, we do recommend using the complete system. 

The Fuga-Pave slurry primer in particular has been specially designed to work with the bedding mortar – in Jim’s words, the primer “forms a marriage with the mortar”. 

With these two products being in absolute contact with each other, it’s definitely advisable to use them in combination for an exceptional and long-lasting adhesive bond. 

What’s more, when you use Part A and Part B together, you have a lifetime guarantee from Aquacut in the event of failure.

Fuga-Pave stockists

The Paving Experts are a proud Fuga-Pave stockist. Centrally located in Tamworth, Staffordshire we offer some of the best prices online for each part of the Fuga-Pave system and next day delivery options – direct to your site or door. 

Explore Fuga-Pave products and other products from Aquacut.

Read the Fuga-Pave FAQs for more of the finer details about each product in the paving system, and exactly how to mix and apply them.

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