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Fuga-Pave FAQs

Fuga-Pave FAQs

A complete three-part paving installation system

Fuga-Pave is a superior-quality complete paving installation system including a bedding mortar cement mix, slurry primer and paving grout. Learn more about the benefits of this hybrid range of products and how to apply them for the best results in our Fuga-Pave FAQs.

About Fuga-Pave

Fuga-Pave is a range of high-quality and hybrid paving products for external paving. They are manufactured for Aquacut in the UK. 

The hybrid range is eco-friendly and consists of a bedding mortar cement, slurry primer and cement-based paving grout. 

Paving professionals and domestic paviors find the products robust, easy to apply and a cost effective mortar and grout installation system. 

The Fuga-Pave ABC system offers a complete installation system for external paving projects. It was devised after an in-depth consultation with hard landscaping specialists. 

The complete system consists of the following hybrid products: 

  1. Fuga-Pave Bedding Mortar Mix (Part A)
  2. Fuga-Pave Slurry Primer (Part B)
  3. Fuga-Pave Flex CH Paving Grout (Part C)

When used in conjunction, the Fuga-Pave Bedding Mortar Mix and Slurry Primer are guaranteed for life. 

Flex CH is easy to clean-off, less liable to weathering and is available in five non-fade colours.  

Read our other FAQs below to find out more about each product in the ABC system.

Also see our article on the benefits of Fuga-Pave ABC

Although Fuga-Pave products have been specially formulated for use with slate, porcelain and sawn limestone, they can actually be used on any external paving project. This includes laying cobbles and cementitious flags. 

Fuga-Pave Slurry Primer and Flex CH Paving Grout can also be used on internal tiling projects. 

The Bedding Mortar Mix can also be used as a pointing compound for brickwork.

It’s completely up to you. Some paving contractors utilise Fuga-Pave’s whole three-part system while others choose to use one or two parts on their own. 

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that each part of the ABC system has been formulated to complement and function alongside the others. For a long-lasting, professional finish, we recommend using the complete system together. 

Lifetime guarantee

When used together, Aquacut offers a lifetime guarantee for the Bedding Mortar Mix (Part A) and Slurry Primer (Part B).

The Fuga-Pave Hybrid Bedding Mortar Mix is permeable. As such it allows for faster curing times and reduces the risk of efflorescence and picture framing.

The complete Fuga-Pave System is heralded for its green credentials as the products create 20% of the carbon emissions that a traditional sand and cement installation would generate. 

As the Fuga-Pave Hybrid Bedding Mortar Mix and Slurry Primer are both made in the UK, the transport emissions are also low for these two products.

Fuga-Pave products do not create efflorescence. In fact, Aquacut is proud to report “zero efflorescence” from the Fuga-Pave Flex CH Paving Grout, which is quite an accolade. 

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. We recommend using Flex CH in conjunction with Part A and Part B of the Fuga-Pave system for the best results. 

Aquacut offers a lifetime guarantee if you have used the Fuga-Pave Bedding Mortar Mix (Part A) and Slurry Primer (Part B) together.

Fuga-Pave products

Fuga-Pave Part A is a bedding mortar mix with superior strength. 

Available in 12.5kg bags, this high-grade, hybrid cement mix contains a special combination of fibres and additives that offer 60% more strength than a traditional cement to sand mortar mix. It is a permeable bedding mortar and is much easier to work with than the traditional options. 

Fuga-Pave Bedding Mortar Mix can also be used for pointing brickwork. 

The main benefits of using Fuga-Pave bedding mortar mix (Part A in the ABC paving system) are: 

  • 60% more strength than a traditional cement to sand mortar mix
  • 20% cheaper than purchasing traditional sand, cement and additives separately*
  • Easy to mix: simply mix with sharp, clean grit sand and clean water
  • Easy to apply: it trowels well with a smooth, creamy feel
  • Permeable mortar: faster curing times and a reduced risk of efflorescence
  • No sagging or slumping
  • Does not ooze, making grout applications so much easier
  • Lifetime guarantee from Aquacut when applied together with Fuga-Pave Primer

*Costs are based on a sand to cement mix with a ratio of 4:1 and a bed depth of 50mm.

Fuga-Pave Part B is a cement-based slurry primer that has been formulated specially to work with Part A bedding mortar mix and create a strong monolithic bond. 

Available in 20kg bags, this hybrid slurry primer is reinforced with fibres and polymer additives to securely fix pavers onto hardcore and solid bases. 

Fuga-Pave Primer is suitable for all types of paving installations: indoor, outdoor and heavily trafficked hard landscaping.

The main benefits of using Fuga-Pave primer (Part B in the ABC paving system) are:

  • Easy to use and apply
  • Excellent pot life
  • Use indoors, outdoors and on heavily trafficked areas
  • Large coverage: a 20kg covers an area of up to 28 metre squared
  • Apply at temperatures of between 3°C and 25°C  
  • Lifetime guarantee from Aquacut when applied together with Fuga-Pave bedding mortar mix

Fuga-Pave Part C is the revolutionary hybrid paving grout, otherwise known as Flex CH. This high-performance cementitious grout offers a no-mess alternative for both indoor and outdoor grouting. 

The grout formula is naturally antibacterial, offering extra durability and ensuring it lasts for years. Aquacut also says Flex CH creates “zero efflorescence”. 

Flex CH Paving Grout is available to buy in a 20kg bag or a 5kg bucket, and in five no-fade colours.

A few of the benefits of using Fuga-Pave grout (Part C of the ABC paving system): 

  • Long lasting hybrid cementitious grout
  • Available in five non-fade colours (UV colour fast)
  • Passes the drop water test (water doesn’t flow into the joints)
  • Less liable to deterioration from the weather
  • Easy to clean off after grouting
  • Suitable for joints from 2mm to 20mm wide
  • Holds it shape
  • Use on porcelain, natural stone and cementitious paving materials

Fuga-Pave’s Flex CH Grout comes in five fade-free, UV-resistant colours. These colours are: 

  • Light Grey
  • Medium Grey
  • Anthracite
  • Limestone
  • Jasmin

See our complete guide to Fuga-Pave grout colours for in-depth advice on choosing cool or warm shades for a contrasting or complimentary effect.

Fuga Pave grout colours

How to use Fuga-Pave

Follow these links for detailed instructions on how to apply each part of the Fuga-Pave system: Part A, Part B and Part C. This in-depth video demo shows you exactly how to install a patio using the Fuga-Pave ABC and contains lots of useful tips.

Before mixing and apply Fuga-Pave bedding mortar mix (Part A of the ABC system), you must first ensure: 

  • The sub-base is level and can fully support the paving slabs
  • The hardcore is fully & tightly compacted
  • You have created a gradual slope of approximately 25mm height in every 1.5m distance (1 in 60)

Mixing instructions for Part A

  1. Blend 75kg of sharp sand with 1 full bag of Fuga-Pave bedding mortar mix (12.5kg) in a suitable mixer (6:1)
  2. Ensure the additive is thoroughly dispersed in the mix
  3. Add sufficient water and gradually mix until a smooth, lump-free mortar with a creamy consistency is achieved

Application instructions for Part A

  1. Trowel out enough of the sand and mortar cement mix for one slab (the bed thickness should be 25mm–80mm.
  2. Paint the underside slab with Fuga-Pave slurry primer.
  3. Immediately lay the paving slab onto a full bed of the bedding mortar mix. Spot bedding or ‘dot and dab’ fixing is not recommended as voids beneath the slabs are points of weakness).
  4. The bedding mortar will have properly cured within 24 hours.

Extra notes on Fuga-Pave bedding mortar

  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear latex gloves and protective clothing during application
  • Wash all tools frequently to avoid material bonding to them
  • Always keep a clean sponge and water available for wiping away any excess, or spillages from paving

Before mixing and applying Fuga-Pave primer (Part B of the ABC system), you must first ensure your paving slabs are clean and dry, and free from debris, residue and dirt.

Use a clean, thoroughly dry brush to make sure all dust and dirt, which may impair adhesion, is removed from each slab. 

How to mix Fuga-Pave primer

  1. Add approximately 6.2 litres of cold water to a suitable mixing bucket
  2. Gradually introduce the 20kg of powder (approximately 0.3 litres of water per 1kg of powder used)
  3. Stir gradually to blend the powder & water to a smooth lump-free slurry

Please note: Only ever mix one bag at a time. This will ensure you don’t mix more than you can use within the workable time. Fuga-Pave primer has a pot life of around 60 minutes at 20˚C, which will be extended in cold conditions and reduced in warm temperatures.

How do I apply Fuga-Pave primer?

  • Using a suitable brush or roller, apply the mixed primer slurry over the whole of the underside of each slab. Aim for a thickness of 1mm-2mm. 
  • Once applied to a slab, immediately lay it onto the mortar bed.

Extra notes on Fuga-pave primer

  • Suitable for use in temperatures between 5˚C and 30˚C
  • Wash all tools frequently to avoid primer bonding to them
  • Do not empty waste material into the drainage system

When mixing Fuga-Pave grout (Flex CH), you will need a bucket, a low-rev paddle mixer and 1.13 litres of clean water. 

Follow these instructions to mix Fuga-Pave grout: 

  1. Pour 3.37 litres of water into a clean bucket (approximately three quarters of the water)
  2. Gradually add Fuga-Pave Flex CH, mixing the powder and water together from the bottom up using the paddle mixer
  3. Steadily add more of the remaining water – you are looking for a smooth consistency with no lumps (like a cake batter mixture)
  4. Once mixed, the grout is ready to use immediately – it must be used within 60 minutes

A few extra notes about mixing Fuga-Pave grout: 

  • Be aware that warmer weather above 20°C will reduce the workability of the grout
  • The amount of water recommended is an approximate guide and does vary depending on the grout colour
  • Always ensure every batch of grout is mixed with the same volume of water to avoid variations in grout shade
  • Adding more water than advised may cause shrinkage and cracking during the drying process

Follow these instructions to apply and clean-off Fuga-Pave grout:

  1. Apply the mixed grout evenly across the paving slabs using a Neoprene squeegee
  2. Ensure the joints are completely and evenly filled
  3. Once the grout is touch dry in the joint, use a Pedalo Washboy to gently clean the surfaces
  4. Use circular movements to emulsify the film of hardened grout
  5. Use a fresh bucket of water for a final clean, sweeping in diagonal movements

A few extra notes on applying Fuga-Pave grout:

  • Best practice when apply the grout is to apply the mixture diagonally across the joints
  • Do not add too much pressure when using the washboy to avoid removing grout from the joints
  • When cleaning off, ensure you apply water evenly to prevent any shade variations

Read the complete guide on how to use Fuga-Pave grout. The article includes a video demo of detailed grouting instructions.

When installing pavers using the Fuga-Pave system, you’ll need all of the usual landscaping equipment you should have in your toolkit. There are a few extra pieces of equipment that you may need. 

The equipment you need includes: 

  • Buckets
  • Flat trowels
  • Hand brush
  • Cement mixer for mixing the mortar cement mix 
  • Stirrer paddle for mixing the slurry primer
  • Neoprene squeegee for grouting
  • Washboy for cleaning off excess grout (see Pedalo Washboy

Whatever paving system you are using, it is generally recommended to seal flags and patios for a long-lasting finish. 

A quality water-based sealant, such as Seal-It Universal Water Based Sealer, will help to: 

  • Protect pavers from spills, especially ones made from porous stone
  • Ease future cleaning and maintenance
  • Prevent efflorescence (Seal-It is highly water repellent)

Fuga-Pave stockists

Here at the Paving Experts we stock the complete range of Fuga-Pave products in the ABC installation system and have some of the best prices online. 

Our range includes Fuga-Pave grout, bedding mortar mix and slurry primer. 

We also stock other Aquacut products including Seal-IT, Raimondi washboys and specialised blades including diamond blades and turbo continuous rim blades for cutting porcelain.

Get in touch with a specific question

If you still have a question about Aquacut’s Fuga-Pave Complete Paving System, get in touch with our team at The Paving Experts and we’d be more than happy to help. 

The Paving Experts are Fuga-Pave stockists with some of the best prices online for the brand’s three-part system of bedding mortar, slurry primer and paving grout.

Delivery is available throughout mainland UK with free click and collect from our depot in Tamworth, Staffordshire. 

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