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Uncover the Magic of Joint-It Paving Grouts and Sealant

We’re thrilled to announce that The Paving Experts are now proud stockists of the robust and eco-friendly Joint-It range. Offering minimum effort with maximum results, Joint-It paving grouts and sealant are easy paving solutions loved by professional contractors and homeowners alike.

Learn more about each of the innovative Joint-It formulas that get the job finished faster for those looking to create patios that truly stand the test of time. 

Featured in the range is a grout that we’re very excited about: a revolutionary dual-use paving grout that can be used on both impermeable paving projects and with permeable bedding mortars for SUDS compliant paving projects.

"Can’t really explain how exceptional this product is. Forget all you know about traditional grouting. This product is a real game changer." Shared on Trustpilot, Oct 2022

Explore Joint-It Paving Grouts

Dive into the products within the Joint-It range. From a high-performance sealant to precision-engineered grouts, each product is designed to address specific needs. 

The robust and long-lasting jointing systems come in an array of grout colours to seamlessly integrate into your patio design for a functional and stylish patio and outdoor area.

Joint-It Porcelain Epoxy Grout Paving & Timber
Porcelain pavers grouted with Joint-It Porcelain Epoxy

Brush-in Grout: Joint-It Simple

When using Joint-It Simple both professional contractors and homeowners love the simplicity, longevity and value for money of this easy-to-use paving grout. 

The ready-mixed, cement-free formula contains a mixture of seven specialist and non-hazardous adhesives. 

The eco-friendly mixture offers a durable and weed-free finish that sets rock hard where other sweep-in grouts and mortars can crack and loosen.

Joint-It Simple sweep-in grout is: 

  • Suitable for porcelain, sandstone, limestone, slate, concrete, Yorkstone, granite, ceramic and quartz
  • Suitable for use on permeable beds
  • For joints at least 3mm wide and 25mm deep
  • Easy application, and in both wet and dry weather
  • Weed, power-washer and frost resistant
  • Available in 4 colours: Neutral, Grey, Dark Grey and Black

All that is needed for installation is a hard and soft brush, water and a bucket of the ready-made Joint-It mortar mix. 

Joint-It Simple is available in 20kg buckets.

If any of the product is leftover after installation, simply return to the bucket and cover with clean water. The remaining product will last for 12 weeks. 

"Used Joint-It Simple on my 30 sq mtr indian sandstone patio. I followed the instructions and it was easy to apply and gave a fantastic finish. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who can follow their simple instructions, you won't be disappointed." Shared on Trustpilot, Aug 2021

Permeable & Impermeable Grout: Joint-It Dynamic

Yes, you read that correctly. Joint-It Dynamic is a revolutionary dual-system jointing compound that can be used for pointing both permeable and impermeable paving solutions. 

In what we believe is the first of its kind on the market, this true-to-its-name dynamic paving grout is a two-part resin grout that offers exceptional durability. 

Joint-It Porcelain Epoxy Grout Paving & Timber Close Up
Achieve seamless joints with Joint-It paving grouts

Joint-It Dynamic two-part epoxy resin includes a resin binder, hardener and very high quality sand that are:  

  • Suitable for natural stone, concrete and porcelain paving
  • Suitable for both permeable and impermeable beds
  • For joints at least 5mm wide and 20mm deep
  • Suitable for very high traffic areas
  • Cement-free and non staining
  • Weed, power-washer and frost resistant
  • Easy to apply, and in both wet and dry weather
  • Available in 3 colours: Buff, Grey and Black

All that’s required for installation is a hard and soft brush, water, and a paddle mixer.

Trusted by Professional Landscapers

As a professional contractor, one of the major benefits of using this dual-use grout (aside from all the pluses mentioned above) is the money that can be saved when buying in bulk. 

With Joint-It Dynamic you’ll have no qualms about stocking up on a full or part pallet for the year, regardless of whether your forthcoming jobs need to be SUDS compliant or whether you are grouting patios on impermeable beds. 

The two-part resin has a 12-month shelf life, but the manufacturer says the vacuum-packed bags the materials are stored in last five years. Although there is no manufactuer guarantee past the one-year expiry, the formula is extremely unlikely to be compromised. 

Call us for discounted prices on bulk orders

"Joint-it is an absolutely fantastic product. I've just paved 100m2 and removed all the original mortar to replace with this, due to the base being used for dog kennels. The jet wash didn't even dent it, whereas it had easily washed out the sand and cement mix used prior. I've recommended it to anyone who'll listen, and the person who helped me (who had never heard of Joint-it) was that impressed he'll be using it from now on. Highly recommend this product!" Shared on Trustpilot, May 2022

Joint-It Porcelain Epoxy Grout Patio Project
A revolutionary formula for permeable and non-permeable projects

For Porcelain: Joint-It Epoxy Grout

When working with porcelain or other smooth paving materials, you’ll be impressed with the exceptionally strong Joint-It Porcelain Epoxy Grout, the newest innovation for grouting porcelain pavers.

As a two-part epoxy grout, the two tubes of Joint-It Epoxy are plugged into a twin-tube cartridge gun dispenser. The formulas are mixed within the nozzle for a fast, mess-free and fuss-free superior jointing solution.

Joint-It Porcelain Epoxy Grout Gun
An exceptionally strong epoxy grout for porcelain patios

One of the great things about this epoxy grout is that it is in no way time sensitive. Simply apply and scrape off when set. Together, the formulas set rock solid and offer a matte finish.

Joint-It is an porcelain epoxy grout is unlike any other jointing compound on the market for outdoor porcelain patios and offers:

  • Extremely high strength, durable and long lasting
  • A simple and no-mess application
  • Suitable for porcelain and smooth tiles and slabs (not rough, uneven edges)
  • For joints between 1–5mm wide and at least 10mm deep
  • Non-staining, colour fast and cement free formula
  • Anti-mildew for 10+ years
  • Available in Grey

Note: this porcelain epoxy grout can only be used on smooth paved surfaces where the finishing scraper can be evenly pulled across the top of the paving to remove excess grout. It cannot be used with pavers that feature a rough, beveled or hand-cut finish.

Use in Conjunction with Anti Bonding Wax

For a truly seamless finish, use Joint-It Anti Bonding Wax to smoothly remove Joint-It Porcelain Epoxy Grout from paving slabs and tiles.

For application all you need to do is sponge a generous film of anti-bonding wax to the top of the pavers before applying Joint-It Porcelain Epoxy grout. 

Joint-It Anti-Bonding Wax Sponge
Apply anti bonding wax was to effortlessly remove excess grout

Specially formulated for use with Joint-It Porcelain Epoxy, the wax acts as a barrier between the grout and tile, making it easy to peel off any excess grout following installation.

Brick & Concrete Sealer: Joint-It Pro Seal

Joint-It Pro Seal is a strong and eco-friendly paving sealant for natural stone and concrete surfaces – including paving, paths, roof tiles and walls. 

Creating a shield against dirt and grime, Joint-It Pro Seal penetrates deep into natural stone and concrete to install an invisible barrier that protects against dirt, stains, moss and algae growth. 

A high quality sealant enhances the durability of your patio or driveway and keeps the surface looking new all year round. 

Joint-It Pro Seal also repels moss and lichen, reducing the valuable time you spend maintaining the area.

Joint-It Pro Seal is: 

  • Quick drying
  • Ready to use as a ‘spray and go’ formula
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Non flammable and non-toxic
  • Suitable for use on patios, paths, roof tiles and walls

Installation tips and FAQs

View the range of Joint-It paving grouts and other products on The Paving Experts for inside installation tips together with a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions such as which bedding mortar to use. 

If you need any extra clarity about whether Joint-It is suitable for your landscaping business or patio project, we’d be more than happy to help and offer expert tips on the most suitable products. Call our family-run team on 0330 122 1025.

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