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Bolton garden transformed with UltraScape’s Mortar Paving System

The owners of a residential property in Bolton were “over the moon” with the outdoor utopia that was created by Next Level Landscapes Limited. Read on to discover which products the landscapers used to create a modern and elegant area for entertaining.

Bolton garden transformed with Ultrascape's mortar paving system
A new build in Bolton is transformed with an elegant entertaining area

The project's brief

The homeowners of a new-build property in Bolton, Lancashire wanted to remodel their backyard lawn to create a garden paradise.

They dreamed of a modern and relaxed seating area where they could entertain guests.

A state-of-the-art fire pit, fuelled by gas, was to be the centrepiece.

They briefed Jordan Clayton at Next Level Landscapes Ltd. After choosing the paving materials, of smoky grey porcelain together with silver-framed paving borders, the team was soon on-site ready to create the exceptional and sleek masterpiece.

Choosing products with outstanding credentials

Jordan decided to use UltraScape’s Mortar Paving System to install the elegant pavers.

The system includes: 

Along with being a trusted and popular paving system amongst architects, contractors, engineers and landscapers alike, UltraScape’s Mortar Paving System is also know for being extremely high-performance, exceeding the strict British Standards of BS 7533.

Choosing products that are fully compliant with the British Standards means you have the extra peace of mind they have been independently verified, tested and approved – and all in UKAS accredited laboratories.

Note: there are other tested and verified UltraScape products in the mortar paving system. Read our article on the BS 7533 system to find out more. 

Bedding mortar: Pro-bed HS fine bedding mortar

Next Level Landscapes chose Pro-bed HS fine bedding mortar as the base for the smoky grey porcelain paving.

Easy to use, this pre-blended formula is said to be the ultimate laying course that can be used for all types of paving.

Jordan shares, “Pro-bed HS is an amazing product not only for its strength benefits, but it’s also fast setting.”

“[Pro-bed] helps speed up the job by allowing you to walk on the paving a lot sooner than usual.”

Primer: Pro-Prime slurry primer

The product that offers an exceptional bond between paving elements and the bedding layer is Pro-Prime slurry primer.

And with this exceptional bond comes another strong benefit of priming. By using a primer like Pro-Prime you can also reduce the risk of efflorescence as the paving slabs are securely attached to the bedding layer.

Jordan says him and his team have used Pro-Prime many times before. They see priming pavers as an essential step that should not be missed when installing paving.

“I love the fact that [Pro-Prime] gives me peace of mind that the paving slabs aren’t going to come loose over time,” says Jordan.

Using a high-quality primer also eliminates the risk of costly failures that can be caused by general wear and tear.

Read the full benefits of using a quality primer.

Applying primer to a paving slab
A landscaper applies Pro-Prime to the underside of a paving slab

Paving grout: Flowpoint slurry grout

Jordan completed the Bolton paving installation by jointing the pavers with Flowpoint Smooth in Charcoal.

Chosen specially so the grout offers a striking contrast with the light smokey grey colours of the porcelain, Flowpoint Charcoal offers an added flash of elegance to give the entertainment area that extra wow factor.

Flowpoint Smooth grout was chosen as it contains less visible aggregate than Flowpoint Standard. Similar to Flowpoint Fine, the Smooth formula is a great option for when working with porcelain pavers.

Jordan says he’s impressed with the robustness and speedy application of the slurry grout.

“Flowpoint is our go-to product when it comes to jointing all our paving,” he says.

“Like the rest of the materials, I love how it gives me confidence that the products will stand the test of time, allowing homeowners to enjoy their garden for years to come.”

How to get 'Next Level' paving finishes

If you want to take your paving to the next level, just like Next Level Landscapes, and are interested in trying out UltraScape’s Mortar Paving System, get in touch as we may be able to arrange a demo with the manufacturer.

Fantastic bulk deals are available with The Paving Experts on Flowpoint and other products in the system. Call us on 0330 122 1025 to find out more and for a quote.

This case study has been supplied courtesy of Instarmac.

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