What is a slurry paving primer?

How to apply Pro-prime paving primer
How to apply Pro-prime paving primer

A slurry paving primer like UltraScape Pro-Prime manufactured by award winning Instarmac Group plc is used to provide a secure and strong bond between the paving slab or sett and your bedding mortar. It is an essential part of creating a long-lasting patio.

 A slurry primer is typically used to help strengthen the bond between your road-base and the bedding mortar layer. Traditionally granite setts, paving slabs or flags would have been directly laid onto the bedding mortar, but due to the increase in cars, SUV’s and caravans on our driveways and patios, paving would often break away from the mortar bed. This results in costly failures to the sub-structure and patio.

A slurry primer like Pro-Prime is used by most of the major contractors within urban regeneration schemes in our town and cities, but it’s also vital in domestic installations. A Primer is an essential part of the process when creating a durable, long lasting patio and paving scheme in our homes and gardens.

Rory from The Paving Experts who’s had over twenty years laying patios for hundreds of customers suggests:

“Failed paving is costly for both the landscaping contractor that has to return to a failed job and frustrating and stressful to the customer. The simple addition of a slurry primer to aid the installation of a patio is essential to guarantee a bond strength which will ensure that the patio remains in perfect condition for years to come.

“We find that the addition of a priming layer between the paving and the bedding mortar ensures a high bond strength which prevents this type of failure from occurring. This in turn increases the life expectancy of the paved area and reduces its ongoing maintenance and potential repercussions of having to return to completed paving projects – and unhappy customers.”

UltraScape Pro-Prime is easy to mix and apply, it comes in a handy 25KG bag, it covers approx. 15m2 per bag with a single coat. Used as part of the UltraScape BS 7533 Paving System, Pro-Prime can help your patio last anything up to 40 years!

The UltraScape BS 7533 Mortar Paving System, includes a range of high performance materials that meet and exceed the strict demands of BS 7533.

Ultrascape BS 7533 Paving Mortar System

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