What is the Ultracrete BBA/HAPAS Approved Ironwork Reinstatement System?

The UltraCrete BBA/Hapas approved ironwork reinstatement system is a range of specialist products that comprises of approved bedding mortars, backfill flowable concrete, hot and cold lay asphalt and bitumen seal and tack coat spray that have been independently tested by a UKAS accredited laboratory and approved for use by the British Board of Agrément.

The system comprises of...

  • Ultracrete Envirobed HA104 is a two component, non-shrink, fast setting, cementitious mortar, that is commonly used to bed and level ironwork in locations that receive a high volume of traffic, such as junctions and turning areas 
  • Ultracrete PY4 a two component, fast setting, polyester resin-based mortar that is used to bed and level ironwork in roads, junctions and turning areas that receive lots of heavy traffic 
  • Ultracrete M60 and M60F Rapid-Set Bedding Mortar are fast setting, cementitious mortars, that are used to bed and level ironwork. M60F is a fibre reinforced version of standard M60
  • Ultracrete QC10 Rapid Strength Concrete, is a two-part, fast-setting cementitious concrete, that is used for backfilling around ironwork installations and utilities ironwork 
  • Ultracrete QC10F Rapid Strength Concrete (Flowable), is a two part, flowable, fibre reinforced, fast setting cementitious concrete, which is used for backfilling around ironwork installations
  • Ultracrete Instant Road Repair — is a permanent pothole tarmac and cold-lay surfacing asphalt that is available in 6mm and 10mm grades. 6mm grade is available in both black and dark red colours and used for footpaths and cycle tracks, and 10mm offers a first time permanent tarmac repair in type 3 & 4 roads, and is only available in black
  • Ultracrete Seal and Tack (SCJ) is a spray-applied, cold joint sealant, applied to the vertical edges at joint interfaces to improve the bond and stop water ingress in the pothole repair.

The benefits...

The system offers a first time permanent repair solution, which is trusted and widely used by Highways Contractors, Local Authorities and Utility Suppliers. It allows sites to be open to traffic from break out to completion, in as little as 2 hours meaning that roads can be opened to traffic quickly saving time and money. 

The system exceeds a 5 year service life with no risk of split liability, meaning that there is a reduction in total overall cost of a project. Most of all the system reduces costly failures which can result in personal injury to pedestrians and motorists. It is estimated that the UK has around 900,000 potholes, Instant Road Repair is a quick, efficient and low cost method of reinstating the potholes to ensure roads can be opened quickly and safely.

For further information on the Ultracrete BBA/HAPAS Approved Ironwork Reinstatement System please get in touch with us at orders@thepavingexperts.co.uk – we’ll be happy to provide you with any information that you need or a quote for materials. 

Image & information courtesy of Instarmac Group plc