UltraTileFix ProLevel Two – Pallet Only Deal (48x 20kg+4ltr)

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Pallet Only Deal: 48x 20kg bags + 4-litre bottles. Standard delivery included (3–5 days).

Choose UltraTileFix ProLevel Two for a smoothing floor leveller with added flexibility. This two-part product is ideal as an internal flooring underlayment for timber floors, underfloor heating systems and can even be used when you are pre-smoothing floors before applying surface damp proof membranes. Walk on the floors approximately 2.5 hours after applying. Tiles can be laid 12–24 hours later depending on the thickness of the bed. Each purchase comes with a 20kg bag + 4-litre bottle.

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UltraTileFix ProLevel Two – Pallet Only Deal (48x 20kg+4ltr)

For a two-part smoothing floor leveller with added flexibility, choose the UltraTileFix ProLevel Two. As a general purpose and mid-stength smoothing floor leveller, you can walk on the floors within approximately 2.5 hours and tiles can be laid between 12–24 hours later (depending on the thickness of the bed).

The two-part system of ProLevel Two includes a powdered blend of cements, graded fillers and additives, together with a pre-gauged polymer liquid.

After mixing and applying, you will have smooth underlayment ready for the application of a wide range of flooring substrates for both commercial and domestic flooring projects. This includes tiling, underfloor heating systems and timber floors.

Workable for 20 to 30 minutes, once UltraFixTile ProLevel Two has been laid it starts to set. Walking traffic is possible within approximately 2.5 hours. If you are working in a good, ambient condition, most floor coverings can be laid in as little as 12 hours when using a depth of 3mm. When using a 12mm depth, ProLevel Two is ready for most floor coverings in 24 hours.

As a moisture tolerent formulation, ProLevel Two is suitable to use when you are pre-smoothing of floors before applying surface damp proof membranes.

ProLevel Two – summary of features

  • Internal use
  • Simple to mix
  • Moisture tolerant
  • 2-15mm depth
  • 2.5 hours set time
  • Tile after just 24 hours (12 hours if a thin layer is applied)
  • Excellent flexibility for timber floors and underfloor heating systems
  • 1 bag : 1 bottle mixing ratio
  • Conforms to CT C25 F5 EN 13813 classification
  • Size: 20kg bag & 4-litre bottle (save with our Pallet Only Deal for 48x 20kg + 4ltr)
  • Lifetime guarantee

Standard 3-5 day delivery is included in the price when you buy a Pallet Only Deal.

Additional information

Weight 1200 kg


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