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Why and when to use a sponge machine for Flowpoint and other slurry grouts.

Sponge machine for paving grout
Sponge machine hire information

The Tile Grout Sponge Machine is a continuous band sponging machine for sponging off cement grouts. It quickly cleans off grout from quarry tiles & pool surround, granite sets & pavers and leaves uniform & strong joints. For use on pavements & pedestrian areas, saves up to 70% of grouting time & labour

The Schwammfix SM620P Paving Grout Sponge Machine is manufactured for the removal of proprietary slurry grouts from paving, in commercial or large scale paving areas.

The machine incorporates a belt driven continuous sponge and sump. The sponge is driven by a series of rollers which are chain driven and powered by a small petrol engine.

Tile Grout Power Sponge Machine

The machines use a continuous sponge band that is fed through a water bucket and rollers; the excess sludge and water is squeezed out leaving the sponge clean to repeat the cycle

The Schwammfix machines are for cleaning cements and grouts from quarry tiles, external pavers, natural stone and granite sets

The grout is pumped or poured into the joint; the Schwammfix machine is used to pass over the newly grouted area and to sponge off the residue leaving a clean surface and compact joint

The system improves the joint quality, avoiding washing away the cement in the joint

The machines will mechanically do the time consuming “hands and knees” job of removing cementitious and epoxy grout.


  • cleaning cement residues
  • sponging off grouts
  • finishing granite sets

Sponge machines are perfect for use with high performance slurry grouts such as Instarmac’s Ultrascape Flowpoint. The fast setting and high strength nature of these grouts means that cleaning efficiently and evenly is one of the keys to ensuring a lasting and desirable finish on the grout surface.

A sponge machine ensures that large areas of paving can be grouted and cleaned quickly and evenly, resulting in both productivity savings and a very consistent grout finish.

Harsh washing using direct force, such as from a high pressure washer, can, if not used correctly result in uneven wash off which looks unsightly and may even result in overwatering which can affect the strength of the slurry grout itself.

Sponge machines are ideally suited to large areas of paving and particularly paving with a more uniform surface. Heavily textured surfaces can be problematic for sponge machines as they may result in heavier wear to the sponges. Flame textured, bush hammered, fine picked and other similarly lightly textured surfaces are generally fine and will lend themselves to sponge machine removal of grout.

Other areas which are particularly suitable for a sponge machine include heavily pedestrianised areas such as town centres, where pedestrians may be passing by paving works as they are ongoing. Cleaning using excessive water can cause run off and over spray, which could affect these passers by, whereas a sponge machine uses very little water and results in very localised and only light spray.

Sponge machines are also suited to areas where paving abuts drainage or other water courses – run off from grout using more traditional cleaning methods can find its way into drainage gulleys and culverts, which can result in very difficult to remove deposits of grout. Sponge machines prevent this run off and leave very little residue.

Sponge machines are available to hire or buy from Feel free to call us on 0330 122 1025 or email us at to discuss your requirements and obtain a quotation.

Basic instructions for use of our sponge machines can be supplied in PDF format and more detailed guidance can be provided through our sales office. Alternatively:

This video shows a SWM620P in use and this video shows the larger SWM880P in use, however; the process is identical.

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