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Next Day Delivery Available

Shift muck the easy way with our high strength mortar tubs

You can buy mortar tubs for next day delivery here:

Whats all the fuss about mortar tubs? Why not just use buckets, wheelbarrows or gorilla tubs?

Ideal for moving mortar around site easily with either a site forklift or by crane (with certified crane lift tubs), mortar tubs provide a cost effective way of keeping your bricks and paving contractors supplied with muck and preventing down time.

Mortar tubs are strong, allow you to move large quantities of mortar around quickly and are much les labour intensive than shifting it around manually.

Available in all sorts of sizes and colours and for a range of applications, mortar tubs are the way to keep your brickies and paving gangs supplied with muck when they need it!

Our range of mortar tubs include 250litre forkliftable tubs and 300litre forkliftable tubs which can either be purchased in singles or in bulk. We even offer free standard (3-5 day) delivery on our some of our most popular bulk deals, including when you buy 4no. 250litre forkliftable tubs  or 4no. 300litre forkliftable tubs.

Crane lift mortar bin
Crane lift mortar bin

We can even deliver tubs straight to site and for orders placed before midday, we will often deliver the very next day!

If your site has a crane to move materials around, our 250 litre crane lift tubs are ideal. They are fully tested and certified for use with a crane and so you can ensure the safety of your operatives on site.

Our tubs are made of high quality rotationally moulded polyethylene plastics and have been developed with house builders, civil engineers, paving contractors in mind, ensuring that they are strong, safe and long lasting.

We can offer a range of colours and can even make the tubs with your own branding subject to minimum order commitments.

Our mortar tubs are designed to allow easy, safe handling and storage of sand & cement mortars around building sites. They have been extensively tested based on a nominal load of 800kg and will retain their shape when laden.

The following guidelines should be followed to ensure lasting, safe performance of the tub:

DO NOT use the mortar tubs to store, lift or move other building or waste materials around site – they should be used for transporting mortar only

DO use suitably rated chains or slings of adequate length attached to the handles when lifting by crane and only use certified crane lift tubs

DO NOT attempt to lift filled tubs by one handle by forklift, crane or other means. This WILL result in damage to the handle and may cause serious injury

DO use a suitable lifting beam attached to the handles when lifting filled tubs by forklift

DO NOT attempt to manually move part filled tubs. Due to the awkward size and shape, always lift empty tubs with two people employing appropriate and safe manual handling techniques

DO NOT lift filled tubs where there is obvious signs of damage. ALWAYS inspect tubs before use for signs of damage, corrosion of handles, punctures or tears, bends in the handles or frame etc.

The information above is based on many years of experience and knowledge of good working practices. This information is provided in good faith for information purposes only and is not a substitute for conducting proper risk assessments and training on site. Users are recommended to carry out whatever tests are required to ensure the product is safe and suitable for use before using. We cannot accept responsibility for damages or injury arising from inappropriate use or misuse of our product. Always ensure local guidelines and regulations regarding.

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