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Fantastic turnout for Flowpoint Training!

Last week we hosted the second of our Flowpoint Training Days, over at Instarmac Head Office in Tamworth, Staffordshire. We had a fantastic turnout and were joined by teams from Leeds, Harlow, Cheshire, Salisbury, Cheltenham, Rugby, Huddersfield and Lichfield. The Paving Contractors took time out of their busy schedules to invest in themselves and their businesses; gaining some additional new Flowpoint skills and knowledge.

Flowpoint Training Day Demo July 28th at Instarmac HQ
Nick demonstrating Flowpoint application techniques.

The day was co-hosted by The Paving Experts & Instarmac

The training day; put on by Cleo & Richard from The Paving Experts, was co-hosted by Nick, Chris, Josh, Lynne and Alan from Instarmac. With technical info, a factory tour and practical sessions during the day. 

The day began bright and early with teas, coffees and lovely biscuits, before the group split into two for a tour of the pristine factory with Alan, whilst the other group sat down with Chris and Nick to get a better understanding of many of the products within the Ultrascape range. The day focussed on Flowpoint grades & colours, Pro-Prime, PremJoint and ECO-BED, and the group chatted through their technical capabilities, product benefits, where the products can be used, main application techniques in warm and cold weather, as well as lots of hints and tips. The group was a lively bunch, full of real experts that shared their own experiences as well as asking plenty of questions to top up their own knowledge.

Practical demo's of Flowpoint went down a storm.

After a gourmet buffet lunch, and more tea (builders for those that like their tea nice and strong) the group came back together for a couple of hours of practical demonstrations. Nick and Alan from the Technical Team showcased application techniques for Flowpoint, PremJoint, Pro-Prime and ECO-BED, with a quick demo of the Pedalo Washboy and its benefits when used to clean up Flowpoint.

Ultrascape Pro-Prime

A just add water slurry primer, for porcelain & natural stone, stops efflorescence & provides a secure bond.
Stops stains

Prizes & Goody Buckets were a hit.

The day ended with a quick quiz, where three lucky contractors won tubs of Flowpoint Fine to take away, whilst ‘goody buckets’ containing a squeegee, t-shirt, pens, pads, some beer and chocolate were handed around.

Whilst out and about at Instarmac, we were also lucky enough to bump into Lizzie Elston, the new Managing Director Designate keeping her eye on the smooth running of the factory and operations, as well as Jason Reid their new Sales Director. It was nice to have a moment to chat and say a big congratulations to them both. Here at The Paving Experts we have been working alongside Instarmac for over ten years now, and have seen lots of developments and changes along the way. We’re pleased to retain a special relationship with the manufacturer, which has huge benefits for our customers.  

Have a question or want to attend one of our Flowpoint Training Days?

If you like the sound of the above, and are interested in attending one of our Flowpoint Training Days, please email us at or get in touch with our team on 0330 122 1025 – or leave your question in the comments box below.

2 thoughts on “Fantastic turnout for Flowpoint Training!”

  1. Looking for advice on how to seal my old block paving, each year it gets hit with moss,weeds and grass.

    2 years tried silicon sand and block sealer, in parts it has worked but overall needto try again.

    What do you sell that would enable to stop this moss growing!

    1. Hello David, sincere apologies, we didn’t get an alert that there was a comment on this post, so we had no idea you’d asked for some advice. So very sorry about that!

      In terms of sealing old block paving, the best thing to do is to give it a thorough clean down with a jet washer with something like: and then reseal it with something like this: This sealant is water based so really easy to use. You’ll unfortunately never completely stop lichen, moss and algae forming on the surface of your block pavers, its naturally occurring and will probably appear thinly after each winter, but if you clean it down, and reseal, and then clean it every few months you stand a much better chance of keeping on top of it. I hope this helps, you can always call us on 0330 122 1025. Thank you, and sorry again for the very late reply, Cleo.

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