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Did you know that regrouting your patio can add value to your home?

According to a recent article in Ideal Home a beautiful garden and outdoor space can add up to approximately 20% or as much as £45,000 to the value of your home? Redesigning your front entrance, garden and patio space, ensuring that it looks tidy and attractive will not only add value to your home, but it will also help to make your home much more appealing to potential buyers.

The team at *Ideal Home suggests amongst other things that ‘patching up any cracks or gaps in the patio or pavement’ will greatly improve the chance of a buyer seeing themselves in your property.

With this in mind, below are our top tips, to improve the look and feel of your garden, whether you have the budget to carry out a complete garden renovation or a quick makeover!

Our top tips if you have a little spare cash!

  • Making your garden feel private, and improving the layout so it feels less overlooked and more secluded will add value
  • You can add a simple fence, they don’t need to be expensive, a lick of paint and some careful planting, or pots will improve the look no end
  • You can add a pergola, these can be anything up to 4m high without needing planning permission. A carefully positioned pergola at the boundary of your garden will draw the eye and add depth to your garden.
  • Create separate areas in your garden, simple seating with cushions and throws to create texture, an area for a barbecue or an outdoor kitchen, a painted shed for storage to keep your garden and patio tidy, a lawn, a perfectly pointed weed free patio or paved area
  • Bringing the inside out and extending your living space by running the same tiles or paving slabs from the house into your garden will make your house feel bigger
  • Making room at the front of your house for a paved area or driveway for a car, especially in streets that have overcrowded parking will dramatically improve the chances of a sale

If you don’t have budget free to do a brand new make-over then these are a must!

  • Tidy your garden, clean up litter, dead plants & leaves and most importantly any dog poo!
  • Weed your garden
  • Mow the lawn, repair any dry, brown areas of dead grass with feed
  • Prune overgrown trees, shrubs and hedges
  • Add colour and texture with planting, pots are a quick an easy way to do this ‘plus you can take them with you’
  • Regrout your patio! Clean moss and lichen from your slabs, remove weeds, and clean out joints, then regrout with a rapid set, easy to use patio & paving grout such as UltraScape Flowpoint which will keep your patio free from weeds whilst you are trying to sell your property!
  • To add kerb appeal, tidy the front of your property! Weed the drive, and replace any broken blocks or slabs, clean the windows and ensure bins are tidy – hide them in a bin store if you have the budget and room!

Taking care of your garden and ensuring that your prospective buyer can see how they and their family can live in your home will increase the opportunity for you to sell your property. Estate agents may find it difficult to place an exact figure on the increase in value made purely by cosmetic improvements to your garden and outdoor space, but generally there is always a premium on a well decorated and styled home! And in alot of cases it’s just a little elbow grease and hard work that’s needed, so go on roll up your sleeves and add a little value to your property!

*Source: Ideal Home

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