Ready to spring clean your paving?

Dirty or moss-covered concrete paving, tiled, and natural stone surfaces have little appeal. By the time spring is around the corner, road salt from de-icing the streets may also have accumulated in the joints. Many people will reach for commercially available high-pressure cleaners to blast away the dirt. However, high-pressure water jets will be deflected from the surface and soil nearby walls or damage vegetation and bystanders may take a cold shower with dirty water. While the industry offers surface cleaners with covers, most of these cleaners are not forceful enough, have a narrow working width, and their use is quite cumbersome.

The Probst Easyclean EC-60 Paver Cleaning Device with splash guard is a paver cleaning device with many exceptional features. The powerful high-pressure pump in the Easyclean generates a nozzle pressure of up to 150 bar. The stainless steel guard keeps water from splashing beyond the cleaning area. An integrated rinse line floats the loosened dirt to the side. The splash guard slopes back so that the device can be used to remove the dirt near walls and in corners. Adjacent areas or walls will not be soiled. This eliminates the need for cleaning adjacent walls, windows or other items, and the operator does not have to wear protective garb. The Easyclean may even be used in pedestrian zones during business hours.

The paver cleaning device is powered by a 4 KW (5.5 PS) Honda gasoline motor. Therefore, the operator does not depend on a nearby power outlet and the work radius will not be limited by the length of a cable. All you need to supply is the tap water connection. Included in the delivery scope is the water hose adaptor WSA Gardena. This adaptor connects the Gardena coupling piece with the bayonet mount on the Easyclean machine. Operating the integrated tap will control the water stream. You may want to order the optional spray lance if you also want to cleanse adjacent items or areas.

You may attach optional specialty nozzles to the ends of the rotating arms. They cleanse surfaces and joints on the first pass evenly and effectively. The working width is 60 cm (23.6”). Four large rollers make it quick and easy to push the paver cleaning device smoothly across slightly uneven surfaces or even over lawn lattice stones. 

After using a conventional high-pressure cleaner with spray lance you may notice streaks on the dry surface only after finishing the cleaning process. In such a case, a second cleaning pass is necessary. You can prevent these streaks by using the Easyclean machine and by pushing it smoothly across the surface.

Underneath the Easyclean hood, water from two rotating specialty nozzles not only thoroughly clean the surface but also rinse away the dirt and moss, which is usually found in the joints. Dirt and moss in the joints interferes with the drainage process. After cleaning with the Easyclean machine, the joints are not only clean but also more water permeable. Rainwater no longer remains on the surface but quickly seeps through the cleaned joints. We recommend sanding the joints after cleaning if cars move over the surface.

The paver cleaning device cleans a five times larger surface area than the spray lance application. Pavements and tiled surfaces are cleaned quickly, evenly, and in keeping with best environmental practices. Now the colours and structures of your paved or tiled surfaces are like new again!

What’s more it easily folds away to store or transport to and from site in the boot of a car making it really convenient and portable.

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