Pulvex Natural Stone Blade

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Diamond Blade for concrete pavers & natural stone

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Pulvex Natural Stone Blade

The highest grade of diamond and state of the art bonds combined with Rapier technology make this the blade of choice for any paving contractor. The diamond blade is hard enough to withstand the abrasive nature of paving materials but also cuts extremely quickly which results in huge time savings and reduced back strain.

This is undoubtedly one of the best selling blades from Pulvex & is incredibly popular with paving & driveway contractors & landscaping contractors all of whom are very impressed with the speed of cut combined with excellent life span.

Suitable for: Sandstone, yorkstone, medium hardness natural stones, general construction materials.

Rapier technology offering extremely fast cutting speed & good life
Produced to OSA (Organization for Safety in Abrasives) standards
10mm high, laser welded segment
Alternate turbo segments to accelerate slurry removal & extend life
Hammer segment undercut protection
Wet or dry cut


Product Code Diameter (mm) Bore Size (mm) Segment Length (mm) Segment Thickness(mm) Segment Height (mm) No. Segments Max. RPM
PG-DP230 230 22.23 32 2.4 10 16 6650
PG-DP300 300 20 38 2.8 10.3 21 6400


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Weight 2 kg

230mm, 300mm, 350mm


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