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Flowpoint Paving Grout – The cost effective, long lasting paving grout used by professionals

Flowpoint Grout is available in Natural Grey or Charcoal colours.

Flowpoint paving grout has been used in the United Kingdom for over three decades and in recent years has also become the grout of choice for paving schemes the world over.

Flowpoint Paving Grout is a heavy duty, efficient, cost effective paving grout which can last for up to forty years!

Originally developed for commercial paving jobs, such as heavily pedestrianized paving areas, town centres and areas subject to vehicular traffic (including buses and HGVs), Flowpoint Paving Grout is also now proving to be the choice of professional domestic paving contractors, who for years have been stuck with either time labour intensive processes or ineffective ‘convenience’ products which do not last.

Flowpoint Paving Grout is a slurry apply cementitious grout. It is supplied in 25kg paper bags and is mixed with water to create a fluid grout. Once mixed its is poured onto the paving and then, using a heavy duty squeegee, it is moved across the paving joints to fill them from the bottom to the top – this is one of the key benefits of Flowpoint Paving Grout over more traditional mortars, which are pushed in from the top of the joint and which may lead to voids in the bottom of the joint, which are one of the major causes of paving grout failure.

By pushing the grout around the paving over the joints, there should only be minimal product left on the surface of the paving and once the joints are all full, or the product has all been used, then the Flowpoint Paving Grout should be left to begin to go hard.

Once the joints are firm to the touch, which typically takes between 10-2 minutes depending on temperature, then the surface of the paving should be rinsed thoroughly to remove the surplus from the paving surface. Rinsing should be carried out using clean water and without significant pressure, so as to avoid damaging the newly mortared joints.

The process should then be repeated until the area to be grouted has all been completed by mixing further bags of Flowpoint Paving Grout.

Once complete, a quick rinse with a pressure washer to remove any remaining surface grout should leave a perfect finish.

Mixing Flowpoint Paving Grout can be done by hand, using a shovel and a mixing tub, or if you are going to be using Flowpoint Paving Grout in sufficient quantities or you are going to be using it for future jobs, then a paddle mixer could be a sound investment – a paddle mixer allows you to mix more product in each load and is significantly quicker too!

Why not take a look in store at some of offers, which include free standard delivery, pallet offers with free paddle mixers, free fitting kits or a free pack of builders gloves depending on how many bags you need.

We offer next day delivery on many orders and can also help calculate the quantity you need too – just call our customer sale line for assistance.

If you have a larger paving job or commercial paving area to grout, why not have a look at our petrol powered paving grout sponge machine – this machine can help you grout over 500square metres in a single shift! For public realm paving projects this really is a revolution in paving grouting.

Trusted by contractors, clients and local authorities for over three decades, Flowpoint paving grout has cemented its place in the paving grout market as a leader both in cost effective, efficient paving grout solutions.

Visit our shop for more info and offers.

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