UltraFloor Level IT Super Flex 30 – Part Pallet Offer (24No. 20Kg & 5Ltr bottle)

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UltraFloor Level IT Super Flex 30 is a high-specification, flexible smoothing flooring screed which is fast-curing and rapid-setting.  A two-part product and fibre-reinforced, the smoothing finishing compound can be used at depths of 2-10mm. It can be used with a wide variety of  different types of internal floors and can be ready to lay floors after just one hour.

Save money with our Part Pallet Offer (24x 20kg bag and 5-litre bottle)

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UltraFloor Level IT Super Flex 30: Part Pallet Offer

For a rapid-setting, fast-drying and fibre-reinforced smoothing finishing compound, choose UltraFloor Level IT Super Flex 30. You can use it when applying bonded floor coverings to internal subfloors – within as little as one hour.

With our part-pallet offer, you can save money by buying 24 purchases (of the 20kg bag and 5-litre bottle) for a discounted rate.

Level IT Super Flex 30 is fibre-reinforced and can be used at depths 2-10mm. It contains a blend of high specification micro-fibres, graded fillers and cements. The liquid part of this two-part product is a pre-gauged polymer liquid.

Super Flex 30 has been specifically designed to use with a many various subfloorings, and can even be used itself as a finished floor surface. Use Super Flex 30 with:

  • Sand and cement
  • Concrete
  • Calcium sulphate, anhydrite or hemihydrate screeds
  • Plywood – flooring grade
  • Rigid steel
  • Damp-proof membranes
  • Underfloor heating systems

If you’re installing carpet after using Super Flex 30, allow 45 minutes for it dry. For resin finishes allow 24 hours.

Features of Level IT Super Flex 30

  • Foot traffic in as little as 30 minutes
  • Apply bonded floor coverings after one hour
  • Use over most common subfloors – this includes flooring grade plywood and rigid steel
  • Ready to receive resin finishes after 24 hours
  • Can accept fork-lift traffic after 24 hours
  • Use as a finished wear surface
  • UFH compatible
  • Low odours
  • Protein-free
  • Size of each purchase: 20kg bag and 5-litre bottle (24 parts within this part-pallet offer)

Please note: Level IT Super Flex 30 is not a formulation that is tolerant to moisture, so it’s not suitable for pre-smoothing subflooring before applying a moisture vapour suppressant (MVS) or a surface damp proof membrane (DPM). Also, application of the product is not suitable where a damp proof coursing (DPC) is not present within the building’s integrity.

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