UltraFloor Level IT Bond – Part Pallet Offer (24x 20Kg bag & 4Ltr bottle)

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UltraFloor Level IT Bond is a rapid drying multi purpose smoothing underlayment which comes as a two-part pack, versatile and with high-performing characteristics this smoothing underlayment is perfect for your internal flooring requirements. Each purchase includes a 20kg bag and a 4.6-litre bottle that can help you complete bonded coverings of floors after just four hours.

UltraFloor Level IT Bond – Part Pallet Offer (24x 20Kg bag & 4.6Ltr bottle)


How much will you need?

20kg Unit


Level IT Bond: Rapid Drying, Multi Purpose Smoothing Underlayment 20Kg + 4.6Ltr Bottle

UltraFloor Level IT Bond is a high performance two-part smoothing underlayment which offers outstanding adhesion for many types of internal flooring projects – on various types of substrates,  subfloors and even old adhesive residue.

Level IT Bond comes as a two-part pack, including a 20kg bag and a 4.6-litre bottle, Level IT Bond: Rapid Drying Multi Purpose Smoothing Underlayment is ideal for larger flooring projects – for commercial companies and smaller DIY (domestic)  projects.

Level IT Bond is fast-drying and will allow you complete a bonded floor covering after just four hours. It has open time of just 15-20 minutes and a setting time of 90-120 minutes.

Moisture tolerant and versatile Level IT Bond allows you cover an area of approximately 5 metre² (at a thickness of 3mm. The product can be used at a thickness of 2-12mm.

Please purchase a minimum of 4 bags to qualify for this price.

  • Use on internal floors
  • Complete bonded floor coverings after 4 hours
  • Opening time: 15-20 minutes
  • Setting time: 90-120 minutes
  • Superior flow
  • Versatile and moisture tolerant
  • Low odours
  • Covers an area of approx. 5 metre² (3mm thickness)
  • Can be applied 2-12mm thick
  • Two-part product: 20kg bag and 4.6ltr bottle
  • This product is NBS Plus registered for ease of specification

Additional information

Weight 600 kg


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