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EASYJoint PRO Two-Part Epoxy Paving Grout

£84.99 Ex. VAT - £101.99 Inc. VAT

EASYJoint PRO is two-part epoxy paving grout for use on paths, patios & driveways. Made from a mix of coated sand and a separate activator, this quality two-part epoxy compound is ideal for use by commercial landscapers and domestic homeowners and simply requires mixing together before use. Ideal for use in most weather conditions including light rain, although we do not recommend using in heavy rain.

Available in three beautiful colours – Mushroom, Stone Grey and Basalt. EASYJoint PRO is perfect for use with all types of natural stone, porcelain and manmade stone. Not suitable for standard block paving laid unbound with < 5mm joints. Please note that Mushroom will not be available for a couple of months due to manufacturer delays. ETA October 2023.

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EASYJoint PRO is two-part epoxy compound for use as a paving & patio joint filler. Made from coated sand and a separate activator, this quality epoxy paving grout simply requires mixing together before use. Once mixed, EASYJoint PRO will cure in any weather conditions.*

Rather than simply being a stronger version of EASYJoint, EASYJoint PRO is an expoxy resin based product and behaves very differently from regular EasyJoint which is a different composition that is premixed in a factory.

EASYJoint PRO contains a coated sand mixture and a separate activator which require mixing together before use. Ideal for use by both commercial landscapers and domestic home-owners, it’s a really robust, long-lasting paving joint filler.

Benefits of EASYJoint Pro

As a really robust two-part epoxy compound, EASYJoint PRO is:

  • Ideal for patios, paths and driveways
  • Extra strength and durability with a smoother finish
  • Tough two-part epoxy compound formula
  • Rated up to seven tonnes per square metre
  • Perfect option for driveways and areas where water tolerance is required *
  • Frost and ice resistance
  • 17kg tub
  • For all joints of 5mm wide and over and a minimum of 20mm depth

What colours does EASYJoint Pro come in?

EASYJoint Pro is available in Mushroom, Stone Grey and Basalt.

What types of paving can EASYJoint Pro be used on?

EASYJoint PRO can be used on most types of paving (excluding block paved driveways) such as sandstone, limestone, granite, porcelain, ceramic and manmade paving slabs, for pointing slabs in patio’s and driveways.

As a professional-grade jointing compound, EASYJoint Pro’s strength and tolerance to water make it ideal for driveways, commercial areas, areas with poor drainage and swimming pool terraces.

Not suitable for standard block paving laid unbound with < 5mm joints

Once mixed, can I keep EASYJoint PRO for later use once mixed?

Unfortunately the answer is no, you cannot mix EASYJoint Pro and save any remaining compound for later paving projects, simply because there is a chemical reaction that takes place when the two components – the sand and activator are mixed. We recommend that any unused product is discarded at a suitable waste facility.

How long does EASYJoint Pro Last?

In dry conditions and warm to moderate temperatures and humidity, EASYJoint Pro should be firm enough to walk on within 24 hours and will cure very hard within a few days.

In terms of longevity, the jointing compound will last for years if looked after. We recommend when cleaning your patio or driveway that any use of pressure washers is not pointed directly at the joint, so as to not lift or disturb the compound. When using a pressure washer hose, hold it a few feet above the slabs and point the hose at a 45 degree angle.

What happens if it rains as I’m using EASYJoint PRO?

Light rain is not a problem for pointing patios or driveways with EASYJoint Pro. However, prolonged heavy rain* can weaken the epoxy and reduce its strength. We ideally recommended that you do not to use the product if rain is a possibility. Areas should be covered if rain occurs before the product has cured.

Should I pre-seal my paving slabs prior to using EASYJoint Pro?

Although not strictly necessary with most paving grouts, sealing slabs prior to using EASYJoint Pro will ensure that any salts or residue that may be drawn up through the mortar bed are limited, and also any shiny residue does not appear on the face of the slabs due to the epoxy resin in the compound. The risk of not sealing is that you may end up with a picture frame of stains around the edge of your paving slabs, or patchy efflorescence.

When pre-sealing we suggest using a suitable sealer for the type of paving slabs you are laying, and sealing the face of the slabs and all 4 sides, then leaving to dry completely before grouting. You’ll find a range of sealers in our Paving Sealer & Enhancer Category Click Here.

I didn’t pre-seal my paving as recommended, & there is a shiny residue on the paving surface. How can I clean this?

Azpect’s EASY Sealer Remover is a high strength stripper which will dissolve the epoxy residue. Care must be taken to avoid damage to surrounding areas including UPVC frames, artificial/real grass and plants when washing off this product. (Please contact us for details)

*Although EASYJoint Pro can be used in the majority of weather conditions, we do not recommend using it if rain is forecast, light rain isn’t a problem, but heavy rain may cause the grout to weaken and reduce its robustness and longevity over time.

Technical information

EASYJoint Pro is a professional, robust, tough jointing compound for patios, paths and driveways.
Size 17kg tub
Joint widths Suitable for joints of 5mm width and over (not suitable for standard block paving laid unbound with < 5mm joints
Joint depths Joints with a minimum depth of 20mm
Colours Mushroom, Stone Grey or Basalt

Installation Guide

Please note site conditions may vary, as such installation methods will differ.

Important note on weather

  • Do not commence the installation if persistent, heavy rain is forecast within 6 hours of completing the jointing.
  • Surface and air temperatures should be between 5ºC and 25ºC (41ºF and 77ºF).

Recommended tools

  • Squeegee or stiff bristle broom.
  • Clean, soft bristle broom.
  • Professional grade paddle mixer.
  • Hose/water supply.

Pre-soak paving first

  • Thoroughly pre-soak paving but do not leave puddles of water.
  • For porcelain paving, wet the surface.
  • The paving needs to be kept damp throughout the installation process.

How to mix EASYJoint Pro

  • Remove the activator bottle from the EASYJoint Pro tub.
  • Mix the sand in the bucket for approximately 1 minute to make sure all areas are free flowing and to ensure even distribution of the sand coating.
  • Carefully empty the content of the activator bottle into the sand, ensuring all the liquid is used.
  • Then, mix thoroughly until the mixture has a creamy consistency. This will take between 4 and 6 minutes. Do not exceed 6 minutes mixing. Shortcutting this process can seriously affect the outcome of the installation.
  • 1/4 Fill the empty Activator bottle with clean water.
  • Carefully replace lid and shake well to aid washing out any remaining Activator liquid.
  • Empty contents into mixed sand.
  • Mix the sand and water for a further 3 minutes to create a pourable slurry. This is not an exact science. If the mixture is too thick, add a little more water until the correct consistency is reached - no more than a further ¼ bottle.

How to apply EASYJoint Pro

  • Ensuring paving is still wet, pour the tub contents over a small area of paving.
  • Using a squeegee or broom, spread the slurry over the paving, working diagonally to the joints.
  • Work quickly, moving across the paving.
  • Slumped joints can be topped up at the end of the installation.
  • Spray very lightly with water to maintain slurry consistency and aid sand movement. NEVER flood with water at any point during installation as too much water will affect the setting times and final strength of the product.
  • Sweep paving using a clean broom, leaving as little of the compound on the surface as possible.
  • Adding a fine mist of water may assist cleaning but DO NOT WASH THE SURFACE!
  • It is important to sweep the paving as clean as possible to ensure best results. Using a leaf blower to disperse fine sand grains is a top tip from many professional installers.

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