UltraTileFix ProLevel Fibre: Part Pallet Deal (32x 20kg bags)

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Save with our Part Pallet Offer: 32x 20kg bags

UltraTileFix ProLevel Fibre is a flexible, high-strength concrete floor leveller that comes in a single-part 20kg bag. It is an ideal underlayment to use for timber floors and with underfloor heating systems. Rapid drying and curing, ProLevel Fibre can be used in depths from between 3 to 75mm. It initially sets in 3 hours and accepts tiles in just 8 hours.

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How much will you need?

20kg Unit


ProLevel Fibre: Reinforced Flexible Floor Leveller (Part Pallet Offer: 32x 20kg bags)

UltraTileFix ProLevel Fibre is the ideal concrete floor leveller for applying tiles to timber floors and for use with underfloor heating systems. Save with our Part Pallet Offer when you buy 32x 20kg bags.

With FibreBond technology, the underlayment sets in 3 hours and can allow you to lay tiles after just 8 hours.

A flexible, high-strength, rapid drying and rapid curing underlayment, ProLevel Fibre is a single-part product that comes in a 20kg reinforced bag.  It can be used in depths from between 3 to 75mm.

The ProLevel Fibre formulation is made from a blend of specially graded fillers, cements, polymers and fibres. When applied to an even, strong and sound base, you will be ready to begin tiling after just 8 hours.

ProLevel Fibre: summary of features

  • Internal applications
  • Formulated with FibreBond technology
  • Excellent flexibility for timber floors and underfloor heating systems
  • Deep fill at 3-75mm depth
  • 3 hours setting time
  • Tile after just 8 hours
  • 20kg: 3.4L mixing ratio
  • Conforms to CT C35 F6 EN 13813 classification
  • Size: 20kg reinforced paper bag (Part Pallet Offer: buy 32x 20kg bags)
  • Lifetime guarantee

Additional information

Weight 640 kg


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