UltraFloor Level IT Two – Part Pallet Offer (32 No. 20kg+4ltr)

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This mid-strength and general-purpose smoothing underlayment is perfect for internal floors. As a two-part system a 20kg bag and 4-litre bottle, UltraFloor’s Level IT 2 High Flow is fast & easy to apply on various types of sub-flooring. It can be used in domestic (DIY) projects & by commercial flooring contractors. Covers 5-metre² flooring at a thickness of 3mm.

UltraFloor Level IT Two – Part Pallet Offer  32No. 20Kg bags & 32No. 4ltr bottles

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UltraFloor Level IT Two High Flow

UltraFloor’s Level IT 2 High Flow is a general-purpose, versatile two-part smoothing underlayment for use on internal floors. Level IT Two is super easy to apply on a variety of sub-floors and it can be used in many types of flooring projects, both commercial jobs and DIY (domestic).

As a mid-strength smoothing underlayment, the flowable characteristics of Level IT 2 are exceptional. Bonded floor covers can be finished after just 12 hours, making projects speedy to finish. Level IT 2 has an exceptional moisture tolerance and low emissions of odour.

This Level IT 2 High Flow smoothing underlayment comes in a 25kg bag and a 4-litre bottle. Level IT 2 provides coverage at 3mm thickness for 5 metre². We recommend a thickness of 2-12mm is used.


Summary of features of Level IT 2 High Flow

  • Two-part smoothing underlayment
  • Use on internal floors
  • Mid-strength and versatile
  • Superior flow
  • Moisture tolerant
  • Low odours
  • Coverage: approx. 5 metre² (at 3mm thickness)
  • Recommended thickness: 2-12mm
  • Bonded floor coverings after 12 hours
  • Opening time: 20-30 minutes
  • Setting time: 2.5 hours
  • 20kg bag and 4-litre bottle (both provided)

Additional information

Weight 800 kg


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