UltraCrete RSC (Pallet Offer 40x 20Kg Buckets)

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UltraCrete RSC: Rapid Setting Cement (Pallet Offer 40x 20Kg Buckets)

Ultracrete RSC is a fast setting cement mortar, which when mixed with site aggregates, produces a rapid setting, early high strength mortar or concrete. This rapid set mortar has exceptional high performance and is suitable for a whole range of concrete and mortar applications where early opening to traffic is essential, such as cable box floors, signs, speed camera’s.

Save when you purchase this offer is for a trade pallet of 40 x 20KG buckets.

We aim to offer the cheapest products online, if you find UltraCrete RSC Rapid Setting Cement anywhere else any cheaper please give us a call – ☎️ 0845 862 1099!

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UltraCrete RSC: Rapid Setting Cement (Pallet Offer 40x 20Kg Buckets)

Ultracrete RSC Rapid Set Cement, produces a super fast setting, high strength mortar when mixed with aggregates – when purchased as a pallet you get our very best trade price. It’s perfect for use on cable box floors, road crossings, signs and camera bases. RSC has a huge benefit for highways contractors that their repairs to paths, cycle tracks and roads can be opened sooner to traffic and pedestrians, in fact in just 1 hour.

Ultracrete RSC comes in a 20kg tub and contains a mix of approved chemical additives, which accelerate the process of hardening once the product is placed. When RSC is mixed with sand or sand/aggregates, it can be laid from 10mm-250mm in just one pass. Ultracrete RSC does not contain chloride, metallic aluminium, iron or carbon, which eliminates the problems associated with corrosion and or staining, meaning a clean, durable and lasting repair.

RSC Rapid Setting Cement can be mixed by hand or with a freefall mixer, the mixing proportions will ultimately vary depending on the design mix, to accommodate the strength needed and speed of set that is required for the repair. As a rough guide, the maximum size of the aggregate should not exceed one third of the thickness of the repair at its thinnest point. If RSC cement is bulked out with sand, the sand needs to be well graded, clean and sharp. However if bulking out with a coarse aggregate, you must ensure that it is clean and well-graded down from maximum.

Siliceous stone, granite or basalt chippings may be used for all applications. Please note that hard limestone should not be used in areas subject to acid attack.

Technical Data: 

  • High strength gain
  • Early open to trafficking
  • Workability: 10 – 15 minutes
  • Sets in 20-30 minutes
  • Compressive strength = up to 20 N/mm2 in 1 hour
  • Economical – mix with your own site aggregates
  • Size: 40 x 20kg tubs of extra rapid hardening cement

Typical Ultracrete RSC concrete design mix:

20kg RSC; 60kg clean 20mm concrete ballast; 8 litres of water (approximately) Note: Sand aggregates contain moisture. Do not add the entire measured amount of water in one go, add 50% initially then gradually add the remaining 4 litres if required.

If you require a copy of the technical data sheet, please do not hesitate to contact us on ☎️ 0845 862 1099!

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